Eleaf iStick Mix Review

Eleaf, the original kings of the box mod are back with their latest version that strips away the gimmicks.  Does the iStick finally bring Eleaf back to the table or are they still languishing in the days of past glories?

Back when I first started vaping Eleaf were THE mod to buy.  Sure you had others but the Eleaf 50w mod was hands down the best on the market for a vaper like myself.  So it has been a surprise that they almost were forgotten in the industry until recently with products not really making waves.  However with the iStick Mix kit, Eleaf are moving away from the Niche, the gimmick and the style and going back to exactly what made them a name that still carries weight. Have Eleaf finally came back to their heyday?  Before we get into all of that, let’s get into the details first.

In The Box

  • Eleaf iStick Mix Mod
  • Eleaf Ello Pop tank
  • HW-N2 coil
  • HW-M2 coil
  • QC USB C cable
  • Spare parts pack
  • User manual


iStick Mix Mod

  • Size: 52x27x83mm
  • Output: 160W Max
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • USB C Charging – 2.5A maximum
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Avatar chip set
  • IML/ Resin finish
  • Resistance limits: 0.05-3ohm
  • Display: OLED screen

Ello Duro Pop Tank

  • Size: 28×56.5mm (6.5ml) / 26.5×56.5 (2ml)
  • Capacity: 2ml (straight glass) / 6.5ml (Bubble glass)
  • Top filling childproof cap
  • Coils: HW range – includes HW-M2 and HW-N2
  • Bottom adjustable airflow control
  • Bubble glass has protector strips

About the Eleaf iStick Mix

The iStick Mix kit is a dual 18650 battery device paired with the new Ello Duro sub ohm tank.

The mod is a dual 18650 replaceable battery device that is capable of firing up to 160w.  The device has a back battery door panel, side screen with round fire button and 2 navigation buttons.  The design has a Resin style on the left hand side and an IML printed design on the left to offer two distinct designs for the device.  The device has a battery ribbon with shaped battery door to fit inside rather than on top with a little edge to remove the door easily.  The screen contains the usual offerings of power/volts/resistance/battery indicators.  Operating the device is achieved through the 5 clicks on/off and 3 clicks top go into a basic menu system with temp control options (SS/TI/NI) 3 memory modes and VW modes.  Finally holding the keys in place will lock the device.

The Ello Duro Pop tank is the latest release from Eleaf and comes with a few interesting new features.  The tank has a 6.5mil capacity with top replaceable 810 drip tip, bottom adjustable airflow and top filling port.  The filling port is reached by lifting the top of the tank up on a spring connection and pushing back to reveal the fill hole.  The tank comes with 2 coils, the HW-M2 and HW N2 both rated 0.2 ohm and recommended 40-90w.  finally, the tank comes with glass protectors in the shape of rubber circles around the glass to protect against breakages.

Colour Options

iStick Mix Pros

The first thing to really talk about with the iStick mix is the design of the device, it looks…nice?!  The two different designs on either side stand out and the resin is a lovely colour.  So compared to previous Eleaf mods, this back to basics design is actually quite a nice looking device.  Each design is offset by the plastic mod body, mine was silver so it gives the design a fresh and contrasting bold design.  The device is plastic but it feels solid in the hand, with a nice weight once the batteries are inserted so overall it doesn’t feel cheap at all!.  Battery life with this is rather good, lasting well over a day so it puts it not too far off the top market mods in that respect when vaped at 80w.  The size of the device is actually smaller than the other resin style box mods on the market so it offers a more compact and comfortable design.  The device is responsive with quick firing, instant turn on and a nice clicky button so using the device is rather streamlined.  The simplistic menu system allows for a more accessible device and overall the iStick just works really well.

The Ello Duro Pop tank is the sequel to the old Duro tank and straight away you can notice improvements in the tank design.  The coils taste clean and sharp with a nice flavour as well. Vapour production is solid for the power range and juice consumption is reasonable so the coil don’t drink the liquid.  The top fill spring design is another nice feature as the simplistic aspect allows added security from leaking without having to add buttons/clasps into the design.  The matching drip tip to the resin panel is another lovely touch and the glass protectors give the tank a unique look. Airflow is nice on the tank and coil life you are looking at around 2 weeks minimum on the coils which again was a surprise.

iStick Mix Cons

The mod does prove to be a huge improvement for Eleaf but it stands more as a stepping stone rather than the end product. The chip set inside pales in comparison to more high end chips on the market so the options are limited and the focus is on straight wattage vaping.  This isn’t a bad thing by itself but it means there are little oddities such as the no atomiser message displaying for anywhere between half a second to 3 seconds when you try and fire for example.  When removing the tank and replacing it, the power automatically adjusts to 30w no matter what, which again was a strange feature.  The mod only houses 25mm on top without overhang so that will be a con for someone who wants to use bigger atomisers on this.  Other than that, considering the more simplistic approach to the mod, there isn’t many cons for it.

Onto the tank now and the flavour isn’t the best on the market by any stretch.  More suited as a kit tank, the flavour is nice but it isn’t intense so don’t expect a hidden gem in that respect.  The glass protectors are pretty much not stuck in place, with over 2 weeks worth of use mine are already slowly coming off so that is a poorly designed feature, which had all the best intentions.  The other strange oddity with the tank is that it looks slightly wonky on the top cap.  Not blatant enough to notice immediately but the spring design for the fill cap must not sit fully correct in the tank which does give it an offset look.


I touched upon it earlier but the iStick Mix is a very large stepping stone for Eleaf to finally come back as a mod maker.  The device is solid, works well, albeit simplistically, is responsive, quick to go from off to vaping and ultimately,easy to use.  It is everything you could want from a device designed for the simple power vapers out there.  The tank is another improvement on the old designs with a much nicer and fresher vape and most importantly coil life. As an overall kit, if you like the two style design and want a simple to use device with a nice kit tank inside then this is certainly going to be for you.  If this is priced at around £40 or thereabouts then this could well prove to be a big hit with vapers out there.  Eleaf have made massive strides here and potentially, could we see a drag killer from them one day in the future?  Either way, the iStick mix is well worth considering , just don’t expect anything ground breaking or complicated from the kit.

Eleaf are back following their Ijust 21700 and potentially have the seeds to really start improving again.  A last hurrah?  Or are we seeing the original giants finally awaking?

8.1 Total Score
The best Eleaf mod in years!

The iStick mix kit is surprisingly a decent little kit. Designed more for basic vapers who want to vape and go, the iStick is responsive, quick and looks really nice. Another Resin box mod but with its smaller size and good battery life, this could prove to be a hit.

Coil Life
Ease of Use
  • Lovely Design
  • Good Battery Life
  • Nice flavour / logevity from coils
  • Easy to use design
  • Chipset is very basic
  • Glass protectors / spring top is a little poorly designed
  • No room above 25mm atomisers
  • Flavour isn't fantastic
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