Cider Farms-Cider Range Review

What would be the perfect summers vape?  Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself sat down, nice summers day, Sun is beginning to set but still rather humid.  Not a care in the world, just a glass next to you, good company and good times.  So whilst you are imagining this, imagine what a perfect vape would be?  Now consider this, a lovely cool Cider vape.

Sounds too good to be true right?  Perhaps not, a new brand has come to market called Cider Farms and they aim to deliver just that, a cool refreshing authentic cider flavour, minus the alcohol and hangover the next day.  The result of loving attention by the brains over at Jungle Juice, Cider Farms aims to be a brand that instead of offering their own take on a flavour, they aim to bring you something rather unique.  Now I know what you are thinking, too good to be true right?  Well that is where I come in, I have been vaping on these flavours for the past couple of weeks now through a few different tanks.  Trying to get a good handle on them at both higher and lower sub ohm wattages.  So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

The cider farms range come in 120 mil bottles with 100mil liquid and room for 2 nicotine shots at a  ratio.  They come with a fantastic cider style labelling that really looks the part for the whole cider image.  There are a total of 4 in the range, I will detail my experience of using each one as an all day vape and let you know how they performed.

Dark Forest Fruits

A dark fruit cider which is deep and rich in flavour, the perfect summers vape juice

So I started with arguably the one that stood out first and foremost for me, if you drink you casual cider then you know what this one is aiming to replicate for you. The mixed fruits style that is so popular with cider brands, could it translate over to your tank as well?

Now the smell of this liquid was amazing, before I even added the nic it smelled just like a freshly opened bottle of cider in terms of the fruits.  My excitement really started to raise on this review from that moment, wondering what the taste was going to be like.  Using it first at around 100w, the flavour came through extremely strong and the flavour was as it smelled, completely spot on.  The mix of blackcurrant, berry and whatever else is in there was fantastic and it was such an enjoyable vape.  The cider taste or twang as you expect was there right on the bottom of the exhale and the fruits were consistent throughout the inhale and exhale.  Coil performance was fantastic and no issues there neither.  Moving down to the lower powered vapes, the flavour did carry through excellently but with this one in particular I found the cider dropped off somewhat.

Overall a spot on flavour that seems to be enjoyed more at a higher wattage rather than a lower in my experience but even if you don’t get the cider come through, the fruits are exactly how you want them to taste, really well worth giving this one a try.

Strawberry & Lime

No official blurb for this one

So the next one I tried was probably one of my least favourite cider flavours to drink, strawberry and lime.  Not for any particular reason, I just enjoy the other styles a little bit better.

On the inhale with this one, straight away again I get a fantastic mix of strawberry and lime flavours.  The strawberry is bold and flavourful and the lime on the inhale was sharp and citrusy without over dominating the inhale profile.  Moving onto the exhale and the strawberry is still consistent in the vape with the sweet touches and smooth flavour.  The mime does come through much more and offers a bitter contrast to the sweet strawberry.  Once the sweetness dies down the tang of the cider style is left on your tongue and it blends fantastic with the citrus sharp lime that is left in the profile.  It gives the profile a very distinct taste in your mouth that is very enjoyable indeed.

A more straightforward flavour this one but the blend and taste is absolutely fantastic and it brings a brilliant cider after taste that blends with the citrus in the profile, If you like the cider then you will love this flavour.

Ripe Pear

A deeply ripened Pear Cider. The perfect summers vape juice.

So moving onto one of the more simpler flavours in the pear and, this one blew me away before I even started vaping it.  Opening it up to add the nic shots, the smell of the flavour really took over the house, you could smell it in the next room, just like a pear!  So much like the summer fruits I was excited to try this one.

I actually tried this one in two different tanks, both offered the same experience, one better than the other but still it gave me an overall experience.  The inhale on this one is incredible, the crisp sharp pear flavour tastes fresh and authentic, easily the best pear flavour I have ever tried.  The flavour was bold and strong and not often do you get that from an inhale.  Moving onto the exhale and the pear remained prominent throughout the flavour, again really strong over several tankfuls and full of crisp fresh pear.  The final touch was the coder tang coming in a little earlier than the rest that gave the flavour a satisfying pay off.  Combined with the frosty style of the liquid itself that came with this one, it genuinely gave me the perfect cider experience I was hoping to get from this range.

I highly recommend this flavour, one of those flavours that come along once in a blue moon that blow you away, absolutely spot on.

Vintage Apple

A perfectly blended Vintage Somerset Apple Cider the perfect summers vape juice.

Finally the cider that started it all off, apple.  The boring plain flavour that is a house favourite for many a cider enthusiast.

This flavour gave me mixed experiences to be honest, the inhale and exhale offered two completely conflicting experiences for me.  So we will start with the inhale, the fresh apple taste is there, a mild apple compared to the previous pear but there is lots of it to taste. Almost liked a baked apple style rather than a completely fresh taste.  Perhaps that was just me, maybe you will get more of a fresher taste but it was by no means a negative point.  Using it in a new tank I am trying and I was getting crispness come through a little more so the profile seemed to change slightly depending on the tank used.  So the inhale was slightly underwhelming coming from the previous, but then I got to the exhale and it did what I thought was impossible.  The flavour stayed with the crisp apple flavour but dropped into a almost shockingly accurate cider flavour, exactly like the real thing.  The previous flavours did have that tang in there but this one tastes just like your plain old cider flavour, the fresher style rather than the cheap knock off from a supermarket.  Think of it as a farm grown fresh apple cider and you will be on the right line.

This tastes like cider, fresh cider to be precise.  The flavour that started the range is fitting to end on, another really enjoyable flavour that really does taste like it aims to be.


Tasting is believing with this range, it is so easy to say it tastes like the real thing and another is to taste it.  I have brought you many different juice reviews and this one is rather special.  Completely different to anything else on the market now, you can taste just how much time and effort has gone into crafting these flavour ranges and all made from the ground up.  You won’t find anything like this on the market and for good reason, they are absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend giving these a try.

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