Choppavapes Ice Range Review

Welcome to another Choppavapes juice review, when I take a look at some of the most popular flavours and put them through their paces to see if they are worth buying. This time, we are taking a look at the Iced range.

I have to admit, generally when a company brings out an iced range, it can be rather disappointing, the same flavours with added cold element to them. I know from other brands, they can be unoriginal and just plain boring, even if the overall experience is refreshing. There are some really good ones on the market but overall, I have never really given them much of my attention. So when I recently started browsing the Choppavapes range, I noticed that the flavours in their ice range seemed different to the rest of the categories. There were some amazing flavours listed that were not found elsewhere, which peaked my interest on how different they could be compared to other brands. I knew beforehand that Choppavapes were highly regarded in the industry so quite excitedly, I put my order in and waited for them to arrive. I decided to pick up a few different flavours that sounded like they were completely different from each other to really grasp the overall range itself and vaped each one in both a sub ohm device and an RDA to really get the feel for them. Each one I vaped almost the entire bottle to give a real good indication of overall experience on the coils, good or bad. What I really wanted to is to gauge both flavour and performance, a brilliant flavour is no good if your coils last 5 minutes, or the flavour mutes after a couple of tanks. So I will start with the first one out of the envelope I was excited to try, this is my review of Choppavapes Ice Range.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Fantasi Mango

I must admit I love a mango when it is done right, it can be one of the most satisfying fruits to vape. At its best it can be ripe and fresh or full of juicy notes that is delicious. At their worst they can taste chalky and artificial leaving a lot to be desired. I didn’t pay too much attention to the ice aspect of this flavour, it was the mango I was truly interested in trying. I used this flavour with a VG Nic shot so enjoyed it at 70vg ratio.

The first thing I have to comment on with this flavour is the smell straight out the bottle when adding the Nic shot. It was strong and distinct, actually smelling like it was the real thing stuffed into the bottle. There is plenty of sweet notes with an underlying fruity aspect to the aroma which was actually rather exciting with the anticipation of being able to try it. I mixed the nic shot in, left it to sit for 5 minutes then began to fill my tank.

The flavour on the first experience was quite sharp on sweet notes from the mango itself, it was almost overwhelming on both the inhale and exhale, with very little else coming through. As I took a few more puffs on the flavour, the rest of the recipe started coming through and the real flavour began to shine. The sweet notes on the inhale dropped quite quickly into a much heavier fruit style taste, the flavour had plenty of body and it comes packed with a crisp sharp cold element that becomes more and more refreshing with each vape. Moving onto the exhale and once the experience kicks in, it is a flood of a lovely natural tasting mango flavour, with plenty of juicy elements. The flavour isn’t artificial and the mango seems to be well balanced to bring the sweeter juicy element on top of a fresh style that is almost leafy. The type of mango here is best described as a freshly picked mango from the tree, still raw and packed full of natural flavour pre-ripe both sweet and fruity. The ice experience with this one just seems to add to the experience and the mango just sits beautifully on a wave of cold, that leaves an impression on your tongue. The chill is not overpowered and it does not take away from the fruit either, a wonderful balance again to give a refreshing experience.

Overall, this is not the flavour I was expecting, it was certainly more fresh than the description seemed to indicate. However on the whole it performed beautifully and there was zero drop in performance with repeated tanks of this flavour. The mango had no muted elements and in terms of coil performance, there was no issues whatsoever.

Fantasi Lemonade

I am not a big fan of lemonade flavours to be perfectly honest. I have never really found one that I truly enjoyed, whether they tasted artificial or just bland. It has always been a shame because what should be a lovely vape has often left me disappointed, even the ones that blend other fruits into the mix. So I went into this one without any real expectation to be honest, even if it was terrible, it would be no worse than others. I tried this one also at 70vg with a VG Nic shot.

So opening this one up to add the shot, the first scent coming from the bottle, surprisingly was lemon. A very strong lemon aroma, slightly sweet but very overpowering to exactly what must be making the flavour up. Again at this point I wasn’t too excited to vape it but I knew it would be much stronger than the mango based on the smell from the get go. So I went through the process, filled my tank up and took my first vape.


I may need to expand on that, the flavour is phenomenal. Initially the flavour is a very strong lemon, that is not to be underplayed. The first taste is overpowering but there is no mistaking the amount of lemon in this recipe. Once I started having a few vapes on this, the overall experience started to come through and that is when I started to really enjoy it. On the inhale there is plenty of sweet notes there on top of the lemon, giving a lovely light layer on top of the fruit, with a crisp and sharp element. Onto the exhale and the flavour is consistent throughout this one, a very strong lemon taste with notes of sweet on top and a nice light cool exhale. That is something surprising, the cool element was lighter than the mango, almost in a perfection kinda of way as not to deter from the overall flavour. Throughout the lemonade experience there is plenty of bitter notes underneath making the lemon authentic and when combined with the sweet notes, it creates such an enjoyable vape. This flavour is more akin to a natural lemonade, or a cloudy lemonade in drinks talk, I never picked up much of a fizz element in this one. However this is absolutely special make no mistake, every single vape was a strong and enjoyable experience.

I had no issues with my coils vaping this, no drop in flavour or muting and once the bottle finished, it made me wanting more. Despite its simplicity in flavour and recipe, this is an absolute stand out flavour if you are a fan of lemonade style, more so if you are after a natural version.

Tango’d Apple Ice

The next flavour I went on to try was actually a drink that in real life I am not a fan of, which made me curious to see how it would vape. I do love the soft drink range but since I was a child I have never liked artificial apple flavours. Vaping it and drinking it are two completely different things though and I was wondering if the flavour would be more of a natural flavour with a Choppavapes own spin on the recipe. I decided to mix this with the PG Nic shot to try and bring a little bit more flavour through,

When opening the bottle up, the scent I got from this was lighter than the others which was a surprise. It certainly has a fresh apple aroma which was conflicting with the soft drink idea I had, but it was extremely appealing. There was sweet notes on it but very much a fresh rather than artificial fragrance. It raised my curiosity to try this one as it started appearing that it would be a whole different experience to what I was expecting when ordering. So I filled my tank up and took my first vape.

The apple is very much prominent in this flavour on the first inhale and it does taste artificial rather than fresh as it appeared before. This is more in line with the drink so it isn’t a bad thing by any means. The apple does have a crisp element to it but almost flat at the same time, without any real kick to it, bland in a way. As I carried on vaping this flavour however, my experience soon changed quite considerably. After a few vapes, the apple seemed to round out into a sweet artificial style apple when inhaling, with more focus on the sharp sweet notes than on a juicy style. This isn;t overpowering and it was actually rather smooth. The cool effect was not really noticeable, just a nice and sweet experience instead. Moving onto the exhale and this flavour is very consistent throughout the vape, you can get much more of the drink style that it is replicated from and honestly, it is really nice. The cool ice effect is not strong, it just sits underneath the apple to leave a refreshing exhale that does not deter from the overall flavour. It did take around half a tank but I started getting notes of something else, which made me start to really enjoy this one, a fizz. On the exhale, it isn’t too heavy but I started notice on my tongue there was a fizzy element that really brought the exhale to life. When combined with the cool aspect, it was a wonderful vape, without ever taking your focus away from the apple itself. Again with this one I had no issues whatsoever with this flavour and it vaped, not just consistently but it improved the more I used it.

Candy Plum

In all the years I have been vaping, plum is never a flavour I have tried before, or even noticed anywhere. It is an odd fruit, the real thing is lovely but never a go to flavour in your E-Cig. So I thought I would give this one a try, it sounded nice from the description so what could go wrong. It was opening up a whole new avenue for me in fruits and the candy aspect was just too odd to pass up. I used this with a PG shot as well to really focus on the flavour itself here to see how enjoyable or disgusting it really is.

Opening the bottle up and the smell is actually rather unique actually, strong and distinct with sweet elements. It is hard to say it smells exactly like plum, when was the last time any of us smelled a plum! But it certainly did have a distinct smell that was like no other fruit I had tried before. I was actually a little wary of this one, I must admit based on the aroma I was not looking forward to this, not really something that appealed to me. So I filled my tank up and started to vape it.

On the initial vape of this flavour, again the flavour was very distinct but it did taste like plum. For context here, I had bought some plums to compare the flavour to as it had been a while since I last ate one. It was a deep plum taste that was overpowering almost on the taste bud that took me a while to adjust to. It certainly isn’t your run of the mill berry or tropical mix! Carrying on vaping this flavour and it started to change into a whole new experience that I must admit I have never had before with a fruit flavour. The plum is very much there, with the candy sweet aspect really coming through more and more. It lightens the deep initial taste and brings plenty of notes that were missing in the beginning. Onto the exhale with this one and the flavour is still prominent with a deep plum mixed with very sweet notices to give a very interesting experience. The plum brings plenty of tart notes on the exhale but they are balanced with the very sweet candy notes to give a whole different type of flavour that normal fruits just don’t have. The cool ice effect is a little deeper with this one leaving a cold element that actually compliments the strong plum. Overall this one is quite interesting to try, I enjoyed it but I am not sure it is one that is for me, long term. Coil performance was brilliant as is with the rest, no issues with only a slight drop in flavour in a sub ohm tank, but pretty consistent throughout.


After trying a sample of the Ice range, I have to say they are absolutely amazing in flavours for the most part. They either provide a strong and delicious flavour or a unique experience that really makes them stand out. The lemonade is for me was a complete stand out flavour by itself, ice range or not. It was packed full of flavour, it was extremely enjoyable and more-ish and certainly a flavour I will be ordering more of in the future. On the opposite end of the scale, the candy plum was extremely distinct and a whole new experience that, if you enjoy, would be one of your favourite flavours out there. The range seems to benefit the most from the way the ice is used in each one, this isn’t a range that throws the cool in there, it is perfectly added to the right amount, what will make the flavour even better. If you want to try a range that is refreshing, enjoyable and packed full of different flavour experiences then the Choppavapes Ice range is absolutely a must buy the next time you order.

You can pick up these flavours and many more at Choppavapes at the following link

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