Expired1000ml e-liquid Treasure Hunt at Fusion Haze

Fusion Haze

* OVER 1000ml e-liquid GIVEAWAY  in the Fusion Haze Treasure Hunt 🤓

Don’t miss out on tonight’s Treasure Hunt folks 😍

Rumour has it that there’s a secret map that leads to a special place where the treasure sits 🤓

The whereabouts of the map will be revealed later this evening 😉

There’ll be a BIG prize for the one who finds the map as it will lead you to the treasure 😎

At least 1000ml to be found 😍 plus more 

You could even find some more treasure along the way 🙂

You’ll need to go to our Facebook page to get the first clue to begin the hunt.


The first clue will be given out at 7 pm tonight (4th March)

1. Please tag your vaping friends to join in on the post on our page

2. Please share the post

3. Comment on the post if you’re ready to hunt

The treasure hunt will begin at about 7 pm tonight starting with your first clue so make sure you’re ready for action 😉

1000ml e-liquid Treasure Hunt at Fusion Haze
1000ml e-liquid Treasure Hunt at Fusion Haze

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