Chemical Clown Review


Chemical Clown Review

I was sent a selection of Chemical Clown’s range to review. Some flavours are not for me but i think with the other review outcomes you can get a good idea of how good or bad they will be.

I will be using my Asvape Michael mod with Goon V1.5 with juggernauts from Coil Gods they are running at .14 and wicked fresh with each juice with Cotton Bacon.

I have been sent 30ml bottles and their range usually comes in 100ml bottles, best point that out if you see the photos and think that bottle is small for 100ml lol They have just launched a 6x sample pack of 25ml bottles of juices of your choice for £12.99 plus any nic shots you may need.

I love the Chemical Clown logo, a rather scary looking clown and the rest of the labelling is clear on the black background. The usual bottle is as i say 100ml and a twist cap nipple bottle. No child safety cap though, that personally doesn’t bother me but thought i would point it out.

All juice comes as 0mg but nic shots can be provided, nic shots are from The Ecig Shop. All juices are 70VG/30PG.

So let’s start telling you about the E-Liquid itself…

Apple Belts

Wow! A real strong candy apple flavour, not overly sweet or overly sour, it’s just right. There is a hint of something else in there maybe a little aniseed to it. It’s not unpleasant but it does put me off a little as i don’t like aniseed. This really does taste like the sweet. Don’t get this expecting a crisp apple, it is definitely a candy apple flavouring. Easy to vape, no harsh throat hit like you get with some apple flavours and doesn’t leave my mouth feeling saturated in sweetener. It’s a great juice and perfect for the candy lovers!


Raspberry Smoothie

First impressions it smells delicious and i mean creamy and a deep raspberry, this is going to be good! So a fresh wick in and i can’t believe how nice this is. Sweet and plump raspberries topped with a creamy yogurt, all mixed up and full of goodness! I quite like yogurt/creamy juices but i often find they get very sickly, very quickly but this one is moreish. It is a rich raspberry flavour but rounded off by the creaminess. It’s not sharp in anyway it’s just a perfect mix. I really cannot find anything negative about it. A top class smoothie E-Liquid!


Fruit Twist

I’ll be honest it smells very strongly, it’s got a fruity note to it though. So into the Goon and first thing it’s a ice version & I don’t really like koolada. Fruit is there but that hit is too much for me. If you are looking for mixed fruit with a cold hit then i’m sure you would like it but i’m afraid it doesn’t rate highly for me.



This has a really rich and creamy scent just like butterscotch, reminds me of angel delight. I find with some butterscotch eliquids they can taste burnt and more like cinder toffee. So what’s this one like? It’s got that rich, buttery and creamy taste, like sucking on a Werther’s! A bit of a throat hit, not much of one but you get that rounded taste at the back of your throat. I’m not sure on Chemical Clown’s stance on sweetener, some companies ladle the stuff in and some don’t even put any in. This is sweet, not so saccharine it gets sickly but it just balances it all out. I had a butterscotch milkshake the other day and i had to have 2 because I loved it so much and this is taking me straight back to that milkshake, yum!


Nerds Rope

So smell is pretty odd, sort of fruity. It’s not unpleasant by any means. Vaping it at 100w and the taste is unreal! It really is a mouthful of nerds with a hint of fruit there, maybe strawberries. The flavour does fill your mouth, a bit floral on the exhale maybe but it just rounds of the bright and colourful candy flavours. It’s very much something you could vape all day easily. Candy flavours are hit and miss at times but this is a hit! The only niggle is the floral on the exhale, seems to hang around my mouth a fair bit. However i will be finishing the bottle so it hasn’t put me off.


Strawberry Bon Bon

You get a really sweet strawberry flavour on the inhale, your mouth fills with the strawberry but then you get the powdery sugar and a slight caramel taste. It’s a really light vape,  you won’t be putting it down as it’s so satisfying to get a sugary little hit with the candy strawberry but that light dusting sugar really takes centre stage on the exhale. I would be interested in trying just a toffee bon bon with maybe a very tiny hint of vanilla. I think for a strawberry bon bon it really is ticking the boxes in a big way. If you are searching for a old fashioned sweetie that reminds you of your childhood then you’ll find it in this juice.


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8.5 Total Score
Chemical Clown

So what do i think about the range overall? It's a huge variety of juice and covers most bases. You will find a flavour you like and at the price it is marketed at you cannot go wrong. They've just put up a 6 x 25ml sample packs, can choose all 6 flavours to what you want to try so well worth giving that a go if you just want to test the water. Its premium juice with a bargain price! Give it a go and see what you think!

  • Wide range of flavours, from fruits to desserts
  • Great cloud production
  • A good range of koolada versions
  • Top quality for the excellent low prices
  • Sample packs available
  • To be honest there is no real negatives, price is on point, flavours are spot on & i'm happy you get value for money!
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