Deathwish Hangman & Unholy mod clones Review UK

Deathwish Hangman & Unholy mod Style Kit Review

The Deathwish Mods have an avid following of the authentic version and is known for the quality of both the finish and the vape, all the reviewers seem to agree, it hits like a train! The only downside of the Deathwish combo is the price, at £150 it could still be seen by some as quite a bargain, but for others, like me, who’s don’t fancy shelling out the big bucks for something they might not get on with or just don’t have that sort of vape budget enter the clone. There are a couple of Chinese companies currently making these, some better than others, luckily I was pointed in the direction of Knucklehead Vapes a big supplier in the uk for Cloned mech mods and RDA’s who sample and test everything before it goes on sale through their online store.

So on arrival I was a little disappointed, the packaging for the authentic comes in the form of two boxes both shaped like gravestones to go along with the spooky undead theme but the clone comes in a single rectangular shaped box, stone coloured but not giving the same impact. Luckily thats where the disappointment ends on opening your greeted with the Mech Mod and RDA set, I’d selected brass this time around for no other reason than I’d recently purchased a copper Limitless and well, you have to keep things even 🙂 Having played around with the authentic on a couple of occasions, almost to the point of making a cheeky purchase I was amazed to see that the Deathwish style kit was a true 1:1 copy of the original, now when I say 1:1 I mean these guys either worked from the same Cad files or spent an age with a micrometer to get the measurements perfect.

The Mod

The Mod comes in at a whopping 26mm large even by todays standards and it weighs a ton, even without a hefty 18650 inside, make no mistake this is a heavy chunky piece of brass that once picked up lets you know it’s not here to mess around. Deathwish chose a very simple design with a non removable hybrid top cap and an adjustable spring switch at the bottom which simply screws in to take care of any battery rattle. For the OCD crew the switch can stand slightly proud of the mod body when a battery is installed but so far from my experience this has only every been south of 1mm, so no big deal. The spring is strong enough to ensure no misfires when the mod is stood upright while not been used, but smooth enough on compression so the switch movement is easy with an almost ideal amount of resistance. So a simple but effective design that works extremely well.



Now on a lot of Cloned mods coming over the sea, the decorations adorning them seems to be the weak link, with paint and laser etching replacing the quality engraving that comes with the authentic price tag, fortunately the Deathwish doesn’t suffer the same fate, both the ‘Hang man’ Branding and the noose running almost the full length of the mod are engraved and engraved well. Well enough so that placed by the side of an authentic It found it really difficult to spot any differences, not that there aren’t any but they are minimal. The only other point of interest is the vent hole 2/3rds of the way down the mod body, in the case of the Hangman it comes in the shape of a X wish should give adequate venting should you be unfortunate enough to experience catastrophic battery failure. This and a 2mm chamfer at the top edge taking it to 24mm finish off the mods appearance allowing it to match perfectly with the 24mm Unholy RDA included in the kit. The Mod comes in at a whopping 26mm large even by todays standards and it weighs a ton, even without a hefty 18650 inside, make no mistake this is a heavy chunky piece of brass that once picked up lets you know it’s not here to mess around.

Unholy RDA Clone Review UK

The unholy RDA included wth the kit is a 24mm item with an ingenious adjustable side airflow and a top cap made of 2 separate pieces to allow for the adjustment. The deck is a simple two post affair with an interesting clamp design, these are fitted to the outsides of each clamp in a vertical configuration but the good news is this makes it super easy to build on and allows plenty of space for some huge coils and masses of cotton. The dual O rings fitted to the deck make for a tight fit of the cap, so you can rest assured they’ll be no leaking, unless you accidentally over drip in which case, thats your fault 🙂





8.3 Total Score
Great Mech Mod

The Deathwish Hangman and Unholy RDA make for a formidable combination and the authentic is well worthy of it’s price tag, for those of us that don’t have that sort of cash laying around the great news is the Cloned version sampled for this review means we don’t have to compromise in the quality of build or performance

Build Quality
  • Cracking Mech Mod Setup
  • Good Build Quality
  • Little pricey for a clone
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  1. I got mine for £29! A real bargain plus I got the full retail packaging for the MOD and the RDA.

    It can’t be beat at that price. Knucklehead are good but seem too pricey for me. I think they are asking £45 which is quite expensive considering my purchase.

    Not to say they aren’t a great company it’s just the pricing is off for me.

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