£3.59 for Coss Disposable Vaping Device 650 Puffs

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Coss Disposable Vaping Device 650 Puffs

The 20mg Coss Disposable Vaping Device isn’t just another disposable vape but a statement about taking vaping to a whole new level. When you’re holding it in your hands, it will feel totally natural to use thanks to it’s perfect aluminium tube and other high-end materials that allow for easy use.

With a powerful, long lasting 400mAh battery and PCBA technology, you’ll be able to enjoy up to around 650 puffs from a 2ml device which is a ground breaking amount. The coil system and precisely adjusted resistance will conjure rich and smooth vapour experiences with any of the ten remarkable e-liquid flavours you pick. With 20mg of nicotine strength inside of each, it will satisfy both experienced vapers and ex-smokers looking to try out any disposable vapes.

As with many disposable vapes, you can safely dispose of the Coss Disposable as there is no need to refill or recharge it.

20mg Nicotine Salt (2%) E-liquid
Capacity: 2ml
Puffs: Up to 650 Puffs
Battery: 400mAh (Built-In)
PCBA Technology
Mesh Coil
Draw Activation
Ready To Use
No Refills
Light & Easy To Handle

White Peach
Imagine fresh and juicy peach… well this is better! White peach makes a perfect everyday flavour that will never be too much.

Pink Lemon
There area lot of citrus fruits but not one like pink lemon. Imagine lemon, make it sweeter, now juicier and add some freshness. That’s pink lemon.

Pineapple Coconut
Inhale a puff and travel to a beautiful Puerto Ricco. Sweet, smooth and delicious taste like no other.

Passion Fruit
Exotic, fresh and smooth… This is a passion fruit flavour combined with a cooling ice effect.

Kiwi Strawberry
Perfect balance of sweet strawberry and sour kiwi. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your favourite fruit combination.

Grape Energy
Take a great energy drink… Now add grapes. Sounds unusual? Try it – You will be surprised how good it is!

Fresh Watermelon
The godfather of vape flavours. There is no other way to describe the popularity of watermelon. Yet another everyday flavour.

Cola Lime
Cola lime who can say no to a cold glass of cola with a slice of lime? This one is a seriously good balance of sweet and fresh cola with a perfect amount of sour lime.

Blueberry Ice
There are more than 400 different berries to find, but we chose blueberry. Once you try it, you won’t ask why we chose it!

If you like sweet, you will love this! If you like apples, you will love this even more!


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£3.59 for Coss Disposable Vaping Device 650 Puffs
£3.59 for Coss Disposable Vaping Device 650 Puffs
£3.59 £4.99

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