Best eLiquid Brands 2021

What are the best eLiquid Brands in 2021 ? We recently did a poll on our UK Vape Deals Group . The poll attracted thousands of entries and a total of 100 eLiquid brands’s were added by the general public. Here are some of the top eLiquid Brands in 2021 so far :-

Drip Hacks

About Drip Hacks?

Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, they built a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence. Drip Hacks have come to the spotlight in the industry and aim to cater for every customers every need.

It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks is able to provide the best products around, at the lowest prices possible. Their experience with flavour concentrates and the individual characteristics, as well as powders, crystals and other additives allows them to create the most refined flavours available.

Choppa Vapes

About Choppa Vapes

Choppa Vapes eliquids are made in an ISO certified cleanroom using premium and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The majority are 70/30 VG/PG mix for optimal flavour and clouds. they also sell excellent clones of famous brands and a few are even 1:1 clones for a third of the price of the originals!


Flavour Boss

About Flavour Boss

Home of the ‘Boss Shot!’ Flavour Boss provides exceptionally priced, easy to mix, blended concentrates, along with a huge selection of hardware, batteries and accessories all competitively priced for all your vaping needs!

The Brews Bros

About The Brews Bros

The Brews Bros are Jake and Liam Addison. Both the brothers and the business were born in the coastal county of Lincolnshire where family loyalty, pride and determination are the mainstays of people’s characters. The boys are no exception and the Brews Bros ethos is based on quality, locally made products at affordable prices.

The Brews Bros offer shortfills, one shots and eLiquid starter kits.

Luna Juice

About Luna Juice

Luna Juice offers a low cost, premium e-liquid. The highest possible quality gourmet liquid, bursting with delicious flavours.

They currently have around 35 flavours to choose from.

Wick Liquor

About Wick Liquor

Wick Liqour manufactures Premium Boutique E-Juice. Fresh from the arid badlands of Staffordshire in the UK. Wick Liquor E-Juice Co supply a selection of some of the most complex and delectable flavour e-juice blends in the UK.

With such unique flavour notes such as Cholo Sugar Skull Cake and Malibu Loganberry Pulp, there’s definitely a tastebud adventure to be had with Wick Liquor. Producers of the world-class Boulevard, Carnival, Contra and Deja Voodoo. Available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6ml, in 10ml and 50ml and 120ml bottles.

Mix Juice

About Mix Juice

Mix Juice offers premium e-liquid at a discount price with strong flavours, big clouds and great service combined to create an E-Liquid that everyone loves.

Mix Juice

With 20 different flavours to choose from, there’s something for all tastes in this full flavoured vape juice range.


About DDWclouds

DDW Clouds is a leading supplier of premium e-liquid. They can supply all our flavours in any quantity or nicotine strength you require.

Just Jam

About Just Jam

Just Jam is just that. Sweet & ripe strawberry jam with different and unique variations of this British icon. When you first open the bottle and inhale the sweet aroma, it’s like a time capsule of summer, that unforgettable smell of, well, just jam!

AF Juice Co

About AF Juice Co

AF Juice Co. is the hottest, most flexible short fill liquid to hit the UK Market.

Manufactured in a UK lab. GPSR 2005 Certification is on route as all of our liquids have been fully tested and are ready for TRPR notification when the need arises.

The AF Juice Co ranges come in 20ml and 60ml shortfills with Nic Shots. The user can decide whether they want to produce a 0, 3 or 6mg liquid in an 80/20 (add VG shot) or a 50/50 (add PG Shot)

This list will change as more votes come in. Also we feel the need to mention there is one company not on this list that we removed, Cream Of Croydon were removed for holding a giveaway to get votes, we have since spoken to the owner (who is a nice guy), he didn’t realise this was not allowed and apologised so we feel it’s only fair to give them a mention.

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