Amazonia eLiquid

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Amazonia eLiquid 10ml

After many requests from our members we had to bring this eLiquid into our warehouse and we are glad we did! For once a descent price for a descent liquid. Don’t believe us try it yourself! These are formulated with the combination of the finest content to produce the ideal taste. It gives the best result when used with the low wattage mouth to lung vape kit – like a pod device or starter kit.

We have chosen to stock the most popular flavours for you to try today.


A perfect banana e-liquid, not too sweet but sweet enough, full of creamy and smooth notes of banana sharply present throughout.


Experience the taste of ripe tangy Blackcurrants from this rich vape.

Black Ice

A delicious blend of blackberries and licorice, fruity and sweet, topped off by a menthol kick on the exhale.


A full on blueberry e-liquid with sweet and juicy notes on inhale and exhale.

Blue Ice

A mix of delicious Blueberries with a blast of Icy Menthol flavour.

Blue Slush

A combination of juicy blueberries combined with a slushy menthol finish, sweet, crisp and refreshing. Amazonia Blue Slush features a sweet and juicy touch of blueberries on the inhale, followed by a kick of slushy menthol on the exhale

Caramel Sticky Toffee

A special blend of silky and smooth caramel, combined with a chewy toffee for a rich and luscious experience. Amazonia Caramel Sticky Toffee features a sticky toffee inhale with rich buttery notes clearly present. On the exhale a smooth caramel is like a cherry on top in this sweet dessert vape.


A cherry liquid with notes of sweetness on the inhale followed by a tart undertone on the exhale.

Delicious Mango

A mix of a ripe and sweet mango, this concoction is perfect for a summer’s day, or on a winter’s day to remind you of what summer feels like.

Fruit Pastilles

If you can’t decide which mouth watering fruity sweet is your favourite, try this mega mix of Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Lime and Orange all in one. Once you try this irresistible sweet and tangy explosion you won’t be able to put it down.

High Burg

A blend of mixed berries on the inhale contrasted by a cool of menthol on the exhale.

Juicy Grapes

A full bodied rich Grape flavour eLiquid which has soft undertones that makes this vape a real pleasure.


A raspberry e-liquid with notes of sweetness on the inhale followed by sharp and tangy notes on the exhale.


A perfectly balanced vape, that combines soft, subtle Spearmint flavours. Exactly what you would expect and want.


A delicious and scrumptious Strawberry flavoured vape. A favorite which can be enjoyed time and time again. Amazonia Strawberry features sweet fruity notes on the inhale with a crisp aftertaste. On the exhale the tart notes of the strawberry create a refreshing kick on the finish.

Strawberry and Kiwi

A sweet and tangy combination of strawberry and kiwi for a clean and fresh experience throughout. Fruit Fiesta Strawberry and Kiwi features a sharp inhale composed of sweet notes of strawberry which lingers to the aftertaste. On the exhale a tangy and sour notes of kiwi balance the sweetness of the strawberry creating a refreshing finish.


Can you guess what it is yet? Of course, you can because the name gives it away but without the name, the flavour is so distinctive and accurate that you would recognize it straight away. A winner, even if we have to change the name!!


3mg or 12mg

Amazonia eLiquid
Amazonia eLiquid
£1.99 £2.99

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