Aspire Cloudflask S Kit – £22.94 At TECC

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More About The Aspire Cloudflask S Kit

It is much smaller than the original while also offering better performance. Previously only a 0.25ohm coil was available. Now this kit has both a 0.6ohm and 0.25ohm coils. These are made with mesh so more e-liquid can be heated at a quicker rate. This results in larger clouds of vapour. The push fit system makes coil changes easy and mess free.

The pod fits to the top of the device through a strong magnetic connection and can hold 2ml of e-liquid. Although, it can easily be removed when swapping out the coil or filling with e-liquid. To top up the pod turn it over and remove the rubber bung. Then fill with e-liquid, push the bung back in place and reattach the pod. To make the kit lighter it is made using aluminium rather than stainless steel. Plus, the ASP chip adds extra protections from short circuiting, overheating and many more. Air inlets feature on either side of the kit and offer a fully open airflow.

The button will light up to indicate the battery life. When green it has more than 60% charge left. It will light up blue when there is between 30-60% remaining. When red the device is below 30%.

Which Vapers Should Buy This Kit?

This kit is designed for direct-lung vapers. The sub ohm coils work best with high VG e-liquid such as shortfill to produce bigger clouds of vapour. They also have large wicking holes that can absorb thicker e-liquid. The all-in-one layout makes it easy for newer vapers to get used to. However, it isn’t considered to be a starter kit. It is also compatible with other Cloudflask coils. This means vapers who still use the original can use the same coils and experience the same great with the Aspire Cloudflask S kit. The 0.25ohm coils performs best at 40-50W for DL vaping. Whereas the 0.6ohm coil is for restricted direct-lung vaping at 15-20W.

Aspire Cloudflask S Kit – £22.94 At TECC
Aspire Cloudflask S Kit – £22.94 At TECC
£22.94 £25.49

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