Choppavapes Dessert Range review

Welcome to another Choppavapes Juice review, designed to pick apart their vast range of flavours and see if any of them are worth buying. This time, we are taking a look at the Dessert Range.

Who doesn’t like a dessert style flavour? I have used some of the nicest simple flavours out there over the years but to be honest, the minute you start getting complex, it is all that more enjoyable. The creams and sweet notes, the baked and savoury, what is not to love. With so much variation out there, it feels like juice makers are just letting their creation run wild. So I was extremely excited to try some of Choppavape’s take on the dessert range after my extremely positive experience with the ice range previously. Looking on the site, the flavours had me salivating with some of the descriptions, exactly what I was looking for. So like before, I ordered 4 different types of desserts, ready to put them through their paces and find another all day vape. Each flavour I used were made with either a VG or PG nic shot and used in a sub ohm tank. Like last time, I was looking for flavour performance, coil performance and overall enjoyment of each flavour. I played it a little bit more safe this time and went with flavours that sounded nice on the website, but with a different flavour profile for each one. So I will start at the first one I tried, the one that can be absolutely amazing or taste like wet cardboard.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

A great indication of how good a dessert range can be is how their raspberry ripple fairs up. Like I mentioned I had some that were lovely in the past and others that just tasted like cardboard with a hint of fruit. It is a difficult one to really balance but if you do, it can be an amazing experience. I used this one with a VG nic shot as I wanted to see how the cream aspect came through with a thicker vape.

Opening the bottle to add the nicotine, the prominent scent was the raspberry coming through which was a very good start. It was strong and sweet, very distinctive but with not much else behind it. So it didn’t really give me any real indication of what sort of blend this was made with, I just expected lots of raspberry. I added the nic shot, mixed it up and filled my tank and began to vape the flavour.

The first flavour I got from this was clearly the raspberry, it was strong and sharp and pretty dominant on the inhale, and exhale for that matter. The raspberry was sweet and almost akin to the real thing blended into the ice cream. However initially that was the dominant flavour and it tasted like a sweet raspberry E-Liquid rather than anything more. It was only having around 5-6 more vapes that I started to get more of the flavour come through and that is when the E-Liquid came to life. The initial raspberry flavour was still very much there on the inhale, plenty of strong sweet notes that was really enjoyable, without being too overpowering on the pallet. Once you entered the exhale however, the creams started to flood through more and more. They weren’t dominant and the raspberry was almost at the perfect strength to compliment them but the thicker exhale tasted smooth and had plenty of soft vanilla notes. Once it settled, this is a very lovely ice cream flavour that seems to hit the right blend to leave me with an enjoyable and more-ish experience. Coil performance for this one was superb and had no issues wicking despite its thicker consistency and no drop in performance either. Overall, a very nice flavour that may not be the perfect ice cream but it is blended wonderfully to give a wonderful mix of different notes.


Sweet Caramel Vanilla Custard

The next flavour I decided to go with is almost a tried and tested recipe with very little room for mistake. I have never had a bad custard flavour, even if some are bland and the opposite of more-ish. So the idea of a caramel custard was very appealing to try, what sort of mix would this bring? I went with a VG nic shot in this one as well to really make the most of the creamy exhale that all custards by law are to have.

Opening up the bottle, the bottle smelled like…custard. There isn’t much else I can expand upon there, no swirls of notes of different aromas, it smelled like custard. It was a lighter scent than others I have tried before which was promising for the sweeter side of the custard style. I added the nic shot into the bottle, mixed and waited before filling my tank.

The initial flavour that came through on the inhale for this one was of a lighter custard than I am normally used to. Not lighter in terms of weak but with plenty of lighter notes to suggest that is is more of a desserty style custard than a plain boring stereotypical profile. There is plenty of standard notes, nothing complicated there but it is lovely and sweet. Onto the exhale and again it is quite a sweet smooth exhale, quite light in flavour but it is very pleasant. The more I vaped the flavour however, the more profile came through and I started to pick up all the little notes added to this. The caramel that was originally was the sweet notes sits on top of the rest of the profile, not overwhelming but certainly prominent throughout. The lighter custard blends together wonderfully with notes of vanilla and cream that compliments the caramel perfectly. The overall vape of this is just creamy and light, smooth and packed full of sweetness that makes it easily one of the best custard I have tasted. It doesn’t follow the standard custard template and this is what makes it so enjoyable. Coil performance wise, it was fantastic, no issues whatsoever and no drop in flavour at all during multiple vapes.


Lemon Pecan Pie

The next one on my list took me back into lemon country after such a great experience last time in the ice range. Lemon pecan pie sounded intruiging but despite not being a nut fan in real life, there should be far too much in here to not find something I like. Plus if all else fails, its lemon, that is always a nice refreshing flavour. I decided to use a PG shot with this one to try and pick up more of the flavours under the lemon and hopefully get more of the pie experience.

Opening the bottle up and the first smell that hit me with this one was obviously the lemon. It is strong and with a sweet undertone to the aroma, so I knew to expect plenty of it in this. However in the mix of lemon is a very distinct baked scent as well. I cannot distinguish exactly what it is on smell alone but the ‘pie’ aspect is certainly there and almost as strong as the lemon. I added the nic shot, filled my tank up and got ready to try this flavour.

The first flavour I got from this one on the first vape was again clearly going to be the lemon. It has a slight tart/bitter but there is plenty of sweet notes in there, like a lemon curd rather than a real lemon, for reference. The flavour is thick and smooth, strong and yet not overpowering with the added sweet tones. Into the first exhale and plenty of the pie did come through with this one almost instantly. The pie aspect is packed full of baked notes that balance beautifully with the sweet lemon to give a lovely desserty style flavour. The more I vaped on this one, the more this flavour was very balanced, sweet lemon notes combined with savoury pie notes that was a lovely thorough vape. The one thing I didn’t pick up on too strong was the pecan aspect, it seems to me that it amplifies the baked flavour without ever standing out. If this liquid was named lemon pie, I certainly wouldn’t have noticed any nutty elements in there. Overall this was a very nice and smooth lemon pie flavour that although wasn’t more-ish the same way as the previous ones, I enjoyed vaping this one quite a bit. Coil performance was brilliant, no performance issues of flavour drops at all during multiple tanks.

Marshmallow Krispy

The final dessert flavour on this journey was one that was a little bit out of my normal vaping choice but was simple enough that means it would either be delicious or simply sugar flavoured. Even breaking this one down, marshmallow is simply a sweet flavour in real life and rice doesn’t really taste like much! So to really get the best of this one I used a PG shot to hopefully pull much more of this flavour though.

When opening this bottle up, the smell is very sweet but with some baked aroma in there as well. So expecting such a simple flavour here, I could certainly smell both elements that the label told me is in here! It actually smelled better than what I expected, so my excitement was then starting to grow. I mixed in the nic shot, shook it up and left it for a few minutes before filling up my tank.

The first taste from this one was an overwhelmingly sweet taste, clearly coming from the marshmallow in the recipe. It was an artificial sweet flavour that was light enough to enjoy without feeling like you are vaping pure sugar. There wasn’t much else in the inhale taste that I could pick out, certainly onto the exhale it never really changed. It was an initial sweet vape that was a little plain but the more I vaped it, the better the taste became and much more of the ‘krispy’ came through. The sweet inhale remained throughout the experience but the exhale started to give more and more of a baked flavour. It didn’t taste like the cereal but more similar to a home made krispy square. If you can imagine making your own and packing it full of marshmallow then you will get the idea of this flavour. It is light and sweet but with enough savoury body in there to give a lovely dessert style experience. I wouldn’t say this was the best out of the ones I tried but for something simple and sweet, it was a very pleasant E-Liquid. Coil performance was great considering the sweet aspect of this flavour and I had no flavour drop, more so a flavour increase as I vaped each tank.



Sampling some of the dessert range from Choppavapes, I have to admit that these are some of the very best I have tried. I don’t say that in a way that makes them the most delicious complex flavours on the market that seems to be the only result to that statement. They are some of the very best because of how well they are made, without anything overly complicated but lovely nonetheless. The SCVC for example is a wonderful blend of different notes that gives you an amazing thorough vape that leaves a wonderful taste on your tongue. The raspberry ripple ice cream is blended together to really emphasise the key parts of the recipe without overpowering you at any point. It is down to little attention to details like this that makes them such a great range of flavours. I am really looking forward to picking up more of these and finding a really stand out flavour in the mix like I did with the ice range. If I had to recommend on flavour from this then it would be the SCVC but I can honestly say, if you like the sound of them from here, or simply from the description, then you will very much get everything you are expecting to get in each bottle.

If you want to pick your own up then you can do so at the following link

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