Geekvape Aegis Legend Ltd Edition Review

The Legend of the Aegis is known far and wide throughout the Vaping world.  Has Geekvape taken the tale and added one more surprise twist at the end?

The Geekvape Aegis legend is arguably a contender for mods of the year.  It sold extremely well , brought durability and quality to its previous incarnation and people loved it.  Quite a rare specimen to have a mod both perform well and provide something new, in regards to the Aegis legend, durability.  The device can take a beating and still perform flawlessly, well worthy of a purchase.  However Geekvape haven’t stopped there, they have taken the device and for a limited time….improved it even more?  Is that possible?  Is it going to make you want to rush and buy?  Before we get into that, let’s go through the details first.

What’s in the box

  • 1* Aegis Legend MOD
  • 1* Alpha Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1* Extra bubble glass tube 4ml
  • 1* MM *1 0.2ohm coil head(pre-installed)
  • 1* MM *2 0.4ohm coil head
  • 2* User manual1* Warranty card
  • 1* Warning Card
  • Spare parts


  • Size: 90.5* 58.5* 30.6mm
  • Max output: 200W
  • Output mode: VW/ VPC/TC/TCR/BYPASS
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm
  • Battery: dual 18650 cell (not included)
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃/200-600℉
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ – 80℃
  • Level: IP67 waterproof and dust-proof;
  • MIL STD 810G-516.6 military grade shockproof

About the Aegis Legend limited Edition

The aegis legend is a dual 18650 battery powered device capable of firing up to 200w.  The kit comes packaged with the Alpha tank as standard and in a range of different colours.  The device mirrors the standard edition design with curved leather back with side screen.  There is a big plastic fire button above the screen and 2 navigation buttons below the screen.  The usb port can be found under a flap on the top of the device.  The battery compartment is found underneath with a plastic clasp design with secure locking to prevent accidental openings.  The top can fit up to around 27 mm atomisers without overhang and comes with a 510 pin as expected.  The device is made from Silicone, leather and Magnesium alloy and comes with dust, shock and waterproof protections on top of the standard circuit protections as you would expect.  The device is powered by Geekvapes own AS chip-set as found in their most recent devices.

The menu system can be accessed through 3 clicks of the power button with 5 clicks turning the device off. The menu system is a basic system with all options found on screen, to switch between power modes(VW/ VPC/TC/TCR/BYPASS) and puff count reset as the standard options to choose from.  Additionally holding the fire button and using the navigation buttons adjust screen brightness up and down respectfully.  Holding down both navigation buttons locks them to prevent power adjusting.

This review will focus on the Aegis legend Ltd edition itself, for a full review of the alpha tank you can find it HERE.

Colour Options

Aegis Legend Ltd Edition Pros

The first question anyone will ask about the Aegis legend Ltd Edition is what makes it limited edition exactly?  That is found in the Magnesium alloy that is used over the standard alloy from before.  Basically, the device is lighter, a lot lighter than before. Compared to the original, most of the weight can be found in the tank and batteries rather than the mod itself.  What it creates is a much portable and user friendly version of the Aegis legend which is fantastic.  The device sits comfortable in your hand with the curved back fitting into the palm brilliantly and fire button perfectly placed for firing as well.  So the design of the device is fantastic, arguably one of the best designed devices on the market, that is even before the protections it comes with.  Another fantastic pro is the dust/shock/waterproof protections that the device comes with along with the extremely durable outer casing meaning it will survive many drops and still keep working.  I love the colours on these devices as well, extremely bold and they stand out even over the normal colour versions making the device look beautiful it has to be said. The fact it comes packaged with the Alpha tank is another huge pro as explained HERE. The tank is fantastic upgrade on the previous bundled tanks and it means the kit offers both an excellent mod, but one of the leading tanks on the market as well.  Another big pro for me is the fact that the navigation buttons are marked plus and minus.  I found previously with other Geekvape mods that this was not the case so it was difficult to know which was which, so the fact they are clearly marked now is a good thing in my eyes.

The device being powered by the AS chip-set still is another big pro for me, one of the best non premium chip-sets on the market providing excellent performance and accuracy that you would come to expect from Geekvape.  The simply menu system is a big advantage for people who want to pick up and vape over complicated menu designs, which fits the device profile exactly.

Aegis Legend Ltd Edition Cons

Fans of the Aegis legend will know exactly what is coming and sadly it is no different this time.  The biggest con with the Aegis legend Ltd Edition is the battery life.  I worked out only around 250 puffs give or take using the Alpha at around 80w before the device needed new batteries.  It means with regular to heavy use, it will last all day but not long after that.  This is something I don’t understand as the same chip-set achieves fantastic battery life with the Geekvape Nova yet it comes up short in the Legend.  There is probably a firmware update that improves the battery life but it still won’t match the box mod styles on the market, including the nova itself.  The next con for me is something superficial but it was an issue for me at the start.  The battery door clasp is extremely secure once you push it up, however unless you know that, it is easy to think simply closing the door is secure. So although the clasp lock is a pro, I did have some batteries come out in my pocket before I learned that fact.

Other than that there is no real cons I have with the device to be honest.


The Aegis Legend Ltd Edition is arguably one of the best mods on the market to date, I think that is easy to say.  It combines excellent performance with a fantastically durable device and the added lightness from the magnesium alloy used makes it everything you could possibly want from a mod to take with you to work, travelling etc.  The bulky size may be a turn off for a few but overall I love the device, it really is a big improvement in such a small way.  If you want a device that is both different to the norm but will perform then this is right up your alley.  Depending on your thoughts about the weight of the standard edition, you may want to upgrade whilst you have the chance to the new version as once its gone its gone.  The final thought I can take away from this is the follow up to the Aegis legend if they go down this route will be even better than before, better battery life and a lighter design will make it a must buy.  As for this Aegis Ltd edition, it will be well worth your money.

The Aegis Legend Ltd edition has ensured the tale of Geekvape will be told on through its heroic exploits.  The Aegis legend will continue to stand tall both figuratively and literally whilst its competitors fall to dust.

9 Total Score
One of the best Mods just got better!

The Aegis Legend, one of the biggest mods of the year just got an upgrade that makes it even better than before. A fantastic performing device, packaged with an excellent tank and the lightness of its rivals.

Battery Life
Ease of Use
  • Extremely Light
  • AS Chipset performs really well
  • Comfortable design
  • Alpha Tank is excellent
  • Battery life is still average
  • Limited manufacturing time
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