Choppavapes Fruit Range Review

Welcome to another Choppavapes juice review, when I take a look at some of the most popular flavours and put them through their paces to see if they are worth buying. This time, we are taking a look at the Fruit range.

Fruits are the most basic flavour that a company can do but they can really determine just how good or bad they are at making E-Liquids. Even the most basic ranges is fruit this and fruit that with the odd menthol thrown in and away they go. I say that as a positive as some of the best tasting flavours over the years have been fruit flavours. There was even one strawberry once upon a time that was the best fruit I had ever tasted, just like the real thing. So going into trying some of the fruit range at Choppavapes, I had high hopes, especially after some of the other amazing flavours they do. No matter how simple a flavour can be, as long as it is done right then it can be an incredible ADV. For these flavours, I wanted to steer into the familiar and the unknown, to give myself a great barometer into how good the fruits can be. So let’s jump into the flavours, I picked up 4 in total and started with the most familiar, with the biggest chance of failure.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Sweet Juicy Mango

I love mango, or at least I love one type of mango and in all my many different attempts of finding it again, I have always come up short. I had previously tried the iced mango from the Choppavapes iced range and it was lovely, but not the right type of mango. A fantastic mango in my opinion isn’t the fresh authentic type but the straight up juicy and sweet flavour. I have only ever found this once before so I was praying that this could be the case of lightning striking twice. I was hoping that Choppavapes could well offer more than one type of the fruit that can be one of my favourites when done right.

Opening the bottle the aroma coming from inside was a lovely strong and yet sweet scent of mango. I would get excited at this point but it was similar last time, albeit a little weaker last time around. The smell of this mango was beautiful though, like a bottle of actual mango juice, it tasted thick, juicy and sweet, the type of flavour I was hoping it could be. I prepped the bottle, filled my tank and starting to try it.

The first couple of vapes of this flavour was quite flat if I am to be honest. There was a sweetness to the flavour and notes of mango but it wasn’t popping the way I had hoped it would. The inhale was a simple sweet experience and the exhale was a light but enjoyable mango flavour. There was nothing really to write home about for this at first try. So as you could imagine I was a little disappointed, however the more I vaped on it, something magic started to happen. The inhale very much does not change at all, it has a light fruit taste but it is mainly sweet to a sickly level. However the exhale after a few vapes, wow! The light mango flavour bursts into life and turns into a thick sweet smooth vape packed full of mango taste. Once that exhale hit, I must admit I had a little smile on my face, this was the flavour I was hoping it would be. No traces of being a fresh earthy style of fruit, no tastes of leaves or even a chalky consistency. This is a straight up delicious mango flavour that I cannot recommend highly enough. If you enjoy mango then this is right up there as one of the best I have tried, hands down. After a while I even noticed a very slight tart note on my tongue much like the real mango taste, it isn’t noticeable at first but after a while you just get it on the tip of your tongue. It is a wonderfully thick juicy vape that is everything you could hope it would be.

I had no performance issues with this flavour and no flavour drops at all either.

Slo Blo

The next flavour I picked up was one that sounded really nice on the website, simple and yet potential to be amazing. Slo Blo doesn’t really suggest what type of flavour it could be, I certainly had to check it was not another aniseed! I wanted something that is simple yet a mix of different fruits to offer a difference to a simple fruit flavour. Given that it is the summer, a lovely citrussy vape could be a lovely accompaniment on a day outside so I was hoping for positive things here.

Opening the bottle, the aroma coming from this one was actually a combination of both a strong pineapple and lemon infused together. You can pick up the scent of both at the same time which is a very promising start given that both can be a dominating flavour. The lemon seems a little bitter on scent and the pineapple very sweet indeed. I prepped the bottle and filled my tank, ready to take a vape.

The first vape on this one, you can really taste the lemon, it is a fresh fragrant style of lemon but it is extremely prominent in that first vape. There is a small level of tartness in the fruit as well, not to overpower your taste buds but enough to notice. Onto the exhale and the pineapple does start to come through a lot more and it is a lovely sweet pineapple rather than a fresh version. The two fruits seem to be balanced together really well to offer a ying/yang style of vape. The more I vaped this one, the more this seemed to shine through wonderfully well. There is a small note of lime as well there that I could pick up on more on the inhale, it is harder to notice when combined with the pineapple but it just boosts the citrus taste. The exhale is very dominant with pineapple with a cool citrus undertone that leaves both a sweet and sour taste on your tongue. This honestly made it very refreshing indeed, especially with the cooling element.

My thoughts on this flavour is that it is nice, it does its job really well. With the lemon being more florally in my opinion, it does mean that the pineapple is a little too strong for me after a couple of tanks. However that is coming from someone who prefers the simple sweet of mango. If you are a great lover of pineapple and want to try an interesting blend whilst maintaining that flavour then this is one for you to try. I had no performance issues and it worked like a charm on my coils.

Forest Fruits

The next flavour I picked up was one that I didn’t really have any reservations before trying because I have never honestly had a bad experience with it before. Forest fruits, such a broad name that can incorporate countless fruits from raspberry to blackcurrant even a touch of anything in between. I was hoping to get a fruit combination that would really flow with plenty of little surprises in there. Could it be a wonderful all day vape or a simple miss? There was one way to find out.

Opening the bottle, the scent was nothing like I expected it to be. It was much sweeter than other forest fruits I had tried, without a heavy dependence on blackcurrant as is usually the case. There wasn’t really a stand out fruit in there, they seem to blend together really well into one fruity aroma. So I was wondering how this one would taste as the scent gave me nothing to really work with. I prepped my bottle, filled my tank and started to vape.

From the get go, Forest fruits is a nice sweet flavour without being overly sweet, if that makes sense? Compared to other flavours I have tried, the inhale is very much a nice sweet almost berry type inhale. Moving into the exhale and it is a much similar experience, plenty of sweet and juicy notes without them being too strong. The flavour is actually rather different, however it is one of those flavours that is hard to explain why at first. As I vaped it some more, the flavours seem to evolve from a simple fruit to a more earthly deep type flavour, a real snapshot of what forest fruits profiles should be. I got no taste of blackcurrant but I couldn’t pick out any specific fruits in there. I could hazard a guess but the way the fruits blend together is wonderful enough to leave them a mystery. The flavour is very consistent over many vapes as well it is fair to say, the initial flavour remains the same on the inhale and only the exhale seems to evolve into something different over time. This leaves a lovely little note on the tongue afterwards as well, a combination of sweet and tart, only light but it is a nice little touch that makes this really satisfying to vape.

My thoughts on this flavour is that Choppavapes have taken a standard fruit profile and created something that is both unique and authentic. It is packed full of fruits so there is plenty to enjoy. The flavour isn’t special by any means but it is a lovely enjoyable experience that offers a new fruit style over your traditional forest fruit aspects. Coil performance was fantastic and had no flavour drops either.

Black Widow

The final flavour in this journey has the best name in the range by far. Black Widow is such a cool name for a flavour, it has connotations of having a real bite to the flavour, pun intended. Now I must admit that I half expected aniseed in this flavour but I thought it was worth taking the risk none the less. So with a name like that, what sort of flavour could be inside? I certainly expected something different to make it stand out from a generic named fruit mix. I was looking forward to this one, simply off the name alone.

Opening the bottle, there is a very strong aroma of blackcurrant, it is very overpowering on the nostrils I must admit. However alongside the juicy blackcurrant there is a sharp scent of lychee alongside it, with an almost perfume smell with tart undertones. It is quite the interesting scent from a bottle I must admit! So I filled my tank up and decided to start giving it a vape.

On the first vape, there is a mild yet sweet blackcurrant flavour on the inhale that certainly flows into the exhale as well. It tastes more of a juicy style of blackcurrant rather than a natural version and with the rest of the fruit in the bottle I can understand why. There is a sharp tart flavour as well flowing through this that at first is a very odd taste, especially in the exhale. It is hard to put it into words for the first few vapes what it was like but the more I vaped on this, the more clear it got. After a while, the blackcurrant does seem to settle and not really dominate the profile which is a surprise given it normally does. Instead the lychee is quite strong and offers two completely different notes to offset the sweetness. It seems to maintain a tart texture in the flavour but also pack the exhale full of a perfume style of flavour, much like the smell of the liquid suggested. The flavour is in fact strong here but balances between sweet, tart and fragrant really well to give you a really unique experience. The flavour is very constant and I didn’t notice anything give way at all from the first pull to the last moment of the exhale.

My thoughts on this one, I wasn’t a fan personally. That is not to say it is a bad flavour by any means, simply just not to my liking. I am not a fan of the fragrant style of profiles, I learned that the hard way with blueberry liquids. However the profile on this, as unique as it is could be one for you. If you like bold flavour, fragrant notes played off a sweet/tart balance and a thorough vape then this could be worth picking up. In terms of performance, I had no issues whatsoever, no flavour drops and no issues coils wise.


I have to say, going into this range without any real expectations, they have surprised me none the less. The mango alone was exactly the flavour I was hoping it would be and will be on my next order 100%. It just gives you an extremely juicy vape that is thick with flavour. The Lo Blo is a lovely light vape packed with citrus notes that is extremely refreshing especially on a warm day. It pairs together well with a cold beer as well, as was my experience recently. Forest fruits was a lovely blend that seemed to break the traditional mix you would expect with a profile such as that whilst maintaining an earthy tones that brought it to life. Finally black widow is such a unique flavour experience that unless you are not a fan of lychee style floral notes then it is well worth giving it a try. Honestly, these fruit flavours are spot on for something that either hits the bullseye or moves the target entirely.

You know from reading which one I would recommend out the lot but certainly give black widow a try for something completely brand new.

You can pick up Choppavapes Liquids at the following link

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