Geek Bar – 3 For £12 At TECC

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Geek Bar

The Geek Bar disposable vapes help bring single use e-cigs right up to date. Each one is pre filled with nicotine salt e-liquid; it feels like smoking. It is pocket friendly but, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it lacks performance, it can produce just as much vapour as other pod devices.

There aren’t any batteries to change or tanks to refill, so it’s a good choice for people after something to pick up and vape. It can last for 575 puffs depending on use.

Using the Geek Bar disposable pod device is easy; just remove the caps and inhale. The battery will just come on and produce vapour. You can keep on vaping it until the liquid has been used, or the battery has run out.

There is a flavour for everyone, including Tobacco, Menthol and fruit flavours like Sweet Strawberry. If you prefer soft drinks, then flavours like Pink Lemonade are great for all day use.

Which Vapers Should Buy This Kit?

New and existing vapers can use this kit daily. It’s a good way to decide if vaping is for you as a great value entry kit. Each vape kit is roughly the same as 20-25 cigarettes depending on how much you use it. Starter kits designed for new vapers can be tricky for some to switch to from a cigarette. Plus the stress when transitioning can lead people back to cigarettes. The geek bar doesn’t need any extras or setup. Just pick up and vape.

The Geek Bar is also great as a back-up, or a pick up and vape pen. Ideal if carrying a larger e-cig is a hassle when something smaller would be better. Take the Geek Bar on a night out or on a walk without the worry of breaking or losing it. It small size makes it perfect to store in a pocket and takes up less room than other devices.

What Makes The Geek Bar So Popular?

Geek Bars are not the first disposable vape but they are currently the most popular. There is little to separate disposable vape kits from each other as they all provide the same convenient all-in-one setup with a similar battery and puff count.

Convenience is a big factor as to why disposables have taken over vaping. People who are looking to quit smoking now have a simple and hassle free vape. Those who have tried vaping but found the need for extra coils and e-liquid too much hassle now have an AIO solution. It is also good value as a first time vaper costing less than a pack of cigarettes.

What Is Inside a Geek Bar?

  • Battery – The battery inside is 500mAh which will provide enough power to use up all the e-liquid inside. Once empty throw it away.
  • E-liquid – It uses a nic salt liquid which is great for new vapers as it gives a similar hit to smoking. The strength is 20mg which is a high nicotine strength.
  • Coil – This is what heats up the liquid to create the vapour. The coils in this kit is suited towards MTL vaping. This style is similar to how you would smoke a cigarette.

How To Use?

The auto draw function on this makes it effortless to use. Just remove the kit from the packaging, take the rubber seal off the mouthpiece and vape. The coil will automatically activate when you inhale on the mouthpiece. There are no buttons or adjustments needed. This kit is the easiest way to vape.

Geek Bar – 3 For £12 At TECC
Geek Bar – 3 For £12 At TECC
£12.00 £17.82

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