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All e-liquid companies try to bring you the best possible flavours at the right price.  However have HKD brought a budget range to market that offers both value AND flavour?

It is one of those conundrums within the vaping market, prices of E Liquid.  Sure when it comes to buying mods or tanks , the lower the price the better but there is very much an opposite when it comes to liquids.  Cheap price creates an idea of cheap taste and let’s be honest, we all think the same in that regard.   There are some companies on the market that offer nice flavours but nothing spectacular, so there is certainly an avenue for cheap premium liquid.

This is where HKD come in.  They are a UK based company that offer Juices at only £3.49 a bottle right now, or £20 for all 6 of their range.  The 6 flavours come in at 70 VG and 50 mil short fills (0MG nicotine).  However how do they taste and are they worth investing in ? For the purpose of this review I have vaped each flavour through a few different tanks to get an overall impression of each flavour in terms of profile/performance and coil life.  As always opinions are subjective, so let’s begin.


Beautifully eclectic mix of tartness with exotic, sweet undertones. Indulge yourself with our pure passion-fruit with a cooling exhale.

Starting with the most exotic of the flavours, the passion fruit Poly.  To be honest I must admit I have not vaped many passion fruits, I had a pre conceptions of a bitter but slightly sweet flavour in my head before trying this one out and it surprised me in that sense.  Rather than a authentic bitter fruit flavour, the overall profile tasted sweet and tropical with the passion fruit certainly being the dominant flavour.  Both inhale and exhale is thick with flavour and it just gives a nice overall summer feeling when tasting.  The cooling effect isn’t overly done and just leaves a nice coolness on your tongue afterwards.  I really enjoyed this one, something slightly different to your typical tropical flavours without overdoing it.  Coil performance was fantastic, no issues whatsoever from using it.


Think of Somerset-Strawberries, home-made-lemonade….expertly blended together. Sit back and let your taste-buds explore this sublime, fruity, mouthwatering vape with a subtle minty exhale

Onto one of the more nice sounding profiles now and strawberry lemonade is always a winner in my eyes.  On the inhale there is a slight mix of a sweet strawberry mixed with a mild lemon taste which is lovely and the exhale gives away to the lemonade.  However the lemonade lacks fizz but makes up for in sweetness with the strawberry layered underneath.  I must admit the lemonade does dominate the exhale but then I find it normally always does in these types of flavours.  The flavour doesn’t have any extra cooling effect and it leaves the nice slightly bitter lemon taste on the tongue.  The lemonade sits slightly on the artificial style of flavour but overall this one is absolutely lovely.  Sweet lemonade with a slight strawberry inhale, I found this one very moreish.  Coil performance on this despite the sweetness was really good as well, no issues at all.


A full-bodied ‘Penny-Royal’ spearmint with just a hint of cool-mint on the exhale. Refreshing and an excellent palate-cleanser too.

Onto a more simple flavour now, the spearmint, easy and very enjoyable when it is done right.  I found with this one that the spearmint was really nice, spot on but it lacked a slight sweetness to it.  If you want a more natural tasting spearmint then this one will be for you.  The inhale does have the spark of spearmint you would want, dull but heavy and the exhale has a lasting minty flavour with a body underneath of cooling that again is not over done.  What the overall profile does is give a nice bold spearmint that doesn’t sweeten or take away from that, so a basic profile but very enjoyable indeed.  Coil performance is again great due to the lack of sweetener.


Sweet & juicy blackcurrants infused with aniseed and liquorice; delivering a velvety-smooth all-day vape

Now onto the flavour I didn’t like, not for the quality but for personal tastes.  As you may know I am not a huge fan of aniseed at all so this made it hard for me to really get a good taste for it over a tanks worth.  The blackcurrant in this flavour is lovely and crisp with a slight sweetened touch but not overly done.  It doesn’t taste like the natural blackcurrant flavour which is great and the inhale is certainly filled full of the fruit.  Onto the exhale and the body of aniseed and liquorice does come through a lot more and starts to dominate the profile.  That was the part I didn’t enjoy so I can only talk about the boldness of the added flavours.  So overall if you like the idea of aniseed mixed with blackcurrant then this will be a strong and well mixed profile which performs really well without any lingering after taste.


When you crave a really, REALLY juicy-pear…look no further. Ripe & full of flavour with subtle notes of peach on the exhale.

Back to the fruity mixes here and another very interesting mix for me this one.  Pear isn’t a common flavour within the industry and the peach if done wrong can completely destroy a profile.  Starting with the inhale of this one, there is certainly sharp sweet pears there with a slight undertone of peach that seems light and it allows the pear to come through a little bit more.  Onto the exhale and the peach starts to come through a lot more but without overpowering the pear.  There is still a crisp pear there mixed with the smoother peach flavour and the exhale is again lovely and fruity.  Another strong flavour this one that doesn’t have a dominating fruit standing out but mix together really well.  Coil performance, once again really good without any issues.


Alphonso-Mango wrapped in zesty-orange; a deliciously tropical fruity sweet taste with a moderately icy exhale…delicious!

Onto the final one and the make or break profile in any range, Mango.  I have had a few different mango and orange mixes now recently as it does seem to be the in thing at the moment so it was curious to see how HKD would do it differently.  The inhale is a fresh mango flavour with a touch of orange, slightly duller than expected but the mango certainly dominates there.  Onto the exhale and the fresh mango flavour still comes through quite strongly with again the orange sitting deeper underneath.  The one thought I had with this one was the orange doesn’t come through quite as much as I would have hoped.  It is a nice flavour and overall it gives a nice fresh mango flavour rather than juicy but the orange sitting slightly higher in the exhale would have made this one really pop.  As it stands it is a lovely fresh mango flavour and like the others, no issues with my coils whatsoever.


I started this review talking about price and rightly so.  It is easy to talk about a premium flavour at a higher price but when it comes down the opposite price angle then you really are looking for something different.  I believe HKD are that something different.  For the price these go at, they are absolutely amazing flavours, really strong and distinctive with fantastic coil performance.  None of the profiles are anything new or different but they do them really well and offer a lovely different mix throughout.  From the Mint to the tropical to the distinctive, HKD really do offer fantastic flavour range and for the price, you really would be hard pushed to find similar quality at a similar price.

HKD prove that not all quality E Liquids have to sell for a premium price, go and check them out today!

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