Freak Republique Review

Freak Republique

FR are a Malaysian brand of juice and not currently available in the UK but i was sent some to try out and see how we may like it. They have gone through a few rebrandings now and i think they have finally settled on this bottle design and flavours.

They do a 70/30 fruity range, a cloudchasing range 80/20 & the cake series which is 60/40. I think having the 3 ranges is a good option as i know myself i like 80/20 mostly as it produces the thick vapour i am after when i vape.

So lets get down to the tasting…

Clementine Tango –  70/30

It is a really strong orange and i mean seriously strong! I might even say a touch too strong. It isn’t a fresh orange but more a tangerine sort of flavour, it tastes similar to Tango orange but without the fizz. I’ll be honest i’m not getting a strong mango on it though. It is laced with koolada too. Cloud production is fair on it but not thick and huge clouds. A very enjoyable vape, full of flavour.


Strwple – 70/30 

A perfect blend of strawberries and apple. It smells gorgeous, mouthwatering even! The 2 flavours come across equally and such a fresh taste and could see this being an all day vape for some. Again a really strong flavour, they don’t skimp of the concentrates! Great clouds and unreal flavour.


Solero – 70/30

This is a tangy but creamy mix of lime, lemon and vanilla. The crisp lime/lemon in the inhale and a creamy exhale. Perfectly matched for a hot day! This is their take on the twister lolly in my opinion and they get it spot on.


Grapple – 70/30

This time its a blend of apples & grapes. This is juicy and really satisfying. Again flavours are strong and really punchy. This would be a ADV for me and flicks all my switches.


Mangoberry – 70/30

This is perfect! Mangos and strawberries mixed together for a wonderful summertime ADV. Its refreshing and i keep going back for more. Its mouthwatering with the strong flavours and you get some great clouds. This to me is my favourite!


Kiwi Yogurt – 80/20

FR refer to their 80/20 yogurt range as for tricksters and cloudchasers and they are not wrong! Flavour is not compromised by being a high VG blend and is creamy but with a really strong tingle on the tongue from the kiwi. It really does feel like you’ve just finished a yogurt!


They also do a banana and peach yogurt which is part of the cloudchasers range and a banana cake. These flavours are not for me as im not a fan of them but if they are anything like the others they will smash any other similar flavours out the park!

8.5 Total Score
Freak Republique

What can i say? Its a punchy, fresh and full of flavour range. Perfect blends and kept simple which to me is what is needed in a Eliquid, there is so many juices out now with layer upon layer of flavours and it just ends up a bit murky and no discernable flavour. These are ADV juices, you won't get bored of the flavours and will keep you going back for more.

  • Strong flavours
  • Perfect for all day vaping
  • Clean and simple flavours
  • Would go down well with the UK market
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