200ml E Liquids – Buy 1 Get 1 Free – £14.99 – available at DIY E Liquids

£14.99 £29.98 GET DEAL

200ml E Liquids – Buy 1 Get 1 Free – £14.99 – available at DIY E Liquids

Legends 200ml – Apple & Blackcurrant

Juicy green apples and tangy blackcurrants come together in this fruity flavour to create lasting refreshment with some of the best British flavours.

Legends 200ml – Berry Lemonade

Fizzy lemonade and sweet berries combine in this smashing flavour that will delight the senses and leave you feeling refreshed like a tall glass of your favourite drink.

Legends 200ml – Berry Menthol

Sweet berries and cool menthol – what’s not to like? Beginning with sweet berry flavour and leaving you with a super-cool finish, this e-liquid aims to please all day long.

Legends 200ml – Blackcurrant Ice

Take your favourite fruit and put it on ice with our Blackcurrant Ice flavour that blends juicy fruit flavours with cooling menthol for a refreshing and cooling taste sensation.

Legends 200ml – Blackjack

Laced with aniseed and packed full of deep, herbal flavour like your favourite retro sweet, our Blackjack flavour is a blast from the past that will knock those cravings right out!

Legends 200ml – Ice Menthol

Crisp and cooler than being cool, our Ice Menthol flavour is designed to give you ice-cold refreshment with every puff.

Legends 200ml – Mixed Berries

The best of all the berries have come together to make this excellent all-rounder with tons of fruity flavour, plenty of juicy sweetness and just enough tartness to keep this flavour feeling fresh all-day.

Legends 200ml – Mixed Berry Lemonade

With tangy lemon and a heaping helping of mixed berries, this mixed drink is sure to take your taste-buds for a spin! Best enjoyed in the sun, or when you need a refresher.

Legends 200ml – Mr Blue

Cheer up and enjoy some quality time with Mr Blue today – with a full-bodied, fruity flavour and light finish, this flavour is a vibrant treat at any time of day.

Legends 200ml – Rainbow Ice

Colourful and cool as ice, our Rainbow Ice flavour is packed full of colourful fruit and frosted with menthol to satisfy your taste-buds and cool your mouth with every puff.

Legends 200ml – Raspberry Sherbet

Tangy, fizzy and plenty sweet, this tingly taste sensation is just as tasty as your favourite sweets and you don’t have to worry about getting sugar on your shirt!

Legends 200ml – Red A

Blending sweet berries, herbal notes and a hint of sour fruit, the Red A is sure to hit the spot every time!

Legends 200ml – Red Berries Black Grape & Menthol

Tart berries, juicy grape and cooling menthol come together to create this deliciously fruity and refreshingly cool flavour that will keep you puffing all day long!

Legends 200ml – Strawberry Kiwi

A colourful combo with bags of fruity flavour – sweet strawberry is complemented by tangy kiwi fruit in this red and green and delicious e-liquid.

Legends 200ml – Vimtoz

A juicy blend of fruits and berries that’ll have you coming back for another slurp, our Vimtoz flavour is packed with plenty of sweet grape, tangy raspberry and rich blackcurrants for a fruity fresh all-day vape!

Legends 200ml – Vinberry

Bringing together the best bits of all your favourite fruits and berries, our Vinberry flavour is a symphony of sweet, tangy and juicy flavours.


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200ml E Liquids – Buy 1 Get 1 Free – £14.99 – available at DIY E Liquids
200ml E Liquids – Buy 1 Get 1 Free – £14.99 – available at DIY E Liquids
£14.99 £29.98

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