Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit Review

Aspire look to enter the Squonking market with the Feedlink Kit, does it do enough to be noticed?

The Aspire Feedlink kit is a strange one to talk about, mainly because it sits in the middle of different markets making squonking and mech mods accessible to vapers who wouldn’t normally consider them.  Aspire use the Feedlink to offer a semi regulated mech mod with inbuilt protection and a squonking option for stock coil users.  The kit comes with the Aspire Revvo tank designed for bottom fill and it is surprisingly good.  Before we get into that, let us get into the small details about the kit.

What is in the box

  • Feedlink mod
  • Revvo Boost tank
  • 2 x Radial coils
  • 1 Glass Tube
  • 1 bag of O Rings
  • Instruction booklet
  • Warranty Card

Specs and Features

The Feedlink kit comes packaged with the Aspire Revvo tank with a bottom fill design which removes the top fill valve from the original.  the tank uses the Revvo disc coils as standard, with a wattage range from 60-85w ideally.  The coil sits half way up the tank in a pole fastened position which means the saturation of the cotton takes place when you tip the device up to vape rather than through natural saturation as every other tank provides.  It comes with a 3.5 mil capacity (2 mil TPD) and a non replaceable drip tip.  The tank itself is a 25mm with 510 pin and top adjustable airflow which channels the airflow around the disc coil in the middle.  The tank comes in black or stainless steel as colour options.

The Feedlink mod comes with a straight gun handle design made from gripped metal and has a metal disc cover for a single 18650 battery.  On the opposite side you get a 7mil rubber squonk bottle with open access with a plastic holder that can be pulled out when refilling.  The device itself fires under Bypass mode similar to a mechanical mod.  This means the power is drawn straight from the battery rather than having adjustable wattage.  The average output for the battery is around 80w when fully charged and dips to around 60w when battery is low.  The fire button is located on the right hand side of the mod with light indicators to show battery life of blue when above 3.8v, mixed when below 3.8 and then orange when under 3.5v.  The mod has inbuilt protection which semi regulates the battery to ensure safety is maintained.  It is worth mentioning the mod is compatible with other squonking tanks with the pin compatible with other 25 mm tanks using this feature.

So what are my thoughts on the Feedlink?  This was right outside my comfort zone as I have never considered a mech mod or squonker before.  I did find the device very easy to use and it worked well, vape was good and the battery life from a single 18650 lasted all day before i needed to change it.   The mod feels fantastic in your hand, the solid metal pistol grip design is top quality and the location of the fire button and squonker bottle on either side make using it one handed easy.  If you have used the Revvo tank before know what to expect with the tank, it has nice flavour and good vapour production and the wicking method of tipping is a very natural process to ensure no dry hits.  I found the bottle to be nice and easy to use with no leaking between the bottle and tank, and changing the bottle was an easy process also.  Despite it taking me out of my comfort zone, the device felt natural to me and for the price point, an excellent bit of kit.  I will add that the Revvo feedlink version is the perfect version of this tank.  I found the regular tank top fill valve to be a little wanting, as you have to hope you are filling lest you fill the top of the tank with liquid.  Using a squonk design it eliminates this fault and as such, serves to be the perfect version, or at least the most natural version of the tank.

The cons I have found with the kit is what stops it for me personally being something I use every day.  However they are subjective and only in my opinion.  the first one is overfilling the bottle can cause leakage when reinstalling it into the device.  It is not a good idea to fill to the top as the rubber design will cause a little leakage when putting it back in.  Another con for me is the lack of control, something which takes a lot of getting used to.  I personally prefer screens and control over my vape but that is my own opinion, this kit is not designed for me in all honesty.  the other con with this kit is the Revvo tank vape, it doesn’t compare with some of the top end tanks on the market.  It is a nice vape certainly but it lacks the oomph that a 80w coil normally delivers and the flavour does mute a little due to the directed airflow around the coil.


Overall this kit is designed to bridge the gap between standard kits and squonking / mech kits and in all honesty it does it fantastically.   The device feels solid, the mod performs really well and the built in protection works great to keep peace of mind when using it.  Aspire have designed something fantastic for their target audience with this and you won’t be disappointed with it.  As a rival to other squonking mods it rivals single battery mods into being the best quality one out there, something you come to expect when Aspire put their name onto it.  the Kit isn’t designed for someone like me and that isn’t a bad thing, if you want a simple single battery device with the convenience of squonking then this will be ideal for you.

8.5 Total Score
A Well built and great performing Squonker for the mass market

A great little device that ticks all expectations of a squonking mech mods but provides battery protection like a regulated mod. If this is something that sounds appealing then you aren't going to get much better quality for build and performance.

Build Quality
Vape performance
Battery life
Ease of use
  • Build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fill
  • Great Coil Design
  • Small
  • Good battery life
  • Overfilling bottle can cause leakage
  • Revvo tank feels a little underpowered
  • A little heavy
  • Small tank capacity
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