GeekVape Aegis ONE Kit – £17.09 At TECC

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GeekVape Aegis ONE Overview

To fill the pod, remove the mouthpiece. This will reveal the port to top up with e-liquid. Then just clip the mouthpiece back into place. This setup is also designed to limit liquid leakage. It attaches to the battery through a strong magnetic connection. This holds it firmly in place but allows it to be easily removed when needed. A small window on the grooved section of the pod allows the e-liquid level to be monitored. However, it is just as easy to take out the pod to quickly check how much is left.

A small air inlet is designed to give an optimised airflow. There is only one button on this kit to operate. Choose from three power settings all suited towards mouth to lung vaping. This dual draw device activates by either pressing the button or inhaling into the mouthpiece to auto vape.

The First Aegis Vape Pen

This kit is like nothing that has come before. It takes some of the distinctive features from the Aegis range to create a pen style kit with a unique look. The mouthpiece is the first noticeable feature with it matching the same oval shape found in the rest of the series. This makes it comfortable to use and adds to the smooth draw. Another nod to the Aegis range is the cushioned grip. Available in a variety of finishes, experienced vapers will recognise this style straight away.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

This kit is great for new and existing vapers. Fans of the Aegis series will love this as a backup kit that is more compact. It is easy to store in a pocket when out and about. The simple pod setup also makes this a great option as a starter kit for new vapers.

GeekVape Aegis ONE Kit – £17.09 At TECC
GeekVape Aegis ONE Kit – £17.09 At TECC
£17.09 £18.99

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