Choppavapes Soda Range Review

I have never had the best experience with soda / drink flavours when it comes to E-liquids. I couldn’t tell you how many cola flavours I have bought / made over the years that despite all my optimism, have just been lacklustre experiences. Lemonades lack the spark they really need and I can always taste aniseed in a pink version. Truth be told, this is a flavour profile I should have as an all day vape but instead I often overlook them in flavour of a dessert or fruit mix. So it was with little enthusiasm I picked up some of the Choppavapes range because I knew no matter how good others may say they are, they will still be lacking in the actual flavour I pictured before vaping them. So what I was really looking for from these flavours was not just performance, that was a given. I wanted to see if these flavours could be something different, something better than the rest and I have tried MANY of the rest in the last 7 years! It would take something special for me to really get hooked but I thought I would give them a go anyway. I picked up 3 of the flavours for a very specific reason to see how they would taste. One I picked up as I am a fan of the real thing, one I picked up simply because it is a flavour I have always faulted elsewhere and the third was an interesting sounding flavour profile. I used them all in my trusty sub ohm tank to really see their performance over a stock coil as is my preferred vaping method. So let’s get into it, my review of the Choppavapes Soda range.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Fanta-stic Fruit Twist

I must admit I do enjoy the different Fanta flavours in drinks form, apart from the mystery ones they released, they are some of my favourite drinks on a warm day. However the brand in terms of vaping form has always been nowhere near the mark for me, they may taste like orange but just like the orange in the bottle, if that makes sense. My favourite one has to be the fruit twist though, a blend of different fruits are a beautiful mix, I can’t fault it. So when I saw that Choppavapes had their own version of the wonderful drink, I just had to give it a try.

Opening the bottle and the scent I got filling my nostrils was like opening a bottle of the real thing, aroma wise this is completely spot on. Again I have no idea of what the fruits are but the E-Liquid is as close as you can get scent wise enough to make me want to head down the shop and buy a bottle of it! I used a VG nic shot in this one as I had hoped even if the blend was not perfect, the thick flow of fruits would make a lovely vape. So I added the nic shot into the bottle, mixed it up and filled my tank.

The anticipation for this one was extremely high and honestly? This is not disappointment, it blew me away from the very first vape. The fruit twist flavour hits you from the get go and the flood of different fruits overwhelm your taste buds like a nice glass of the beverage. The inhale is strong, sweet and fruity with an almost thick style inhale when mixed with the VG nic shot that truly compliments the flavour perfectly. Moving onto the exhale and the flavour remains extremely constant and thorough with the flavour really coming into its own once your mouth is filled with all the fruity delights. I would love to try and guess the fruits in this mix, I can throw apple peach or even orange at you for a guess but this is a flavour that is best appreciated on how accurate it really is. The flavour is sweet without being too strong, fruity but without any dominant flavour in there. I didn’t notice any other elements to this one like cold or fizz but the flavour was more than enough to bring a smile to my face. There was zero performance issues with this flavour, each and every vape was as delightful as the last from the first to the last drop in my tank. This is a beautiful flavour, accurate and perfectly blended that completely blew my previous reservations about the range away.

Pink Lemonade

So onto the next flavour in the range and it was one that, as previously mentioned has been somewhat of a frustration for me over the years. As a drink, I absolutely love the thing, a really nice twist of a standard boring flavour but as an E-Liquid, the aniseed style taste is always there for me, no matter how weak it may be. I know this sort of flavour is open to interpretation, from grapefruits to red fruits being used to add the flavour so there is plenty of potential scope in how it has been blended together. So I was extremely interested in how this one would fare, could Choppavapes make the flavour really come to live or would the wait continue on?

Opening the bottle up and the scent from this is actually quite pungent that seems to alter each smell you take. There is a sharp and sweet citrus aroma throughout it but it has notes of something else that I could not really pick out on scent alone. They are sweet and smooth however which does not smell like aniseed at all which was a pleasant surprise! I decided to use a PG shot with this one as I felt that to really get underneath the flavour, it was better to thin the flavour down and truly appreciate it. So I mixed the liquid up, filled my tank and started to take a vape.

On the initial inhale, I certainly get a lovely sweet citrus style taste that is lovely and balanced, the sweet aspect is nothing overpowering at all. There is almost a smoothness to it that makes it extremely enjoyable and a little surprising that Choppavapes have not tried to emulate a fresh style of this. Moving onto the exhale and to be honest it tastes like a really nice lemonade style flavour, nothing overpowering but sharp sweet and smooth, the perfect blend. I have to be honest, the first few vapes of this I could not really distinguish this from a standard lemonade flavour but the more I vaped, the more it came alive wonderfully. After several vapes, I really started to get the profile through and this is where I was blown away by this flavour. The inhale remains sweet and lemony, there isn’t much variation in there but the exhale seems to bring so much more to the table. I was getting hints of strawberry and a slight cranberry maybe? With the latter balancing the tartness with the citrus amazingly well. The strawberry and the lemon go together fantastically (if it is strawberry!) that gives you a tart and sweet balance that is extremely enjoyable, with a slight tart aftertaste on the tongue. The exhale is packed full of fizz as well which really brings the flavour to life into something that is well worth experiencing. I had no performance issues and the flavour remained fairly constant, with only switches from a dominant lemon and the fruit mix every now and again. A wonderfully simple flavour that is a delight I must say!

Cherry Up!

Moving onto the final one I picked up here and it was a flavour that in real life I have never experienced as I am not a fan of cherry at all. In fact I had to look up whether the real life version even exists such is my knowledge on this one but as a vape I wondered how it would fare. I have enjoyed other cherry flavours that focus on the blend rather than the fruit before so I was open minded to this one, especially as I was picturing a certain type of flavour here. I had to guess a cherry lemonade profile that if it was how I pictured it, would be rather unpleasant for me. Either way, in the hunt for a new favourite I had to give it a try.

Opening the bottle up, the first scent I got from this one was another strong citrusy smell that seemed to overpower whatever the flavour profile was. There was certainly something else there but the lemon style aroma was overpowering it far too much to really profile it like before. One thing is for sure though, it didn’t smell like cherry. I used another VG shot in this one as partly in case the cherry was too strong and because I really wanted to experience a flow of the flavour rather than to pick it apart. So I mixed the bottle up, filled my tank and started to give it a try.

If the smell of the citrus was dominant on this one then the flavour certainly does give way to something else and that first few inhales was quite…odd. I cannot really describe it, the lemon was strong certainly but the flavour seemed to taste weird, but without revealing itself too much. It certainly was sweet, a little more than the lemonade but I got the impression it was whatever else was in there that was causing that. Moving onto the exhale and again the flavour was a little odd, the lemon wasn’t dominant but nothing was really coming through for me to stand out alongside it. It was half a tank later that the flavour really started to shine for me, but oddly enough not for its own profile. The exhale started to balance into a berry style alongside the lemon but it didn’t taste like cherry whatsoever. If you had told me it was cranberry or something similar, I would believe you. The exhale becomes a flood of balance that becomes absolutely beautiful the more you vape this one. Not at any point can I honestly say it tasted like cherry, but the sweet fruit balances perfectly with the lemon and the massive amount of fizz packed in there gives you a wonderfully refreshing experience. At this point I know the fruit I can taste is in fact the namesake of the bottle but this is perfect, it relies on the sweet notes rather than the unique flavour element to make it an amazingly refreshing flavour. I had no coil issues with this and honestly, the more you vape it, the nicer it becomes.


Going into this review I had quite low expectations but after trying a few of the flavours, I can see Choppavapes have came to play when it comes to these flavour profiles. The fruit twist flavour is absolutely amazing, authentic and perfectly blended that makes it a must buy if you enjoy the flavour itself. I cannot recommend this one enough, especially with a VG shot in a high powered sub ohm tank with a decent flavour coil inside. The pink lemonade is wonderfully refreshing and light, yet sweet which really surprised me. It is a brilliant take on a standard lemonade profile, with the impression of a carbonated beverage combined with a fresh fruit mix inside it. It is a simple yet enjoyable flavour that makes it a great choice when you want something new to try or simply as a summertime vape. Cherry Up is a flavour that all I can honestly say is one that is well worth trying to get a whole new vape experience that betrays its name in favour of a whole unique taste. It doesn’t stand any flavour out but uses the cherry inside to give you a whole new experience you really wouldn’t expect.

Would I recommend the range based on these flavours? Absolutely, if these 3 are anything to go by then what you are getting is either an amazingly authentic experience or an extremely enjoyable twist on a standard flavour profile. With plenty more to choose from, I cannot wait to jump back in and give more of these a try, especially the fruit twist. That is very much an all day vape style of flavour so if you pick just one up, make sure you add that into your next order!

You can pick up your own Choppavapes flavours at the following link

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