Horizontech Falcon Review

It has been the biggest selling Sub Ohm tank of the year but does the falcon fly higher than most other sub ohm tanks like the Freemax Mesh Pro or do Horizontech need to play catch up in this ever changing vaping market?

Horizontech were previously known for their very innovative but not widely adopted Arco tank range. It featured intuitive coil wicking before anyone else on the market but the tank never really hit the heights that it probably should have done.  The Falcon however is the second attempt at reaching those heights and it delivers big time, with it being easily the most popular tank of the year so far.  Providing both mesh and wood pulp coils, it offers a range of vaping in such a short time that there is something for everyone.  But after the market played catch up with the mesh coil boom this year, does the falcon still stand out within an influx of mesh coil tanks or has it been left behind by other companies?  Before we get into that, let’s get into the details.

In the box

  • Horizon Falcon Tank
  • 0.2ohm F1 Falcon Coil
  • 0.15ohm M1 Mesh Falcon Coil
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Set of O-Rings

About the Horizontech Falcon

The falcon is a 5 mil capacity tank (with mini 2mil + 7mil options) with different coil types designed for flavour.  The tank has a bottom airflow adjustable ring with a 510 replaceable drip tip.  The fill design is a screw off top revealing two large fill holes either side of the chimney. The tank has a 510 pin and is 25mm in diameter.  The two coil types (F+M) are designed with different coil types, with the F coils providing organic cotton and flax paper combined with wood pulp and the M coils providing a Mesh type coil.

Colour Options

Standard Falcon

Resin Edition

Falcon Pros

The flavour in the mesh coil for the Falcon is out of this world for a sub ohm tank.  The first real pro is going to be the flavour and the Falcon delivers this and more.  Both the F and M coils provide brilliant flavour but the mesh is just a step above and provides it close to even a rebuild-able coil.  Vapour production is also very good, with the Flax paper coil providing more vapour than the mesh but at the cost of a flavour drop slightly.  The next pro is the coil life, again absolutely fantastic!  I have been vaping on the mesh coil head for over 2 weeks and the flavour is still as strong as when I first started.  There has been no dry hits or adjusting power to cope with the coil, simply sustained performance over time which is incredible.  The next pro for me is the top fill system being so easy to use.  Simple screw the top cap off and the large fill holes provide a multitude of filling options with no bubbling during filling which I have found a kidney hole style to do.  The cap is tight but barely a quarter of a turn and it has released making filling such an easy thing to do.  the airflow is another pro for the coils as it feels a little restricted at full airflow which allows more flavour to come through and therefore maximizing the coil potential.  The final pro for the tank personally is the capacity at 5 mils, plenty of liquid which means each tank lasts a long time, I have not experienced an over-usage of liquid compared to other tanks on the market which again is fantastic to have.

Falcon Cons

To be honest there really isn’t any real cons to the tank that affect performance in a way that others have.  One con will be that the Flax paper coils have had a tendency to leak after a few weeks in some user experience.  I have not experienced that personally but other users have experienced this although this is not a common feature of the coil itself. The next con will be subjective, having a 510 over an 810 drip tip.  Personally i like the 510 drip tips despite their rareness on the market now but if you prefer a bigger drip-tip then you won’t find it with this tank.  The first time buying this tank I also found the coils to heat up quite a bit to the extent I had cracked glass, with both coils out the box.  However I have never come across anyone else experience this so it may have been simply the fact of bad coils in the box or liquid I was using at the time.  This time around however I have not experienced any overheating of the coils whatsoever or anywhere close to it.  The final con I can come up with is simply for the fact the triple mesh does not meet the same level of quality of the single mesh tank.  The flavour is good but not the best on the market compared to the single and I think that the coil technology inside is probably better suited to lower power vapes.


The falcon in my opinion is still the best single mesh coil on the market by far and that is saying something given the amount of competition out there.  The flavour is excellent and really enjoyable, with sustained performance over time which I have not found in any other coil out there.  The other coil options are subjective with the falcon as the triple mesh does not perform as well and the Flax paper coils seemingly dropping a little bit of flavour compared to increased vapour production but ven then the wicking is excellent and keeps up chain vaping no problem.

It has been such a pleasure to see Horizontech gain the recognition finally within the vaping market following the great Arco range and they have really brought out a product that not only stands against anything else but flies well above it for quality.  If you want a single mesh with a nice cool vape with incredible flavour then the falcon still is the best option on the market for you.

The falcon soars above the competition for a single mesh coil, even now.


9.3 Total Score
The best Single Mesh Coil on the market

The falcon is still a cut above any other single mesh coil and the hype behind the tank is still very much real. It offers excellent flavour, great vapour production and a huge 5mil capacity and is such a joy to use.

Vapour Production
Ease of Use
Coil range
Capacity out of the box
  • Excellent Flavour
  • Big juice capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Small design
  • Other coils don't match the flavour of the mesh
  • 510 drip tip may be a con for some
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