Elf Bar NC600 – £3.44 At TECC

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Elf Bar NC600 Overview

It is powered by a 400mAh which provides enough power to go through the 2ml tank. It is small and compact making it easy to carry in a pocket. Plus, it is lightweight so you don’t even notice it is there most of the time.

Disposables are a great way to quit smoking. The simple to use setup makes them easy to get to grip with. Plus, they don’t need extra coils or e liquid. This makes the initial investment much lower than a traditional starter kit. However long term it is best to move onto a starter kit once you are used to vaping.

To use the Elf Bar NC600 kit, just inhale into the mouthpiece. This will auto activate the coil inside and produce the vapour. Once the battery runs out or it starts to taste burnt just throw it away and swap it for a new one. There are 15 flavours to choose from.


This selection of flavours offer a fruity taste with sweet and tangy notes. Get a taste closer to the real thing with these 5 options.


For something with a smooth finish try one of these flavours. Each takes a juicy fruit flavour and wraps it in creamy yogurt. Vanilla is also available if you prefer something less fruity.


Experience a fruity taste with an extra kick. These flavours start with a fruit base and add sugar and fizz for a taste closer to an energy drink.

Elf Bar NC600 – £3.44 At TECC
Elf Bar NC600 – £3.44 At TECC
£3.44 £3.82

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