Chemical Clown E liquid Review

Chemical Clown are back under new management with a whole new lease of life to offer high quality flavours at an affordable price.  However do Chemical clown bring laughter to the masses or are they simply just the tears of a clown?

Chemical Clown you may have have heard of before, perhaps not.  The brand itself existed before but after closing down, the show does indeed go on with a new owner and a new passionate drive to bring top quality liquids to vapers nationwide.  I have always loved the name Chemical Clown, very distinctive and rolls off the tongue, as long as you aren’t scared of clowns.  I never had the chance to bring the old version of these liquids to the site but I have now got the opportunity to do so with the new and improved versions.  So I have been looking forward to bring this review to you as the clown can still perform but is it to an empty circus?

All UK made, the flavours are UK sourced and available online now.  Bottles are 50 mils short fills in 60 mil bottles and come in at 70VG nicotine free.

I love the design of the bottles, very bold and distinctive with the bold colour combined with each mascot on the bottle.  How do they taste?  As always taste is subjective and these are my opinions only and do not reflect what experiences you may have with these flavours.  All flavours have been vaped as an all day vape on more than one occasion through different tanks to get an overall experience of each flavour/performance/profile.  So….let’s begin.

Bam Bam – Lemon + Lime

lemon slices and tangy bites of lime dancing across your palette – this twisted flavour of citrus makes your mouth water and keeps you dripping until the last drop!

I am a big fan of lemon and lime liquids, when they get them right they can be really enjoyable.  So I was really interested in trying this one out first and foremost, could they make a lovely beverage style vape for a warm summers day?  On the inhale you can get notes of both the lemon and lime blended together and giving way into the exhale, the profile remains constant with neither fruit standing out from one another.  Both fruits blend together in a light and solid mix throughout that never really drops in performance.  Coil performance was really good with this one, no issues whatsoever.

My one little thought with this flavour to improve it immeasurably is that it lacks that citrus pop that lemon/lime profiles should have.  What Chemical clown have made is a very nice blend of the fruits but a sour citrus pop on your tongue may well have really set this flavour out from a standard light fruit mix.

Bozo- Orange and Pomegranate

Enjoy the magic – with the juices of delicious oranges and pomegranate, offering a fresh, tart taste with a sweet finish and mild fizz.

Moving onto another great sounding flavour, the orange and pomegranate.  This flavour I didn’t know what to expect from having tried a few different orange flavours recently and the added pomegranate added a hint of mystery.  Throughout this flavour the orange is very prevalent in both inhale and exhale with a nice sweet orange that doesn’t seem to have the bitter undertones of a more natural version.  The solid orange is backed up on the exhale by the slight body of the pomegranate that just adds a little bit of a fruity weight to the liquid.  Overall this flavour was really enjoyable, nothing too heavy but a nice orange flavour throughout the vape.  I wouldn’t say the added pomegranate takes anything away from the orange and it doesn’t add any sour notes.  There is no added sweetener in the liquid and coil performance again was really good.

Barbuda – Mango

Straight out of the Circus, sweet slices of ripe mangos and exotic fruit juice created to satisfy your cravings for something refreshing!

The flavour I was most looking forward to having tasted both natural and juicy mango flavours in recent times.  Mango backed up by tropical flavours as the profile suggests sounded really enjoyable and potentially a real winner.  What I found however was that the mango, instead of either fresh or juicy, the mango was not really either.  The tropical style flavour I found was quite subdued and although it was a solid mix of flavours, none really stood out for me and that was a massive con for the flavour.   The flavour has a nice solid taste on both inhale and exhale but nothing popped or made it enjoyable if that makes sense.  This may be one of those flavours that potentially you could really love but for my experience, the profile just didn’t stand out for me.


Meg- Blue Raspberry Sour

Bring on the sour clowns! – blueberries mixed with red raspberries and a mouthwatering burst of blue raspberries. A perfect blend to kick those fruit cravings to the curb!

Onto the tried and trusted blue raspberry flavour that is a staple to many ranges out there.  Such a simple flavour, I was looking forward to the sour notes this one promised.  What found was a really nice flavour, one of the nicest blue raspberry flavours I have tried but not quite as advertised?  The inhale and exhale on this one is a lovely blue flavour from the raspberry with a undertone of blueberry.  The inhale is full of flavour with the raspberry flavour really enjoyable.  The exhale continues the strong thick fruit mix with the blueberries seemingly adding sweetness rather than sour to the profile.  The flavour remains constant over several tanks and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  There is no added cold effect improves the profile massively as it leaves the juice as a simply sweet thick flavour rather than trying to sway towards a slush style.  Coil performance as the others was really good without any issues from any tank I used this in.


The Chemical Clown range is quite a mixed bunch which is unusual to say in a fruits only range.  The flavours are nice, solid and constant without any drops in flavour throughout each vape.  Nothing came through as a real negative in regards to the profiles and they are nice casual flavours to vape all day with.  I get the feeling as well that flavours such as the mango could well be a good choice for another vaper, in my experience it didn’t really stand out at all.  But the overall experience of this range was very positive, and bags of real potential in the future if they decide to grow the range available.  Would I recommend them?  I would, certainly well worth giving them a try, if nothing else if you are a fan of blue raspberry.

The clowns may be a comedy act but the Chemical Clown means real business.

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