Choppavapes Gazillions Range Review

Welcome to another addition of the Choppavapes E-Liquid Reviews, where we take a look at some of the flavours on offer and see if they are worth picking up. This time, we are taking a look at their Gazillions range.

I do love a sweet flavour in vaping, especially when they have a nice unique twist. When they are done badly then it is just like vaping sugar in E-Liquid form but a nice sweet flavour can really brighten your day through its simplicity or complicated recipe. The sheer potential of replicating a real life sweet is exciting to try, I remember trying a lovely fruit pastille style flavour that was just like the real things. So Gazillions, a name play on the sweet that my son loves so much is something very interesting, how can you make them come to live in such a way that can do it justice? So I decided to pick 3 different flavours up from the range to give them a try, all with differing fruit flavours to combine with the sweet aspect of the recipes. I used all of them with a VG nic shot for the 70vg aspect because I wanted to really enjoy the thorough vape of them rather than the breakdown of each note in there, after all how complicated can sweets be? So let’s start with the first one I tried out of them, the one that is very much a real thing.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Gazillions Bubblegum

The first flavour is the most traditional one of the whole bunch, the one that I can think of when I think of the sweet. The bubblegum flavour is the sweet as far as I am concerned so I was really looking forward to try this. Such a simple flavour in all honesty, sweet bubblegum, how could it translate into its own unique E-Liquid flavour?

Opening the bottle to add the nic shot and I got a strong scent of bubblegum come through with an overall sweet note to the aroma. A very promising first impression to be honest, this flavour is very much running with the bubblegum flavour as its dominant taste without giving too much away from what makes it stand out from a standard version. I filled the bottle with the nic shot, mixed it up and filled my tank ready to vape.

The first taste coming through is very much bubblegum how you would expect, I almost mentally anticipated the flavour before it hit my taste buds . It was a strong bubblegum with not much else in there at first but it was nice and light with all the notes you would expect. I noticed over more vapes of this that the flavour changed and morphed into something almost completely different. The more vapes I took, the bubblegum seemed to bring sweeter notes with it to give it a lighter experience. The main body was still there but the slight intricate notes became much sharper in the sweet aspect than before. After a tank full of this I noticed another change to the flavour with prolonged use that really brought it to life a little more. The bubblegum seemed to weaken in flavour but I started to get an almost ‘sherberty’ style aftertaste at the end of each vape. The experience went from a strong simple one to a weaker but one that certainly changed throughout the vape. The sherbet stopped being an aftertaste and started joining the body of the exhale giving it a whole new flavour entirely. It became very enjoyable and although I wouldn’t say to me it was more-ish, it very much was a lovely sweets style flavour. This is one I can recommend if you want a fruity and sweet style flavour that blends together really well. Coil performance was fantastic using this one with the only note I can make is that the main body did seem to weaken to me after a tank of using it.


Blackcurrant Gazillions

The next flavour I picked up in this range was the blackcurrant, a completely different direction compared to the real thing as far as I know. A fruit flavour that is given this twist sounded really good, I am a big lover of blackcurrant flavours when they are not made too strong. I am still hoping that the ribena style vape is out there waiting for me, I can settle for a sweet version of the berry!

Opening the bottle up to add the nic shot, there was definitely a scent of blackcurrant but a lighter and more sweet version of the natural kind. It was almost fragrant in its aroma with something added to it I couldn’t really pick up on. It certainly brings the scent of the recipe rather than the fruit which was a huge difference compared to the plain and distinct bubblegum previously. I added the nic shot and mixed before adding it to my tank and began to vape.

The first impressions with this one was that the blackcurrant from the get go was not overly strong at all, whereas before it took a tank to drop, this one certainly was a lighter version of the main advertised taste. The blackcurrant was sweeter and like the scent before, almost with a slight florally note to it. It seems this one is not a direct version of the fruit but instead a lighter more artificial version which is not exactly a bad thing. On the inhale it has a lovely sweet and light blackcurrant with plenty of little notes in there. Onto the exhale and the flavour remained pretty constant again with a light but tasty fruit body to it. Much like last time however there was not much else to it which was disappointing, although a nice take on a standard blackcurrant, it lacked any real kick. After a tank, the gazillion magic started to come through and I started getting the sherbet flavour on the exhale that gave the blackcurrant a much more fruity experience than before. It was an odd mix to me, loads of little sweet notes whirled together but they seemed to drop into a sherbet aftertaste that left a lovely taste in my mouth. Overall, this flavour was quite peculiar to me, enjoyable but the flavour seemed a little too light for my personal taste. Perhaps the sherbet style would have blended better with a deeper blackcurrant to give a 2 tone experience but if the sound of a whole mix of sweet fruity notes on the exhale sounds great then this will be incredibly enjoyable. Coil performance was fantastic and there was no flavour drops at all, it was pretty consistent.

Apple Gazillions

The final flavour I decided to pick up was one that as previously mentioned, takes me right out my comfort zone, apple. Apple as a sweet flavour was both appealing and worrying, it is the artificial version that I have never really enjoyed in any capacity. However after trying two of the flavours so far, I was quite optimistic with this one, how will the gazillion effect really come through when combined with a fruit that can go with most things? It is simple enough to work but I had to try it first.

Opening the bottle up and ther eis very strong smell of apple, almost a fresh style of apple juice rather than artificial or the fruit version. It was more sweet and bodied in terms of its aroma than the other styles and certainly more sweet notes of something else underneath the apple. I did have to smell it a few times to pick up a lot of this, so probably looked a little odd doing so! I filled the bottle with nic, mixed and added it to my tank ready to start vaping.

The first taste coming through was very much an almost artificial apple style flavour but with body that, like the scent, tasted more in line with apple juice than candy apple. It certainly tasted more full bodied than the previous apple ice flavour I tried and honestly, was very enjoyable. There were plenty of sweet notes on the inhale, with the apple very much carrying sharp bitter notes like it was a more fresh style of the fruit. Moving onto the exhale and the apple remained constant throughout with just added sweetness to the flavour that moved it away from apple juice and more to a very sweet version instead. There was plenty of flavour but not much , like before of anything else to the recipe. The more I vaped this, as before the profile changed but in this case, not in the same way. Where the blackcurrant had a flood of fruity sweet notes on the exhale, this seemed to remain constant with the apple and the sherbet seemed to only shine through with the aftertaste. It was very much there but the apple was more dominant, leaving a very sweet exhale to it. What made this one stand out however was that aftertaste which made the whole thing just elevate. You were left with a sherbet flavour but the tart notes of the apple mixed in, feeling like both profiles flowed all the way to the end. It was this that made it a lot more enjoyable than before, no flavour drop, just a constant flavour. Coil performance was fantastic as usual and no flavour drops at all during vaping this.



After trying a few of the Gazillions range, I can see that these are a sweet flavour with a wonderful twist to them to make them really stand out. Each one had a strong constant flavour of each recipe but the sherbet on the exhale of these especially really give you an enjoyable experience vaping them. The magic in this range does not seem to come from taste, but experience. These flavours generally didn’t taste like sherbet mixed with something else but both flavours were allowed to shine on their own accord. The bubblegum naturally flowing into the aftertaste gave it a wonderful flavour and the apple giving you the tartness and constant taste alongside the sweet aspect was absolutely wonderful. The blackcurrant was not a winner in comparison but that was simply down to my preference, as the mixture on that exhale was a wonderful mix, even if not to my taste. A sign of a brilliantly crafted recipe rather than a simple thrown together mix.

I would very much recommend these range if you have liked the sound of them, very much a brilliant twist on the standard ‘sweet’ style and very much deserving of their own range. I really enjoyed vaping them and the apple version is one that I will be adding to my list in future the next time I order. You don’t need a gazillion reasons to enjoy these flavours!

If you want to pick up your own, you can do so on the following link.

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