Aspire Breeze All Colours! Cheapest in the UK!!

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Aspire Breeze Kit

Introducing the Aspire Breeze. The Breeze is our latest all-in-one device that employs a compact and ergonomic design, no matter how you hold or grip it, it feels good in the hand. The breeze has a built-in refillable tank that holds 2ml of e-juice and is compliant with TPD regulations. It also utilizes our U-tech coil which ensures you a flavorful vape. Not only that, its auto-fire feature adds even more convenience to your daily vaping, no need to press the fire button, just inhale from the drip tip and it will work for you. The fire button also helps further navigate the Breeze.

The Aspire Breeze is a perfect kit for starters beginning their vaping journey and those whom want to keep a stealthy vape handy for those difficult moments.

New UK retail units have a flat base, this means the device can be stood up without being docked in the optional docking charger.

In addition to its simplicity and good looking in design, the Breeze is also super easy to use, just inhale from the drip tip without pressing the fire button, the breeze will work for you. Make sure the Breeze has been filled with e-juice before taking a inhale.


1. Never blow directly into the mouth piece as this could potentially burn the coil and may cause a fire hazard.
2. Replace the drip tip protective cap when the Breeze is not in use.

Fill the Breeze from the top, pull off the drip tip section, unscrew and remove the chimney unit, you can add your preferred e-juice into the tank. Be aware of the max fill line when filling the Breeze.

The Breeze employs U-tech coil to ensure a flavorful vape (Breeze U-tech coils are not interchangeable with Nautilus X U-tech coils.)

The Breeze can be charged from its Micro-USB charging port, maximum charge current can reach up to 800mA. You can also charge the Breeze by using the optional charging dock for more convenience.

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Aspire Breeze All Colours! Cheapest in the UK!!
Aspire Breeze All Colours! Cheapest in the UK!!
£12.99 £19.99

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