Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit

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Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit

The Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit features a convenient, pocket-friendly sized body, with features including a large, built-in 550 mAh battery, despite its small size. The pre-filled 2 ml e-liquid pod contains nicotine salt e-liquid, with options for either 20 mg or 10 mg nicotine strengths. Elf Bar have released 20 of their most popular flavours in 10 mg.

Mix and match 5 for £20 with the other Elf Bar Disposable Kits.

Bulk buy the Elf Bar 600 in packs of 10.

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This disposable kit can provide up to 600 puffs or the equivalent of approximately 45 cigarettes.

Please note: Puff counts are approximate and dependent on the length of draws on each use. Significantly lower puff counts can be found if longer draws are taken.

Coconut Melon: Coconut and melon, they are the concentration of summer. On the beach, by the pavilion or sit in front of your TV and having coconut juice, eating ice melon, that’s one of the most relaxing things to do in summer. Slight sweet coconut aroma and tangy melon taste with a little bit cooling note, lay down and enjoy every vape!

Apple Peach: The sour&sweet of apple plus the tangy fragrance of ripe peach creates this amazing Apple Peach flavor. Every vape is full of fruity and refreshing taste.

Mango: Mango, one of the most popular tropical fruits, famous for its unique tangy ripe aroma and sweet taste. Now ELF BAR makes it more attractive, you can smell the mango fragrance, taste the warm vapour then a sweet aftertaste lingers on your taste buds. Enjoy the vape!

Spearmint: Spearmint made by simple ingredients with strong mint taste, just like an invisible spear softly hitting right on your throat yet with a little bit sweetness, definitely a powerful refreshing good helper, giving you a refreshing feeling with every vape.

Strawberry Ice Cream: ELF BAR offers warm refreshing strawberry plus sweet cooling ice cream flavor, every puff is full of the aroma of creamy sweet and fresh berry fruit sour, leaving a cooling menthol aftertaste in your mouth and completely satisfying your picky taste buds.

Lychee Ice: That’s the combination of fire and ice. ELF BAR offers the unique exotic flavors of lychee with a delicious menthol twist. The sweet flavor of the tropical lychee is excellently complemented by the naturally refreshing menthol, creating a perfectly balanced vape.

Cola: Finishing a whole bottle of Ice Cola in one gulp must be one of the most cheerful to-do things on a hot summer day. Now this disposable vape pod contains the Cola flavor and cooling mint flavor vape juice, take a puff and feel the joy that summer brings.

Cotton Candy Ice: Candy and sweet-lovers, pay attention please! The Cotton Candy Ice flavor is mixed with Marshmallow and candy plus refreshing cooling mint. Every inhale is a full mouth of sweet happiness, that’s all.

Mango Milk Ice: The Mango Milk Ice flavor captures the bold taste of tropical mango and a smoothly soft creamy milk finish. The sweet flavors of the tropical mango are perfectly complemented by the naturally refreshing menthol, plus the soft and creamy milk, creating a brilliantly balanced vape, bringing you a thick and cooling vaping experience.

Cream Tobacco: As the name clearly implies, this is a tobacco flavor vape with cream, sounds funny. The Cream Tobacco flavor maximumly restores the flavor of traditional tobacco, thereby this flavor perfectly fits those smokers who miss the taste of tobacco and get less harm from vaping rather than smoking.

Watermelon: Watermelon always reminds us of care-free summer days, sit in front of TV enjoying the cooling wind from the air conditioner and eating a bowl of watermelon, we can’t be freer and easier than that. Now watermelon ice flavor not only brings you the fresh watermelon fragrance note but also leaves a strong cooling menthol aftertaste with your every vape.

Blueberry: Blueberry is always on the top choice of our fruit salad menu for its sweet and sour taste, so does the vape juice. You can smell the tangy blueberry aroma even without vaping, whereas when you take a puff, the particular refreshing sour&sweet taste quickly covers your taste buds, then leave a wandering fragrance in your mouth.

Blue Razz Lemonade: Blue Razz is mixed with blueberry and raspberry flavors, with sweet, sour and juicy taste. The Blue Razz Beco Bar is guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds. The naturally sweet flavors of the berries provide a delicious vape, leaving you longing for more.

Strawberry Ice: Strawberry Ice is a light and sweet blend, the bold fruity notes is complemented by the added ice. Experience the refreshing taste of summer all day long with the Strawberry Ice ELF BAR. Packed with the full-bodied flavors of the British strawberries, this ELF BAR provides a deliciously sweet vape, with a twist of menthol. If you’re looking for a vape

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Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit
Elf Bar 600 Disposable Kit
£3.38 £4.99

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