Burst My Bubble 100ml E-Liquid – £9.99

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Burst My Bubble 100ml E-Liquid 

UK manufactured and developed, Burst My Bubble e-juice range is made with a high VG concentration to offer the most in flavour and vapour production, along with a 0mg nicotine strength.
The core flavour delivered is a sweet bubble-gum flavour blend, with a variety of flavour variations including Blueberry Grape, Kiwi Berry, and a Strawberry and Watermelon mix.
These fantastic vape liquids are available in eye-catching 100ml bottles and provide the user with a great flavour explosion when vaped. This brand passes Vapestreams taste test with flying colours and can be purchased on our site.



Blueberry Grape Burst My Bubble is a sweet mix of juicy blueberries and grapes in a bubble-gum base. With this in mind, imagine waves of ripe blueberries hitting your taste buds from every angle with a fruity inhale. Then, a grape flavour wraps around this berry creating a frenzy of tastes that awakens your senses. Finally, sweet bubblegum exhale takes over creating a sugary aftertaste.



Bubblegum Candy Burst My Bubble is an old-time classic bubblegum candy-sweet flavour. At first, you get greeted by sweet flavours of bubblegum creating a delicious smooth inhale. Then, a candy wave highlights the vaping experience and transforms it into a masterpiece. Finally, a sugary exhale brings takes you to the finishing touch leaving you with a fantastic aftertaste.



Mango Bubblegum is a confectionary tropical vape juice blend that will satisfy that taste buds. Capturing juicy-sweet mango notes with exotic fruit highlights that welcome you on the inhale. In addition, sweet bubblegum undernotes enrich the flavour to create a fantastic vape flavour with a smooth exhale.

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Burst My Bubble 100ml E-Liquid – £9.99
Burst My Bubble 100ml E-Liquid – £9.99
£9.99 £14.99

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