HIT Nicotine Pouches (20 pouches/box) – £4.66

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HIT Nicotine Pouches (20 pouches/box)

HIT is an all-white, tobacco-free product with extremely high nicotine content, inspired by the fierce black panther and produced in Sweden.
With five fruity, crisp flavours, HIT hits the mark for everyone who’s grown tired of the abundance of cloyingly sweet or uninspired white products. HIT flavours come in tight pouches, ensuring you can savour your white product in a discreet and classy way – without compromising on taste or strength.
HIT comes in five different flavours all packing 20mg/g of nicotine: Blackberry, Blueberry, Apelsin, Dr. Cherry, and Lemongrass. The flavour profiles were developed drawing inspiration for what stimulated and excited the brand.


• Strength: 20 mg/g
• Weight: 15gr
• Doses: 20 pouches
• Lasts between 20-60 minutes
• Smoke-free, odor-free and tobacco-free
• Contains water, plant-based materials, flavorings, sweeteners, and nicotine

HIT Nicotine Pouches PACKAGE LIST

1 box x HIT Nicotine Pouches

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HIT Nicotine Pouches (20 pouches/box) – £4.66
HIT Nicotine Pouches (20 pouches/box) – £4.66
£4.66 £7.99

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