Doozy Tropix by Doozy Vapes Co. 50ml

Doozy Vape Co
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Doozy Tropix by Doozy Vapes Co. 50ml

Doozy Tropix eLiquid 50ml is the latest edition from the guys and girls at Doozy Vape Co. Served at £8.99 with a nic shot!!!


A Mesmerising combination of Crisp Fuji Apple and Sweet Cucamelon with a Touch of Cucumber. Perfection in a bottle, each fruit layered in the most divine way to deliver a fresh and fruity Tropical Wave. You won’t have tasted anything quite like this before…Enjoy!


A Tantalising mix of Juicy Huckleberries and Blue Raspberry with a hint of Glacier Aniseed. A fresh fruity taste with a nicely balanced Cool aftertaste. This Berry unique concoction will have your taste buds tingling with delight.


A Mouth-Watering mix of Tangerine and Grenadine with a Twist of Banana topped with Crushed Ice. Amazingly tasty yet Mysteriously complex blend turns this into a truly Exotic experience not to be missed. Discover Malibu…the taste of Paradise


An Exotic Fusion of Juicy Mangosteen and Slices of Guava with a splash of Icy Citrus. Words to describe this Sublime flavour…Fantastic, Delicious, Amazing. One thing is for sure, this Magical Medley will take your breath away!


A Tangy blend of Maracuya and Ruby Grapefruit with a Refreshingly Sharp Citrus Fizz. A Fruitilicious Mix drenched in Green Lemon juice makes this a Showstopper of a Flavour with a Twist. It really is something Special.




Come with 1 nic shot

Doozy Tropix by Doozy Vapes Co. 50ml
Doozy Tropix by Doozy Vapes Co. 50ml
£8.99 £14.99

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