GeekVape AEGIS 100w only £44.99 with FREE DELIVERY

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Found this on Amazon and thought it is worthy of a share as other are still doing them for £50+

What is the GeekVape Aegis?

Maximum power output: 100w
Material: Aluminum + zinc alloy + silicone
Dimensions: 37.8 * 46.8* 88
Battery: 18650/ 26650 (battery not included)
Battery low voltage warning: 3.3 V ± 0.1V
PCBA temperature safety shutoff: 75 ℃
Maxinum Voltage output: 9V ± 0.1V
Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +80℃

How to use
• 5 fast clicks on power button to turn it ON
• 5 fast clicks on power button to turn it OFF
• 3 fast clicks on power button to switch the device POWER/ TC-NI/ TC-SS/ TC-TI/ TC-TCR/ VPC/ BYPASS mode.
• Press and hold (+) & (-) button simutaneously to lock and unlock the screen.
•  Press”+” or “-“button to find your ideal vaping.

Description of Warning
1.NO COIL DETECTED: No atomizer detected. Please check if the atomizer and coil is properly connected.
2.PROTECTION ATOMIZER SHORT: The atomizer is short circuited. Please check your coils for any shortage.
3.ATOMIZER RESISTANCE HIGH: Resistance of the atomizer is too high. Please check your coils.
4.10s CUT-OFF PROTECTION: Output will automatically shut off after 10s.
5.BATTERY LOW PROTECTION: Battery voltage is low. Please recharge your battery.
6.BATTERY WEAK PLS LOWER WATTAGE: The battery is too weak, pls check whether it is well connected / replace with a higher rated battery / lower the power setting or charge your battery.
7.UNLOCK PRESS + & -: Press the (+) & (-) button simultaneously to Unlock.
8.DEVICE OVERHEAT PROTECTION: Temperate of the PCB is over 75℃, please allow the device to cool down.

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GeekVape AEGIS 100w only £44.99 with FREE DELIVERY
GeekVape AEGIS 100w only £44.99 with FREE DELIVERY
£44.99 £59.99

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