Dripping Desserts Shortfill E-liquid 100ml FREE Shot

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Dripping Desserts Shortfill E-liquid 100ml

Dripping Desserts Shortfill E-liquid 100ml is another great addition to the LOV family. Having been inundated with requests to stock this amazing range we couldn’t say and disappoint our members. It is a good job that we did! An absolutely dessert vapers dream to say the least. This e-liquid gives you flavour and a bang for your buck! Don’t hesitate to add these to your basket, in fact one of every flavour! This range is produced by Exceptional Vapes and is supplied in a 120ml shortfill bottle. This allows you to add 2 nicotine shots of 18mg strength to produce a 3mg strength e-liquid.

Let us wait no longer and dive into the flavour profiles.

Butterscotch Custard

A rich and deep taste of silky butterscotch sitting perfectly well with some vanilla custard. In addition to the sweet butterscotch base you will come back even more for the custard!

Rice Pudding & Raspberry Jam

A creamy rice pudding with a dollop of fresh raspberry jam. Overall a fantastic combination for some dessert vaping!

Strawberry Jam & Custard

A sticky and sweet strawberry jam has been folded into vanilla custard.

Rice Pudding & Custard

Once again they have used the creamy, sweet rice pudding and blended into it the most devilish vanilla custard you could find.

Jammy Biscuit

A light and crispy biscuit is combined with a serving of strawberry jam. This one is pure flavour explosion to say the least.

Blackcurrant Jam & Custard

Fresh blackcurrant jam swirls in some tasty vanilla custard! Certainly a must for any blackcurrant fan.




Come with 2 nic shot

If you need some more inspiration for dessert e-liquids we have those too!

Dripping Desserts Shortfill E-liquid 100ml FREE Shot
Dripping Desserts Shortfill E-liquid 100ml FREE Shot
£10.99 £17.99

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