£7.99-Zap! Juice 50ml Shortfill (Free Nic Shot Included)

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Zap! Juice/Aisu 50 Shortfill comes with a free Zap! Juice nic shot 10ml-18mg.

The flavors:

Zap! Juice Passionfruit Zest Shortfill is an irresistible blend of juicy passion fruit and zingy citrus zest

Zap! Juice Snow Pear Shortfill combines the ferocious snowstorm rages with the sweet juicy Asian pear to deliver a blast of sweet and succulent flavor.

Zap! Juice Lychee Lemonade Shortfill has a sweet and sharp taste throughout. On inhale, you’ll detect the citrus taste of homemade lemonade, which is intensified on exhale with the exotic addition of ripe lychees.

Zap! Juice Ginger Ale Shortfill is a bold fresh-tasting blend. The sweet and floral notes of the fresh ginger bring you the crisp distinct flavor.

Zap! Juice Aisu Cucumber Shortfill is the fresh and crisp tasting blend. The floral pure notes of the mild cucumber bring you the light flavor with a hint of sweetness. The ice-cold menthol on exhale provides you the chilling aftertaste, leaving you feeling natural and pure.

Zap! Juice Aisu Pink Guava Shortfill features a fabulous blend of pink guava flavour that hits you with a burst of fruit right from the beginning

Zap! Juice Aisu Blue Raspberry Shortfill is the fruity combination of ripe-tasting tropical raspberry with a menthol zest.

Zap! Juice Aisu Blackcurrant Shortfill is the sweetest blackcurrant blend that dominates the inhale from start to finish. In addition, sour undertones complement beautifully the flavour giving it a tantalizing feel.

Zap! Juice Aisu Zero Ice Blue Raspberry Shortfill is delicious candy-like blue razz is dominating throughout the inhale.

Zap! Juice Aisu Mango Shortfill features a tropical crazy mango flavor with sweet tones that dominates the vape from start to finish

Zap! Juice Aisu Zero Ice Dragon Fruit Shortfill features exotic notes of dragon fruit that dominate the entire vape from start to finish.

Zap! Juice Aisu Zero Ice Yoguruto Strawberry & Cream Shortfill is a deliciously creamy blend of ripe strawberry fruit layered with the creamiest yogurt we’ve come across in a long time.

Zap! Juice Aisu Zero Ice Aloe Vera Shortfill is a sweet blend of aloe vera flavor that dominates the taste throughout the entire vape.

Main Features:

  • Supplied in 60ml bottle.
  • 50ml of 0mg E-Liquid.
  • Space for 1 x 10ml Nic Shot.
  • 70% VG / 30% PG.
  • Made In the UK.
  • Free Zap! Juice 10ml 18mg Nic Shot Included
£7.99-Zap! Juice 50ml Shortfill (Free Nic Shot Included)
£7.99-Zap! Juice 50ml Shortfill (Free Nic Shot Included)
£7.99 £13.99

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