Choppavapes Mint Range Review

Welcome to another Choppavapes Juice review, where we aim to take a look at some of the many flavours that they have on offer and see if they are worth picking up. This time we are taking a look at the Mint Range.

Mint isn’t really a flavour that is hard to like. After all we have it as part of our daily routine and it is as simple as they come flavour wise for vaping. There is plenty of different mint flavours. Many I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference of so for this review, I decided to pick blindly some that had names that sounded a little different. I was hoping to get something other than just mint and mint 2, see what clever twists Choppavapes could put on what is essentially an easy flavour to get right. I have to say, my experience with this range was mind blowing, all of my previous expectations were just blown out of the window once I got trying them. I am getting ahead of myself so back to the flavour themselves. I picked up 4 different flavours, each one with a completely different name to see what magic that they could conjure up. I used them all in a sub ohm tank at around 65w to give a good general indication of flavour performance over a stock coil and see how much the flavour would hold up with repeated vapes. So once they arrived, I eagerly got going on the review.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.


Given the names of some of the flavours I picked up, this was the most boring and bland one of the lot, menthol. Nothing clever or creative, what it was on the bottle as they say is exactly what I was expecting inside. Such a simple flavour, it must not have anything fancy added to it, so as a simple flavour, it must be a winner even if, well, boring. The bottle design is simple blue, again nothing too exciting but it does the job. There really isn’t much more I can really talk about with this one, so let’s jump into the flavour itself.

Opening the bottle I got a strong smell of menthol, nothing too unexpected but it was coming through with a few little notes of something else that intrigued me. It was almost like a scent of peppermint, a sweet element in there, something far more than just ‘menthol’ as I had previously thought. The dry menthol was there almost as a layer alongside the sweeter notes. I used a PG nic shot in this bottle to keep the experience simple, so I filled the bottle up, and got ready to taste.

On the first vape of this one and it was a strong menthol flavour, sharp and overpowering, something that I was happy to get. The inhale was very much the blast of menthol that this flavour needs and exhaling, a lovely cooling element that left my mouth feeling like it had been chilled for a few hours. The flavour is simple yet potent, with the cooling aspect seemingly balanced really well, just the right level of flavour and effect. I have had menthol in the past that overdone this and it removed the enjoyment of the vape, this one certainly got it right. The more I vaped this flavour, the more the profile started to come through beyond the simplicity and it become a little bit more enjoyable than it was before. After around 4-5 vapes, the sweeter element started to really come through on both inhale and exhale that brought it to life a little bit. The inhale had a lovely smooth sweet taste that offset the dry menthol style mint that almost transformed the experience for me. The exhale having a sweeter mint style made the vape much more complimentary on the taste buds. Rather than the minty cold blast before, it tasted like there was far more to this one than I expected, a sweet and yet strong menthol flavour that ticks all the right boxes. It honestly surprised me

I had no issues with this flavour in my tank and coil performance was excellent.


The next flavour I decided to try was called midnight, sounds very mysterious indeed! I had visions of dark mints, whatever they are, something strong and distinct with deep notes. Then again it was a mint flavour, how much could it differentiate between the samey style of mint that they all end up being anyway? For context here, I didn’t read up any of these flavours really before buying them, to really get a pleasant (or otherwise) surprise each one I started to use. So a mint named midnight was very much in the surprise category!

Opening the bottle to try and pick up on what type of mint this was, I got quite a surprise as it didn’t smell like mint. There was a deep scent of blackcurrant in there, something else as well alongside it that I couldn’t make out and a certain smell of my worst nightmare, aniseed. For the record I don’t like aniseed at all, whether eating, drinking or vaping it and this one smelled quite strongly of the stuff. So I was a little wary with this flavour, to what extent I would taste the dreaded A word and how much it contributes to the profile. I used a PG shot in this one as well, simply to really get a good idea of the profile, better or worse that may be. I filled the tank up and started to vape.

The first flavour I got coming through with this quite strong was the blackcurrant with the offset of a berry style flavour. Almost as if I am psychic, it was a deep dark fruit flavour, without very much mint that I was previously expecting. There were sweet notes and the blackcurrant tasted more natural than artificial, which made the flavour come through as strong. Onto the exhale of it and the mint is a little bit more prominent than on the inhale, the blackcurrant certainly there and it balances out quite well. The cooling effect of the mint isn’t strong like a menthol, it is just light and really leaves the aftertaste feeling quite refreshing. If the experience ended there I would have raved about this review but the more I vaped it, the more the aniseed started to come through. After a bout 4-5 vapes, there was a small aniseed element on the inhale but the blackcurrant remained quite powerful overall, it just got a little sweeter over time on that initial hit on my taste buds. The exhale however flooded the aniseed through to such a large extent that I started to dislike this one. The flavour is extremely strong throughout this to its credit, if you like the sound of blackcurrant mixed with mint and aniseed then this is certainly one to try. However I just didn’t get along with this after a couple of tanks so I personally didn’t like it.

In terms of coil performance it was great, no issues and no lingering aniseed in the tank that I was slightly concerned about. It lacks colour as well which again makes it a wonderful performing E-Liquid.

White Crystal

The next flavour in the mint range was something that sounded very much like a traditional mint flavour. White crystal conjures up the epitome of what you expect a mint flavour to be. Clean, sharp, white and sparkly even, not in visual but in experience. So I went into this flavour expecting a nice simple yet efficient mint flavour, something maybe sweet or at least sharp on the mint notes that would be a satisfying experience. After the previous experience, I was looking forward to something more straight forward, however I was in for a big surprise with this one!

Opening the bottle up, there was a mixture of different scents that I could pick up on, that stood out in a very distinct way. There was a great deal of mint in there, with plenty of sweet notes on top that could only smell like one flavour, Heisenberg. This did put me off as, due to the previously mentioned dislike for aniseed, I have never been able to enjoy it. However I couldn’t really pick up any of those notes inside the flavour, one thing is for sure, this smelled extremely strong! I used a PG nic shot in this one again to really dive into the flavour so I filled my tank and began to vape.

I have to be honest, even on the first inhale, this one tastes like Heisenberg to such a degree, I was vaping this a little cautiously. It has a strong and powerful flavour that by itself, dominates over what the flavour actually is in my experience. On the first few vapes, I couldn’t really break down the flavour too much. The inhale is very much overpowering and the exhale is more of the same with a level of smooth mint underneath and a slight cooling effect, nothing strong but it is noticeable. It was the more I vaped on this one that the flavour came into its own somewhat and although the overall experience didn’t change much, it certainly came to life a little bit more on the taste buds. Flavours that seemed to be along the lines of blue raspberry started to stand out, with a lovely unique exhale note, I could have sworn it was eucalyptus. This flavour is very much the H word in spirit but there is plenty of unique blends in there to really make it stand alone as its own flavour. If you a fan of heisinberg but without the aniseed, or just want a strong and distinct fruity style flavour then this is a very strong liquid. Personally, I really enjoyed it, but in my experience it seemed a little too overwhelming for me after a few tanks, not a knock on the flavour, just my own preference.

In terms of coil performance it was wonderful, no problems at all. However this flavour does linger a little bit in your tank/coil so it may take a tank to get rid of the taste, just an indication of how strong and bold this one is!

Thugged Out

the final flavour for me to try was one that did not even sound like a mint type of flavour but something that seemed the complete opposite of that. I really didn’t know what to expect with this flavour after my mixed experience so far, certainly this flavour range is far from the boring mint idea I had before I began this. So the final flavour had plenty to live up to, could it be something truly special in a range that ranged from the distinct to the simple, from the unique to the generic.

The first scent I got from this one was an eye opener, it certainly didn’t seem like a mint flavour but it was packed full of fruity flavours. I could pick up dark berries, grape and yes, an undertone of mint in there as well. It smelled absolutely amazing, I was really looking forward to trying this one. When I filled my tank I got another surprise, it was purple! Every other mint flavour was clear yet this one was deep purple, emulating the fruits I could smell previously.

The first taste of this was packed full of mint with a slight undertone of grape and berries which was a surprise given the dark colour of the liquid. The mint is unsweetened but both on the inhale and exhale, but strong with a slight cooling element when exhaling. I was getting slight dry notes of grapes on the first few vapes of this, but nothing that really shone through, it seemed this flavour was a little all colour no flavour until I gave it a chance and it really came to life in a big way. After several vapes, the grape and berries started to come through a lot more to the point that they really take over the mint. The inhale transforms into a sweet and extremely juice flavour, that is balanced really well. Onto the exhale and the fruit flavours shine through with a thick and juicy flavour, with the mint almost complimenting them now rather than overpowering them. The more I vaped this one, the better it tasted, the more juicy and flavourful it became and the more more-ish each and every vape was. This is an absolutely beautiful flavour if you enjoy grape/berry style flavours and the mint simply adds another refreshing level rather than battle for your taste buds.

In terms of coil performance, I had no issues whatsoever and there was no flavour drop at all. It may dye your cotton purple though, so that is worth mentioning!


I have to say, this was a really enjoyable experience going through some of the mint range, simply because of the widely different experiences I had with each flavour. Buying and trying them all blindly opened myself up to the full potential of each flavour and it allowed me to really delve into each profile far more than simply ordering 4 types of standard mint flavours. Flavours such as Thugged up were absolutely amazing, expertly blended and just improved the more I vaped them, I can’t recommend trying that enough. Midnight was not to my liking at all, although besides the aniseed, it was a really nice flavour that aniseed lovers would probably fare a lot better than me. White crystal could well be your favourite all day vape if you want something fruity and strong to the extent that it will give your taste buds a whole new experience! Menthol was a simple yet enjoyable experience, extremely boring in comparison to the rest, which is ironic given my first step into this range was carrying this expectation!

If you want to try a mint like nothing else out there then this range is very much worth delving into and finding a potential favourite. You can pick up your own (and many more) at the following link.

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