Choppavapes Sweets Range Review

Welcome to the next Choppavapes flavour review, looking at some of the many flavours on offer and see if they are worth buying. This time we are looking at the Sweet Range.

Sweet flavoured E-Liquids have always been a go to for me over the years, they are simple, enjoyable and very hard to dislike. I think most companies have their own sweet style range and they can vary between nothing like the category suggests to wonderful replications of the real thing. One brand even managed to make the flavour of a gobstopper come to life perfectly, although that was years ago and they probably don’t exist any more. With my experience with other flavours from Choppavapes, this was a review I was really looking forward to doing, with some of the great flavours so far, I was certainly expecting some amazing experiences. So I decided to go with 3 different flavours for this one, to give me a good indication of what potential the range has. I chose different profiles including one that I have had elsewhere, to see if they could make them come to life. With this range I used VG nic shots simply as I was hoping they would be simple enough to not have to delve into their profile too much. So let’s get started, with the first flavour I was really excited to try.

Choppavapes Shortfills are 50 mil in capacity with the option of adding a nicotine shot for 3mg strength. All flavours are pre steeped and ready to vape once they arrive at your door. Choppavapes Shortfills are designed to our own specific ratios, each one mixed at 64/36 VG meaning a 10mil VG nic shot gives you 70/30 ratio and a 10mil PG shot giving you 54/46 VG. They are designed to give you the very best possible flavour and experience on the market today.

Fruit Pastilles

A sweet range can be made or broken on a fruit pastille flavour in my experience. Get it right and it can be absolutely beautiful as an E-Liquid, get it wrong and you are just left with a fruit flavour that doesn’t have the magic. I chose to pick up this one just to really see how close to the real thing it could be, as a child I used to love buying these. So I would class myself somewhat of an expert on the sweet, unless they have changed the flavours like jelly babies did in the meantime! My curiosity ahead of trying it was just how they could bring different flavours to life.

Opening the bottle, the scent coming from this one is a lot to take in but giving it a few moments, it smells wonderful. There is a dominating blackcurrant aroma at first but then you can start to pick up more underneath. There is certainly lime in there, the rest I can’t really pick out just yet. It smells extremely strong though, which is always a great sign. I prepped the bottle and filled my tank and got ready to vape.

On the first inhale, the blackcurrant is quite dominant in this flavour, a lovely artificial style however like a drink rather than the real thing. There is splashes of other notes in there but nothing really standing out, perhaps a side effect of having multiple flavours hitting you at once! The exhale is very much the same with a thick amount of blackcurrant dotted with other notes. The flavour is quite sweet, but in a natural sense, stemming from the fruit rather than added afterwards. After 3-4 vapes, I started to pick up on more of the profile with this and it really does get nicer and more of an experience. Lime is certainly present in this one, orange and even berry, possibly strawberry or raspberry all start coming through in a perfect balance with the blackcurrant that remains strong throughout. The more you vape of this, the nicer it becomes and the more fruit you get. It actually does taste like the sweets, really accurately, although the experience of eating multiple of them at once without the difficulty chewing afterwards. The sweetness is perfect, it doesn’t take away from the fruit and generally speaking it offers a really authentic flavour.

My honest thoughts on this is that it is a really nice flavour, it tastes just like the real thing. Given that a normal person would only eat one at a time, this translates into a lovely sweet fruity mix that reminds you of the sweet but provides a great experience. Coil performance was great, no issues at all from them or flavour drop with multiple tanks.

Cherry Drops

The next flavour is one that in real life, I have never really had the pleasure of trying. Cherry Drops is not a sweet I have come across, the hard boiled candy, but I can understand the appeal of such a sweet. In all honesty, when it comes to vaping cherry has a love hate relationship with me. I like cherry when used right but as a more stand alone flavour, I tend to dislike it. However I wanted to give this one a chance, even if I wasn’t a big fan of it, if the magic could bring the sweet to life then that is never a bad thing.

Opening the bottle and the aroma that hit my nose was quite sharp actually, a strong cherry flavour. It did smell like a sweet type of scent bur the cherry very much seemed to be a cross between a sweeter artificial cherry and a more bodied fresh cherry. I could tell that the main part of this flavour would be cherry based, not really a surprise after all. So I filled my tank and started to vape.

From the first vape of this flavour, it is extremely fruity and sweet in a really nice way. I was slightly concerned that this was going to lean into a more authentic cherry but it remains very artificial, maintaining the sweet aspect of the flavour. The inhale is more of sharp sweet intake rather than anything too complicated and the exhale is very smooth and packed full of strong flavour. The flavour seems to leave a slight tingle on the tongue as well, although I can’t tell if that is the tone of the cherry or anything added to the profile itself. Even after vaping it leaves your mouth full of flavour. After a tank or two, this performance does not drop, the flavour even at 70vg is very nice and constant, without it ever getting stronger to overwhelm your taste buds. The aftertaste on your tongue is a wonderfully satisfying experience meaning you can really enjoy every vape without having to chain vape for a proper effect.

My thoughts on this flavour is that if you are a fan of cherry sweets, you will really enjoy this as its packed full of taste that left me really satisfied. Not being a major fan of cherry, after while it did become a little too much, if that makes sense. However if you enjoy a sweet cherry flavour then this is perfect for you, from the first to the last vape. Add a little menthol to this flavour and you could have a special cough sweet type profile as well. Coil performance was no issue at all, no flavour drops either.

Apple Hubba

The final flavour in this range I picked up was one that intrigued me somewhat, a profile I had never tried before. Apple Hubba, or presumably apple combined with bubblegum sounds like something that shouldn’t work at all in vaping form but based on my experiences with the sweet range thus far, I was open now to a pleasant surprise. Apple is a love hate relationship for me but after enjoying a cherry flavour, apple suddenly sounded much nicer than before. I have never had a bubblegum either that I fell in love with, despite many attempts to find one. They are either too dry and dull or just don’t pack enough flavour. So hopes were high with this final flavour, could it bring a little bit of magic to two conflicting flavours?

Opening the bottle up and the first scent emanating from the bottle was actually rather weak. I was expecting a huge waft of apple to hit me and instead there was no real scent at all from the bottle. Even making a purposeful attempt to get a smell from the E-Liquid, there was a weak sweet scent that was probably the bubblegum but not much more than that. This is probably the first Choppavapes flavour that has not had a strong smell. So I had no indication of flavour before vaping this one, I filled my tank and was ready for the first delve into apple hubba.

The first vape on this flavour was, unsurprisingly quite weak in flavour for me, it had a sweet tone to it but nothing in terms of flavour profiles really stood out for me. Onto the exhale and again, nothing really come through flavour wise, it was quite week in flavour beyond the sweet taste. I was starting to think I had been sent a dud bottle at first but I carried on vaping it and the flavour did start to come through in an interesting way. On the inhale, I started getting a much stronger sweet flavour, that seemed to be conflicted with a tartness to add weight to it. It was clearly the apple starting to show itself a lot more. Onto the exhale, something quite interesting happened, it actually started to taste like an apple flavoured gum in the way that chewing it would emulate. The apple flavour after a while would drop completely and that is what seems to happen, a apple inhale and into the bubblegum exhale, as if the flavour just swaps as you vape. I noticed after a while that the apple is almost a sour apple, leaving a slight tart note on your tongue alongside the sweet element. The apple is a little weak but does its job wonderfully here, it really leaves its mark on your taste buds. The bubblegum however, it never came through for it at all beyond possibly a slight flavour on the exhale. It was hard to bring that through and the exhale remained quite tasteless with a lovely tart note afterwards.

My thoughts on this flavour? I was actually quite disappointed with this flavour in the end, there doesn’t seem to be much to it to recommend it as a must buy flavour. I am sure in an RDA that there may be more to it but as a sub ohm experience it was seriously lacking. It needs far more flavour in there to stand out. Coil performance was fine for me but I can’t comment on flavour drop as I did not get much flavour come through at all. The sour notes certainly remained with this one though so there is some prominence in there.


A mixed bunch this time around with the sweets range that was one flavour away from being a fantastic set of flavours. The Fruit pastille flavour was a fantastic fruity mix that seemed to really bring their individual fruits to life in a way that certainly reminded me of shoving a load of the sweets in my mouth at once! The Cherry drops were a strong and sweet experience that would be ideal for a cherry lover for an all day vape. The apple hubba however just was missing a lot of, well flavour in the bottle. The apple was there, if not weak but the bubblegum just didn’t come through at all during the experience. A much stronger bubblegum exhale would make that flavour a really nice experience and really trade off the sweet / sour notes that apple and bubblegum could offer.

All in all there was no real stand out flavour in this range for me personally but the first two flavours were spot on for what they were aiming to deliver and will be a great pick up to try next time your order. If I had to recommend one, it will be the cherry drops for sure, even If It wasn’t an all day vape for me, for someone who loves cherry it will be amazing for you.

If you want to pick up some of this range, you can do so on the following link

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