Aspire Skystar Kit Review

Is this Aspire mod still worthy of your time or is the Skystar a mod that has been super-ceded on the market? Is the revvo truly innovative or a good idea poorly implemented?

Aspire to me have always been a top table company in the vaping Industry.  Whether they are being innovative or simply reliable, many vapers over the years have invested in one of their products at some time or another.  For me personally it was the Aspire nautilus that got me into vaping, so I hold the brand in high regard.  The Aspire Skystar was a touch screen only device released in December 2017 and still to this day there isn’t many rivals to it on the market.  But does it still hold up and more importantly does the Skystar still perform as well as others on the market today?  In a market full of sub ohm tanks, the Revvo aimed to change coils for the future, but do they compare to the real big hitters?  Before we get into that, what do you get in the box?

In the Box

  • Skystar Mod
  • Revvo Tank
  • 2 x arc disc coils
  • USB cable
  • Spare parts
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Protective silicone cap

About the Revvo tank

The revvo tank comes with either a 2mil or 3.6 mil capacity tank with innovative top filling and top airflow adjustable ring.  It is a 25mm tank with replaceable 810 drip tip and comes in black and silver colours.  The top fill design is through a mechanism found inside the top of the tank, where you push down on a lever to fill up, removing the need to open the tank up at all between fillings.  The real innovation comes from the coils that sit mounted on the top of the tank on a pole which is secured by a rounded fastening clasp screwed into place.  The coils (rated between 0.1 and 0.16) are disc shaped with cotton underneath almost flat in shape.  Wicking comes from tipping the tank up to saturate the cotton and it is possible to re wick them also.  Recommended wattage is around 80w for the coils themselves.  The whole design of the tank is based around not having to open the tank up unless changing coils which is pretty unique in the way it is delivered.

About the Skystar Mod

The Skystar mod is a small pebble design mod with rounded sides and a flat top 510 pin for tanks.  It has a big screen and fire button positioned above with USB port situated below the screen.  The device is dual 18650 operated with battery ribbon and magnetic snap door to house the batteries. The navigation of the device is served through touch screen, with 2 swipes down accessing the menu system to access different options.  There are 5 modes, wattage, voltage, bypass, Tc and cps accessed by pressing on thee screen to select.  Other options include Data , system which allow you to adjust time out/ screen time brightness and time for the screen saver clock (which can be both digital and analogue in display). Adjusting wattage is done by 2 swipes up on the screen 3 clocks of the fire button turns the screen of, with 5 locking the device.

Colour Options

Thoughts on the Revvo

The Revvo tank for the most part works really well, giving nice flavour and vapour production from the arc disc coils a the recommended wattage.  However it doesn’t feel like you are delivering 80w to the coil, it is a cooler and less powerful vape compared to regular coils.  The wicking system is done naturally when vaping so no real danger of dry hits unless the tank is empty and filling it is straightforward with a push down until tank is full.  So the Revvo falls into the rare category of a gimmick tank over most standard ones which makes it more of a novelty than a mass market tank in my opinion.  It works well and coil life is pretty good, 2-3 weeks in my experience with the aforementioned re wicking for experts out there. The tank however does come with a couple of little flaws I found in my experience which do impact the usability of it.  The first one which is a big one for me is the fill lever being very unreliable. It pushes down fine, however if the bottle is not lined up perfectly then with no real way of knowing you can fill the top of the tank instead which causes wasted liquid.  I did find myself doing this a few times and as the lever is pushing down on feel, there is no way of knowing this until the tank does not fill up.  The other flaw for me is the capacity at the TPD level, it just isn’t big enough.  The increased 3.6 capacity is required because the less you have to fill up this tank the better, especially when you have to worry less about the cotton being wet properly.

Thoughts on the Skystar

In my experience, the Skystar is extremely easy to use and well performing without any technical hiccups along the way.  The touch screen stops short of being gimmicky and instead provides a very easy way of controlling the mod with the touch-screen being very responsive in usage.  The lack of navigation buttons combined with the two swipe to access any area of the menu/wattage options means there will not be any changes accidentally and for a very easy to use out and about mod it serves this purpose brilliantly.  I love the clock option on it also, really nice addition when placing it down when not in use.  In around 5 months of use for me the only scuffs seem to be on the grey outline of the screen with pretty much every other part of the plastic and metal design looking like when it came out the box.  There are a couple of personal cons for me with the device, that are more inconveniences rather than cons towards the device itself.  The first one is that the device does not actually shot off at all, it powers down but it is never truly off when the batteries are inserted.  I have not found any real battery drainage from this which is a good thing but if someone prefers to shut down a device then this will be a con for them.  The other little flaw i have found is getting the touch screen to work, most of the time works fine but if your hand is greasy or you don’t swipe quick enough then it will take a few attempts.  Apart from that I honestly can’t fault the device any more, it works really well.


The Skystar kit is a mixed bunch in all honesty, the mod is fantastic but the tank is very much a subjective choice.  If you are looking for a solid well performing tank with a nice idea then the Revvo included is going to be perfect for you.  However in my experience I tend to use other tanks on top of the device, with the fill lever being the biggest reason for his, however as mentioned in the Feed link review, the revvo version included in that tank removes the issues you find in the standard version.  Aspire always developing can bring out a 5 mil version of this tank with a much more straightforward filling mechanism to prevent any juice wastage then that could be a real alternative in the market.  The Skystar however is a very good device, reliable and well performing and to put it into perspective I still use it to this day.  In fact reaching for my mod writing this it clicked I was using it right now.  It is just a lovely small easy to use and comfortable mod that works, which is what any of us really want from our devices.  If this type of mod appeals to you then for the prices it is available for at the minute you will be extremely pleased in what you are getting.

It is still a very good mod and at the price it costs now compared to release, I would thoroughly recommend picking this up for every day use.

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8.2 Total Score
A Great Touch Screen Device and innovative new coil system

The Skystar Kit is fantastic for anyone who wants something a little different to the norm. the Revvo tank performs like no other sub ohm stock coil on the market and the skystar is a great performing mod that is easy to use and performs.

Tank Performance
Tank Flavour
Mod performance
Mod durability
Ease of use overall
  • Very light device
  • Touch screen is very responsive and easy to use
  • Revvo tank coils are long lasting and nice flavour
  • Magentic door is well designed
  • TPD capacity is too small for the Revvo tank
  • Fill Lever can be unreliable
  • Touch screen controls can be affected by moisture
  • Mod shape can be down to personal opinion
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