Expired3x 120mls and 3x 60mls + Advken Owl starter Kit

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3x 100mls and 3x 60mls with 9 nic shots.

What’s In Our eLiquid

We only use the finest concentrates, we don’t use anything nasty in our eLiquid. We use 70% (VG) Vegetable Glycerin, 30% (PG) Propylene Glycol and flavourings for optimal flavour and clouds.

Where Is Our eJuice Made ?

All of the Choppa eLiquid range is made in a strict ISO7 clean room environment in Lancashire, UK, using only premium and pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure no nasties are contained. Liquids are also MSDS report checked and passed, giving you that peace of mind.


Nicotine Shot Guide

Put the following nic shot amounts in your liquids to make 3mg

Bottle Sizes

10mls- 1 fifth of a shot (2mls, basically fill it to the top to make 12ml at 3mg)

50mls- 1 full shot (10ml nic shot to make 60ml at 3mg)

100mls- 2x full shots (2x10ml nic shots to make 120mls at 3mg)

Half the above calculations to achieve 1.5mg. 6mg is possible although it will dilute the flavours more than intended. You will have to purchase the extra nic shots from this link and if any further help is required drop us a message via Facebook messenger on link at checkout and we will happily advise accordingly.

Please take note: when you add the nic shots, shake very well and leave for at least 20 minutes to settle before use. Juices are good to go reasonably quick, but nicotine can take a little time to settle.

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3x 120mls and 3x 60mls + Advken Owl starter Kit
3x 120mls and 3x 60mls + Advken Owl starter Kit
£59.9 £89.99

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