Hava Firefly Review

The new kids on the block, have Hava hit the market with a bang or do they still need to find their feet within the industry?

Hava if you have never heard of them are the company all over social media right now promoting their products.  They are brand new to the market and the Firefly represents their flagship product.  Does their inexperience show?  The main thing about the industry is not giving people what you think they want but what they actually want.  This is why I think the Firefly is a very interesting device to market because it does appeal to some, however not necessarily you reading this.  However it does bring it’s charm and possibly offer something a little different to what is on the market.  Before we get into that though, let’s explore the details first.

What’s in the box?

  • Firefly Mod
  • Hava Vtank
  • 1x single kanthal parallel coil (40-60w)
  • 1x Mesh coil (40-90w)
  • Spare Glass
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Manual

About the VTANK

The V Tank represents Hava’s flagship sub ohm tank.  It has a 5mil capacity with spare 3mil glass inside the box.  It comes with a top fill screw off top which reveals large fill holes and a non replaceable 810 drip tip.  The tank is a 25mm tank with 510 threads and it comes with an adjustable bottom airflow design.  The tank is available in 6 different colours individually and comes matched with the mod’s colour scheme.  The coils come in at a .5 single kanthal parrarell coil rated at 40-60w and a single mesh coil at 0.15 rated at 40w-90w.  the tank is fully destructable from both top and bottom for easy cleaning.

About The Firefly

The Firefly comes with an internal 2000 mAh battery for power which is charged via USB Cable with a power range of 5w to 80w.  It is a unique design with plastic body and metal plates going across the from and back of the device.  The sides are plastic with LED lighting inside customisable from the options menu.  It comes with a front circular firing button and underneath a clear screen with a menu button and two navigation buttons also.  the device comes in at around 82mm by 52mm so not on the large side.  The device comes with 5 modes, wattage, bypass, Temp Ni, Temp Ti and Temp SS which can be selected with 3 clicks of the fire button to cycle through.  The menu system can be accessed through holding the Menu button down and then using the navigation buttons to select lighting modes (2 options-Breath and light), light options standing and exit.  Turning the device on and off is 5 clicks of the fire button and it comes with plenty of vent holes on the base.   Finally it has a centralised spring loaded 510 pin with plenty of room on top for tanks up until 30mm.

Colour Options

Firefly Kit Pros

The first thing to say about this kit is that the Firefly is extremely light as a device, almost feels like there is nothing inside the device.  This is a plus over unnecessary weighty devices out on the market and offers something a little different.  The mod feels comfortable to use and buttons are positioned in adequate places to use them whilst holding.  Another pro for me is the design of the mod being rather unique again compared to other devices on the market.  I am a fan of the gimmicky mods so i like the idea of the mod combined with the additional music lights that react to sound, again a novelty feature but I think it works well when not too prominent on the device.  The tank is pretty solid for a first attempt at making a sub ohm tank, the flavour isn’t rivaling any of the big hitters but fairly decent and the coils do last a couple of weeks solid so that is another pro for me.  I love the top fill design on it also, the tank does not leak at all and the secure top fill cap is a nice feature to ensure this.  Finally the charge time via usb is only around 2 hours so this is a pro as you aren’t waiting too long for a recharge.

Firefly Kit Cons

The menu system for me is a big con for me as the mode selection through the fire button is not a good idea, especially when a accidental change followed by a fire could well damage the coil, especially on the kanthal coil using it on bypass without realising.  The lack of menu options as well is going to be a con because it seems there is options of lights or nothing.  It would have been nice to see more basic options in there that most devices carry but most of them are never really used anyway, so simple menu also a pro?  The design is also going to be a con for a lot of people from visually to the materials used.  The device carries most of the weight in the tank and as a result the device can feel a bit plasticy to some especially when the metal plates across the device do not sit in the hand.  the battery life can be a little bit of a con for chain vapers.  You normally get between 4-5 hours charge time which at 70w isn’t ideal but used more sparce this will last a lot longer.  The lights design is nice but in daylight they aren’t as clear as in dark environments so that has to be a little con also considering it is one of the leading features.


This isn’t a device for everyone it is fair to say.  I think the main problem with the Firefly is that within the market, most people want a device that feels solid in the hand and the Firefly isn’t that.  The mod works fine, no misfires, it works well and as a device that is all you can ask for.  However it has to be said Hava focused too much (or too little) on making the device and i think to some extent missed what vapers would actually want from it but that is not to say it is necessarily bad.  My impression is that this device would be ideal for someone looking for exactly what it delivers.  Something extremely light with an internal battery and a unique design is what this mod delivers, which puts it into its own niche market.  If after reading this you don’t like the sound of the device then fair enough, as mentioned it won’t appeal to you, but if you like the sound of it then by all means it could well be an option for you. If Hava can go back to the drawing board and offer a dual 18650 version of this for increased logevity and added weight then I personally feel it will be welcomed warmer within the market.  As it stands the device is fine, but Hava missed the chance to enter the market with a bang and I hope they don’t rue that missed opportunity that other companies like Geekvape took with both hands.

Not the major new product on the market that it could have been, The firefly brings a niche appeal, with plenty of room to grow in the future.

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6.7 Total Score
A subdued first attempt that will appeal to niche vapers out there

Hava's first attempt at entering the market has some appeal but probably will not appeal to the majority. A solid if uninspring entry but it can hold its own as something with niche appeal, at the right price.

Battery Life
Coil Performance
Mod performance
  • Design is unique
  • Internal battery has solid battery life for casual vapers
  • VTANK is solid and reliable
  • Device is very light
  • The lack of menu options
  • The design may feel like it is too much 'plasticy'
  • Lights are not the best in daylight
  • Chain vapers will find battery is too small.
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