Go Smoke Free Superstar Vapes – E-Liquid Review

Go Smoke Free have launched their own E-Liquid line up that aims to bring quality at an affordable price.  However do they deliver a Sell out stadium experience or are they more of a X Factor Wannabe?


Go Smoke Free are a website company that have been around for a while and they have been a trusted vendor for all things vape related.  Now they have launched their own range of liquids called their Superstar range that aims to bring quality E-Liquid along with their quality service.  With a wide arrange of complex flavours, the Superstar range sound fantastic on paper, but how have they fared actually vaping?  For the purpose of the review I have sampled 8 of their liquids over a range of different complexities to offer a wide opinion on their flavours for you to check out.

Ice Cream Ripple

The Ice Cream Ripple Superstar Vapes e liquid offers a sweet, fruity and fun creamy home made ice cream flavour with swirls of fresh strawberries and raspberries. Truly delicious!

I’ll start off with one of the most daring flavours in the range, the Ice Cream Ripple.  When I say daring, it is because it is normally very difficult to ever really get right.  In fact in all my time vaping I have never came across a flavour profile for this that really got everything spot on.  So trying this one out, the first impressions I got was that the raspberry was quite strong and prominent throughout the vape, really nice sweet raspberry.  The ice cream body was not too heavy on the inhale and it sat really nice on the coils, no dry hitting issues from it.  The profile for this was pretty spot on in the theoretical sense.  The negative with this flavour is that it wasn’t really that strong, the flavour was there but it didn’t hit you in the face like you would expect.  The flip side to this is that GSF have took this flavour back to the lab and really brought the flavour out second time around.  The flavour is much more there than before so overall it may not be a spot on match, but it was really enjoyable.

Banana Magic

If you are searching for a sweet vape, with a snap, then Banana Magic by Superstar Vapes with its sweet banana, cream, and cinnamon combo could be right up your e liquid alley. This might even become your new favourite vape.

Banana magic was next up, another one that really intrigued me with the flavour profile.  Banana and cinnamon was not really a combination that I considered before and not being a fan of that, I wondered how it went.  The experience I got was quite a different one to be honest, admittedly falling a little bit into the category above.  The banana was a lovely under toned flavour throughout the vape offering a flavour that was not too heavy on the coils.  It was not overly sweet and was quite enjoyable.  The cinnamon however came through very nutty for me, almost like a banana nut flavour.  Another flavour they have taken back to the lab, the cream was just not that prominent there and the exhale was quite dry.  So not a huge fan of this flavour  but without trying the updated version, I can’t say for sure that the profile itself has matched much better.  As it stands, it isn’t a bad flavour if you want a nutty banana flavour in all honestly.

Blueberry Breakfast

This flavour seems to have disappeared from the website so no blurb to bring with it.

This was a flavour I did quite enjoy overall which is a shame if they have chosen to discontinue it.  It had a really nice inhale vape of blueberry but a sweet blueberry instead of a floral one.  I am not a fan of the florally version so I enjoyed having the sweet on the inhale.  The exhale gave way to a light cereal based flavour with a light creaminess whilst sitting under the blueberry.  It wasn’t overly sweet and sat really nice on the coils again so if they ever decide to bring this flavour back, I would highly recommend giving it a try.  I really enjoyed this one.


Pineapple Delight

Another off the website currently.  

This was a flavour that stood out for me based on the pineapple aspect and how they were going to bring the tropical aspect through.  On the inhale you did get the lovely strong taste of pineapple come through direct, very much an enjoyable fruity flavour compared to immediately going for the mixed bag that most others choose.  On the exhale you get more notes of fruit popping through that although don’t overwhelm the overlying taste of the pineapple, it gives you a tropical pool to sit on the end of each vape instead.  The overall flavour again wasn’t overly sweet and performed really well on the coils.  If you want a tropical style that is heavy on the pineapple then this will be one to give a try.


Custard Cream

If you are a traditional biscuit fan you’ll love the Custard Cream Superstar Vapes e liquid which offers a sweet vanilla and biscuit vape that is incredibly pleasing to the taste buds.

I have to be honest I had never had a custard cream type flavour before.  I always wondered what it would be like and therefore I wanted to give this one a try.  The overall profile of this one was custard throughout and the biscuit didn’t really come through much.  However….the custard here was rather lovely, one of the better custards I had tried.  It was light and balanced custard with the usual vanilla notes in there that vaped really well.  The exhale for this one was fantastic in the flavour, well worth giving this one a go if you want a lighter custard flavour.  It isn’t overly sweet at all and it just vapes really well.

Pancake Deluxe

Another currently unavailable on the site

I am a big fan of the pancake/French toast type flavours so this again was another I was really intrigued to try.  I have had really nice versions and really bad ones, this one falls into the nice one easily.  The flavour brings out the light complexities that you would hope for with the baked base and light cream on the exhale with a sweet syrupy type inhale as well.  As with the others this flavour is not overly sweet and sits really nice on the coils and another very moreish flavour.  The light but balanced flavour allows for the subtleties to come through on the exhale most notably so each vape can pick up a slightly different experience.  Well worth giving this one a try if you want a nice desserty flavour.


Strawberry Bubblegum

If you like cheeky e juice flavours you’re going to love the Strawberry Bubblegum Superstar Vapes flavour. Enjoy cloud after cloud of sweet, fruity goodness with each and every vape.

This flavour was very much as it says on the bottle in terms of profile and taste.  However it was another I really enjoyed.  Offering a lovely sweet and slightly fruity inhale that partners up with the bubblegum really well to give a nice sweet vape throughout the experience.  The flavour is not overly sweet and sat right on my coils and it was a very moreish liquid.  The only critique I can offer is that the flavour could be a little stronger I think.  It is actually strange because the smell of the vapour on the exhale is quite strong but the flavour maybe needs an extra oomph in there to really make it shine.  However as it stands it is a very nice and enjoyable all day vape type of liquid that is simple yet effective.


Iced Waterberry

Sweet strawberry and ripe watermelon combine in Superstar Vapes Iced Waterberry e liquid to produce a vapour that will leave you invigorated, refreshed and wanting more.

This flavour is another simple liquid flavour that seems to work quite well with the distinct flavour only really the thing that will hold it back for some people.  The overall flavour is really nice with the sweet strawberry mixing with the watermelon on the inhale and the watermelon takes over on the exhale with the more duller flavour offering a nice contrast.  I enjoyed this one quite a bit but I feel that the exhale of the watermelon not being sweetened also may put a few people off here.  That is not to critique it as if you are a fan of the more natural watermelon then this one will be right up your alley.


I have to say there are some really interesting flavours here with the Superstar vape range.  There is some ambitious profiles that come through really well and the ones that didn’t quite hit the mark have been remixed well before writing this.  You can tell Go Smoke Free are passionate about making flavours that will appeal and provide a quality flavour and it shows.  Flavours such as the custard, the straw/gum and the blueberry breakfast were really nice and moreish, so at the right price these may well be worth taking a look at.

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