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Hi guys here are my short reviews of the French Dude Range of eLiquids, before I start i want to make it clear I bought these from this French Dude Juice Deal and this is an independent review. These are my own thoughts.

These reviews are more about flavour and manufacturers descriptions and to give you a small indication to whether or not to buy. Not in-depth reviews of each juice.

All of these flavours were used on a Smoant Cylon with a Cleito 120 and stock coils. The coil was changed for a new one on each flavour. Also I have reviewed these from about 10 tanks of each.

French Dude Mango & Cream review

How does the manufacturer describe this :- “Mango & Cream French Dude serves that up in its finest form. A vape juice so unique it needs it’s own cheerleader section. Mango & Cream French Dude mixes french toast with whipped cream, mangoes, and sweet creams into one flavoursome breakfast on the go”

What we think :- Absolutely spot on, this juice is on another level, it’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s so full of flavour and leaves your taste buds wanting more. The mango and cream overpowers just enough, a great all day vape that does not get sickly.


French Dude Deluxe review

How does the manufacturer describe this :- “The original french dude topped with fruit pebbles, marshmallows, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.”

What we think :- Another gorgeous all day vape, the vanilla ice cream is the more prominent flavour and these just go together so well. Flavour leaves the same taste as the rest of the range, just glorious on your taste buds.


French Dude review

How does the manufacturer describe this :- “Forget everything else, your new all day vape is here and French Dude comes packed with delicious flavours. French toast is topped off with blueberries, whipped cream and a hint of maple syrup and the result is an e-liquid like no other. Just try it, you’ll see!”

What we think :- The one that started it all off, this one is less sweet than the rest and has a “darker flavour” to it, I didn’t find the blueberry very prominent but just enough to be along side the maple syrup which is a good thing in my opinion (Once you try it you’ll know what i mean). Is this an all day vape ? Yes 100% and is actually one of my go to’s every day.


Buy French Dude eLiquids

The French Dude eLiquid range is currently on offer here for £10 for 100ml so grab a bargain today.


Please note on this review I took into account the £10 price, i have noticed it is around £28 for this at some shops and I would not pay that for 100ml of any juice.

9 Total Score
One of the best I have had

The French Dude eLiquids are one of the best eLiquid ranges I have had, the taste on every single drag lasts for ages on your palette.

  • Full of flavour
  • Bargain at £10 for 100ml
  • None
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