Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape

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Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape

Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape is the latest disposable vape pod to hit the vaping scene. A collection purely for any shisha vapers and those who like a touch of smokiness with their fruits. Eluxrequires no introduction and being one of the first in the UK to stock their goods we are pleased to bring to you the Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Bar!

The Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape collection is a stunning shisha-inspired flavours and delivers a MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping experience. With its 20mg of nic salt e-liquid used in each device, you’ll experience a smoother throat hit and each bar can outlast 20 cigarettes thanks to their 600 puff count. So shisha lovers and all what are you waiting for..?

Always remember to check the validity of your Elux bars- the UK market is flooded with counterfeit products so ensure you purchase from a reputable supplier or at least check. We believe the Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape is here to stay so be part of the journey to experience the latest shisha inspired flavours.

Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape Features

Simple To Use Disposable Vape
Approximately up to 600 Puffs
Inhale Activated
Range Of Flavours
20mg Nicotine Salt
2ml E-Liquid

Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape Flavours

Apple Berry Shisha

A perfect combination of crisp apples with a handful of mixed berries.

Blue Razz Shisha

The famous and recognisable taste of sweet and tarty blue raspberries with a mellow shisha note.

Cola with Fizzy Shisha

A sugary cola soda flavour that has been layered with a layer of cool ice creating a fizzy finish.

Double Apple Shisha

A classic shisha flavour that delivers a crisp tangy flavour which has been mellowed with a subtle sweetness.

Hawaii Sunshine Shisha

A unique combination of tropical fruits, creating a fusion of sweet and tangy notes, producing a summer all day vape

Mango Guava Shisha

A fusion of the tropical tastes of guava and mango to produce a summery all day vape.

Mix Fruit with Aniseed Shisha

A fusion of sweet mixed berries and fiery aniseed, these flavours are complemented by a subtle shisha taste.

Mix Fruit & Rose Shisha

Simply put a botanical blend that fuses a medley of fruits with soft floral notes of rose water and an aromatic shisha note.

Orange Mint Shisha

A perfect combination of zingy tasting oranges combined with the sweet and cool notes of mint.

Pineapple Guava Shisha

A combination of tangy tasting pineapple with the juicy guava flavour. These exotic flavours are mixed with soft shisha taste noticeable with every puff.

Pink Grapefruit Shisha

A fresh tasting pink grapefruit delivers a vape that creates a delicate combination of sweet and tangy notes.

Raspberry Blackcurrant Shisha

Elux have blended together juicy tasting blackcurrants with the sharp taste of raspberries, which has been complimented by a fragrant shisha note.

Rainbow Candy Shisha

A flavour that combines notes of mixed fruits with a sugary tasting candy flavour.

Strawberry Kiwi Shisha

Subtle blends sweet tasting strawberries with a crisp kiwi notes. These fruits are complimented with a mellow shisha flavour.

Sweet Strawberry Shisha

A bold and fruity one note flavour, which recreates the real taste of strawberries.

Two Cherry Shisha

At first there is bold sweet flavour and then follows more subtle notes that are tangy and sharp.

Two Grapes Shisha

A stunning blend of red and green grapes with an aromatic shisha note, which create a sweet and crisp tasting vape.

Watermelon Berries Shisha

Once again the sweet taste of juicy watermelons and tangy mixed berries, which creates a well-balanced complex flavour.

Watermelon Chill Shisha

Layers of juicy watermelon with a fresh tasting ice menthol, to deliver a chilled and fruity vape.

Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Vape Shisha Flavours

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Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape
Elux Crystal 600 Disposable Shisha Vape
£3.99 £5.99

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