Aspire AVP Review

Aspire are back in the MTL market with their follow up to the AIO system.  Does the Aspire AVP prove to be the ultimate all in one kit or have they become all very predictable?

Now it is fair to say that Aspire are kings of the MTL market and have been for quite some time.  From the Nautilus way back in 2014, they dominated the market and were only superseded by themselves with the nautilus 2.  Even through their pod systems the AIO and the breeze 1 and 2 were fantastic systems so when Aspire release a MTL kit, the industry takes notice.  So the release of the AVP is Aspire simply trying to one up themselves once more with improved pods, improved battery and aiming to be the device that provides an all in one experience.  Within a saturated market for pods with some stiff competition, does the AVP rise to the top again or have Aspire simply got nowhere to go from the top?  Before we get into all of that, let’s go through the details first.

What’s in the box

  • Aspire AVP Battery unit
  • 2x pods
  • Lanyard
  • USB cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 82x39x14mm
  • Output: 8, 10 or 12W
  • Battery: 700mAh (Internal)
  • LED battery indicator
  • Coils: 1.2ohm Nichrome not removable
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Inhale operated fire

About the Aspire AVP

The AVP is the follow up to the widely popular AIO kit and as such is a direct sequel rather than a spiritual one.  The pod comes in with an automatic draw system, with 3 power modes and nichrome to increase flavour and performance.

The pod itself is a 700 mah internal battery device capable of output from 8-12w depending on settings.  It has a front on off button which 5 clicks turns the device on and off, with 3 clicks allows you to move between the different power levels with red (8W) blue (10w) and green (12w).  It has a purple glow when drawing and will flash when battery is empty.

The pods are 1.2 ohm nichrome coils that are non replaceable  The pods are 2mil in capacity and slot into place into the device and they comes with a push to fill hole on the bottom of the pod.  The airflow is situated from the bottom of the pod also.

Colour Options

AVP Pros

So round about now I have plenty of experience with pod systems so approaching the AVP I had an open mind into what exactly I would like and dislike from a pod.  The first thing I can say about the AVP is that it is small and light which is very handy to carry around in your pocket.  The whole pod feels really durable and well made with a lovely design and fits right into your hand.  The mouth piece on top of the pod feels really comfortable resting on the mouth and the airflow is nice and wide but with a hint of restriction as you would expect from a pod device operating at these power levels.  Battery life at 700 mah is pretty good for such a small device and it will last you all day at regular MTL usage with the charging time at around 60 minutes via USB port.  So the device itself is really convenient to use and extremely portable.  The fact it comes with 3 power modes is a pro because it allows you some choice on finding the right power for your needs depending on how you like it so well worth messing about with the modes before you settle.

Onto the pods themselves now and the first pro for me with them is the flavour and vapour production being really satisfying.  You get a lovely flavour that almost brings slight complexities through with the restrictive airflow being the only thing that holds it back in that regard.  I was getting small notes of other fruits through my salts for example which is a huge pro for me.  The next pro is going to be the fact it handles nicotine salts really well and doesn’t lose any performance from them which is always nice to see.  It therefore gives you an option on how you want to vape with this.  The pods are nice and secure into the pod system and there isn’t any release when loose in your pocket and the device overall is nice and responsive when using it.

AVP Cons

As with any device on the market there is going to be the odd thing that is worth mentioning so I will start with the ones that are my personal bugs rather than design faults.  The first one being the slight movement in the pod when walking and using it.  Stationary I never found this issue but there is a slight wobble as I was walking whilst using it, a factor down to the lack of a clasp to secure the pod.  Not a huge issue whatsoever, it was something I found whilst using it.  The next one I didn’t like was the fact it glows with a purple light when using it rather than using the red green blue indicators.  Even if they had stuck with each colour per mode and flashed when battery was low would have been a better way to display this.  There does seem to be too many lights on the device (including the white on off flash) .  the only real flaw with the pod is the push to fill system, despite its convenience.  It does require a bit of a push and it then stops you being able to use large nozzle/dripper style bottles to fill it up, so a mild inconvenience there.  Finally, I didn’t notice much difference between the power modes in terms of vaping experience, perhaps there is a difference between 8 and 12w but overall the 3 don’t necessarily offer significant changes to the way you will vape on this device.


So how does the AVP rank in terms of the many pod systems on the market today?  Honestly, it is up there as being one of the easiest to use and one of the best built pods on the market.  With such a saturating market now, there is very little to split many of them so I won’t try to elevate the AVP above others in that respect.  What Aspire have delivered here is a really well made pod system that performs really well, has great flavour and great battery life despite its size.  It is easy to use, easy to fill, charges relatively quickly and the auto draw system is really convenient.  If this sounds of interest then at around £25 pounds or so, it may well be a perfect little MTL device for you.

Aspire continue to reign in the MTL market and the AVP is just a continuance of their dominance.

8.7 Total Score
A solid and well performing pod system

The AVP proves to be a very well made and performing pod system that matches its predecessors. Offering good flavour , great battery life and compact design, the AVP may well be a real hit within the pod market.

Build quality
Vapour production
Pod life
  • Great build quality
  • Good flavour
  • large battery life on a small device
  • works great with nicotine salts
  • Filling port restricted to smaller bottles
  • Charging time slightly bigger
  • slight wiggle on pod when moving
  • not a great difference in power modes
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