10 Motives V2 Starter Kit – £7.00 At TECC

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The 10 Motives V2 Rechargeable Starter Kit contains everything a smoker needs to make the switch to vaping. Designed to look and feel like a cigarette, the V2 starter kit is automatically activated to closely simulate the sensation of smoking. The prefilled cartomiser supplied simply screws on to the end of the battery and can be vaped right away with no need to wait.

The 10 Motives V2 starter kit cartomisers are prefilled with e-liquid and are equivalent to roughly 25 cigarettes each, with one cartomiser lasting about a day before requiring a replacement, depending on the level of usage. A handy USB charger is included with the V2 starter kit and is convenient to use by screwing the battery into the charger until the tip starts to glow. Once the light on the tip goes out, the battery can be removed and is ready to use again.

The 10 Motives V2 starter kit has been made with new vapers in mind. The cigarette style, automatic activation and prefilled cartomisers help to recreate the sensation of smoking, making this kit a well-considered choice for anyone looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

10 Motives V2 Starter Kit – £7.00 At TECC
10 Motives V2 Starter Kit – £7.00 At TECC
£7.00 £9.99

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