Choppavapes Slush Range Review

Welcome to another Choppavapes Flavour review, where we look at some of the many flavours on offer and see if they are worth picking up. This time we are looking at the Slush range.

Slush flavours have always been a nice, if not unexciting experience for me over the years. Compared to the real thing, they have always, in my opinion, lacked that real bite, a standard flavour loaded with chilling aspects and passed off as something out of this world. They have never been bad as such, certainly they have been enjoyable but they just lacked the wow factor. After trying a fair few flavours from Choppavapes, I wanted to delve into the world of slush again and see if there is anything there that would ignite a love in a flavour range that has largely been missing since I started vaping. I thought the best way to do this was to pick up 3 different flavours, all coloured to hopefully give me a different experience in each one. My one thought would be, are they all going to be the same mild taste as before or offer something special? I used all these flavours with a PG nic shot because I wanted to really experience the taste rather than the experience. So let’s get this review started, with the one I have had a hundred times over from many places.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Blue Slush

The flavour that every company has its own version of is Blue Slush. I must admit most of my opinion (or reservations) about slush flavours has been revolved around this profile. I have had nice ones and had ones that are almost tasteless so one that pops would be perfect given it is blue raspberry and you never really find it many places. I went into this flavour hoping to have a strong flavour with a nice chill aspect, a heavier exhale would be ideal, but flavour first of all.

Opening the bottle up, the scent radiating from inside is a lovely sweet blue raspberry aroma, light and almost like candy floss in its tone. It has a strong aroma but not overpowering which is always a good thing in terms of coil performance. I added the nic shot and got ready to try but noticed something else that got me excited to try this. When I filled my tank, the E-Liquid was a lovely light blue colour. So the blue in blue slush, is more than just a name!

Taking the first vape of this one, with my tank a lovely shade of blue, the first initial flavour is sweet and light. It is nothing overpowering but a lovely fruity sweet flavour much like a simple bubblegum. The exhale brings a nice chill, again not overpowering but enough to leave you satisfied. The sweet flavour is very prominent and light as you exhale, with not much left on the tongue. After several vapes, the body of the raspberry starts to come through a little more and turns the sweet element into something a little bit more fruity again. The exhale is similar with more sweet BR elements than it has before and it just settles into a nice and light flavour with continued use.

If I have to give my opinion, I was a little disappointed with this flavour, as it felt like the flavour was a little too muted than it really could have been. It has a nice taste, very much a lovely slush flavour but personally I would have preferred a stronger flavour and more of a kick in the chill aspect to really blow my taste buds away. Coil performance on this was great, no issues at all but it may turn your cotton blue!

Red Slush

Onto the next flavour now and after keeping the status quo in terms of slush flavours, moving out of the traditional was intriguing. Going into the flavours blind, I could only guess what the red in the red slush could be, maybe normal raspberry, cherry,? There was only one way to find out, to vape it! I am not a huge fan of cherry so I was a little wary of this one, much like I have been before when the sheer thought of a certain flavour is mentioned.

Opening the bottle and much like before there is a strong scent coming from the bottle but it certainly isn’t what I expected. A strong strawberry flavour, almost overpowering on the nose came through, a slightly artificial style but it smelled great. There was a little note of something else I couldn’t make out also but this smelled like one of the nicest flavours I have ever tried! Filling my tank up, as I was now expecting, this flavour is a lovely right red colour, as is its name. So with my now glowing red tank, I took my first vape.

This flavour is incredible!

From the very first vape, the strong strawberry flavour was delicious, strong and distinct and extremely juicy. It is almost mouthwatering in its composition, that strong scent is because of how much flavour is packed into the bottle. The inhale is a lovely artificial strawberry flavour that is sweet and just perfect for this type of flavour, like a strawberry syrup used in the real thing. The exhale is very much the same, a nice thick juicy exhale that brings so much flavour that it left me chain vaping it. The more I vaped this one I started getting notes of other flavours in there that seemed to slightly transform the profile. I started getting notes of a lemonade in there, much weaker but like it was a little added body to the exhale to make the flavour pop a little and leave a nice little aftertaste. The cooling aspect is a little light on this one, seemingly to rely more on the flavour rather than the effect, which I can only say is a good thing if it would detract from the taste.

My opinion on this flavour was that it was absolutely incredible, perfectly crafted and delivers in a big way. The syrupy style sweet flavour being so strong is one of the nicest strawberry flavours in my experience, certainly since 2015 that didn’t involve milkshake in some way. Coil performance was great, no issues at all but the red colour will turn your cotton red, as you would expect.

Exotic Lime Slush

The final flavour I picked up was one I did so just because of the name exotic in the title. It is all well and good naming your flavours red / blue etc but exotic? This has to be something special surely? In my experience, many lime slush flavours are just bland and boring, they taste like a cool lime at best, nothing that really makes me buy them again. So I had no idea what to expect with this flavour to be honest, I expected lime but beyond that was a mystery, was the exotic name a clever ruse to make it sound more fancy?

Opening the bottle up to add the nic shot and the scent coming from the bottle was very interesting indeed. I was getting notes of lime in the fragrance but not strong at all. Instead I was getting a lot of banana alongside it, with other parts I couldn’t quite make out. Lime and banana is certainly not a flavour profile I have tried before so I was looking forward to vaping this one. Sadly this time the flavour was not a bright green but clear instead. I would imagine that is so it is better on your coils with a potential medley of different sweet flavours in there.

The first vape of this flavour was very much a lime flavour, exactly how I expected at the beginning but with a whole body of something else under there. It doesn’t stand out at first but seems to combine into a whole mixture that sits underneath the sharp lime. Moving onto the exhale now and the flavour again is very limey but with more banana coming through, in a weird heavy / sharp play off with the taste. It is nice, but the banana is a little odd when you don’t expect it to flood through as it is a far heavier flavour than its green companion. The more I vaped on this, the more little notes came through that although weren’t as sharp, seemed to blend this into a very interesting experience. Red fruit elements like strawberry and cherry seemed to be there on the exhale, just popping a little alongside the stronger lime and banana. The cooling aspect is again well done, not overly strong but enough to give you a cool feeling each time you exhale.

My thoughts on this flavour is a little mixed, simply as it was just an odd experience for me. On one hand, it is a wonderful medley of different fruit flavours that I have never experienced before. There is plenty to love about this one, very much for the blend and how each one balances with the next. I do think the banana in this is a little overwhelming when vaping multiple tanks however and it is a much more fresh and deep version rather than an artificial banana like you would find in a dessert style. It is a really nice flavour but for me, it isn’t an all day vape, more so something that you could fall in love with or simply enjoy the odd tank of every now and again. Coil performance was great, had no performance issues whatsoever with this.


I went into this thinking that slush were boring plain and uninspiring flavours that served their simple purpose but my impression has completely changed. Sure the standard blue slush was nothing to rave about but the red and lime versions took the idea and brought something completely new to the equation. The Red Slush is an absolutely amazing flavour that is strong, smooth and packed full of flavour in each vape. Exotic Green slush is something so different to anything else I had tried before. The conflicting flavours away from your standard lime seems to have created something complex and exciting with plenty of different notes to explore on each vape. Choppavapes seems to have done a wonderful job creating some really interesting flavours rather than playing it safe, well worth picking one of them up. Red Slush is very much an all day vape for me now and I will certainly be picking another bottle up next time I order.

If you want to pick up your own then you can do so at the following link.

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