Bang Bang Juice 50ml E-Liquid – £6.99

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Bang Bang Juice 50ml E-Liquid 

This fantastic vape liquid collection is brought to you by the folk behind Cheap Thrills and Simple Vape Co. in the UK. A four flavour range inspired by the tastes, sights and sounds of Asia. Vapestreams are delighted to be able to offer this range to our clients.

Bang Bang Juice is a fantastic brand and features a concentration ratio of 70% VG ( Vegetable Glycerine ) and 30% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) and high-quality food flavourings. A perfect blend for sub-ohm vaping!


Lady Boy vape juice features a fruity blend of Mango, Aloe Vera and Tropical Fruits. With that in mind, imagine a wave of mango flavour tingling your taste buds. In addition, a floral note of aloe vera wraps around and takes over the flavour creating a subtle and smooth inhale. Finally, a burst of tropical fruits explode towards the end and create an incredibly tasty exhale.


Moon Bucket vape juice is a tangy, refreshing Lemon and Lime Soda with Oranges coupled with Raspberries and Dragonfruit. Prepare to be wowed by this fruity combination, a strong citrus wave of flavour hits you right from the start upon the inhale. In addition, ripe notes of sweet raspberries and exotic dragonfruit take over the blend inspiring a smooth and full of tropical flavours exhale. Finally, a tangy-sweet aftertaste leaves you with sugary lips.



Ping Pong vaping liquid features a fruity mix of Peach, Aloe Vera and Tropical Fruits. At first, you get hit with a soft peach flavour that wraps around your taste buds. Then, a floral aloe vera note intermixes with juicy tropical notes for a balanced and smooth exhale. Finally, a sugary aftertaste leaves you with a layered sweetness on your lips.

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Bang Bang Juice 50ml E-Liquid – £6.99
Bang Bang Juice 50ml E-Liquid – £6.99
£6.99 £14.99

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