I VG 50ml Short Fills ONLY £6.99 – Cheapest in the UK!

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I VG Menthols Rainbow Blast Short Fill – 50ml

Layers of flavour are what you can expect with Rainbow Blast by I VG. This e-liquid blends the cool menthol sensation with the sweetness of fruit candy and the zest of sour powder.

I VG Sweets Lemon Millions Short Fill – 50ml

If sweets simply aren’t your thing, Lemon Millions is well balanced between sweet and sour for even the most difficult of tastes. Fizzy lemon sherbet stimulates your taste buds on the inhale, followed by a more tender and sweet note of powdered sugar on the exhale.

I VG Desserts Choco Haze Pancake Short Fill – 50ml

Choco Haze Pancake is a pile of fresh sweet pancakes coated in rich chocolate drizzle and sprayed with hazelnuts.

I VG Classic Strawberry Sensation Short Fill – 50ml

Strawberry Sensation by I VG has a distinctive take on the plain strawberry that we have become conventional to. It has that sweet candy thing going and to and if that wasn’t enough, there is a hint of mint to give that refreshing feeling. Everything just works with this sensational combination.

I VG Menthols Blueberry Crush Short Fill – 50ml

Blueberry Crush by I VG is a delicious berry fruit mix with a combined mint punch. The succulent blueberry flavour is there throughout, with notes of sugary sweetness before being rounded off by a cooling mint.

I VG Sweets Cola Bottles Short Fill – 50ml

Cola Bottles e-liquid by I VG is a confectionary combination taking influence from the popular sweet. The taste of sweet cola is constant throughout for a simple yet genuine vape.

I VG Desserts Cardamon Chai Latte Short Fill – 50ml

Cardamom Chai Latte e-liquid by I VG is tea mixed with traces of spices flavour, with a black tea base. It is complemented by creamy milk and golden honey finished off by an arrangement of spices; cardamom, cloves and cinnamon for a twisted flavour.

I VG Macarons Raspberry Macarons Short Fill – 50ml

A charming French macaron including a tangy raspberry layer, Raspberry by I VG  has the perfect blend of rich tart notes for an all-day vape. Among its sweet overtones and somewhat nutty exhale, you’re sure to fall in love with this one.

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I VG 50ml Short Fills ONLY £6.99 – Cheapest in the UK!
I VG 50ml Short Fills ONLY £6.99 – Cheapest in the UK!
£6.99 £14.99

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