iFresh 10ml Bar Nic Salt E-Liquid -£1.00

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iFresh 10ml Bar Nic Salt E-Liquid

Introducing iFresh 10ml Bar Nic Salt E-Liquid, the ultimate vaping experience packed into a convenient bottle. Crafted with the same incredible flavors found in disposable vapes, these exceptional e-liquids are now available in two nicotine strengths: 10mg and 20mg. Discover a whole new level of satisfaction with our bar series Nic salts designed to elevate your vaping journey.

Why settle for ordinary disposable vapes when you can indulge in the extraordinary? With bar Nic salts, you unlock a world of better, richer flavors when paired with a pod salt kit. The difference is remarkable, offering an immersive sensory experience that surpasses your expectations.

But that’s not all  by choosing Nic salts, you’re also making a smart financial decision. Each bottle of our premium nic salts is equivalent to six disposable vapes, allowing you to enjoy prolonged vaping pleasure while saving money. Imagine, for just £2.99, you receive the equivalent of over £20 worth of disposable vapes. That’s incredible value!

Prepare to be amazed by the longevity of our nic salts. With an impressive 3500 puffs per bottle, you’ll savor every moment without worrying about running out too soon. Unleash your taste buds and embrace the cost-effective and indulgent world of iFresh 10ml Bar Nic Salt E-Liquid. Upgrade your vaping experience today!


 10 Flavours Available:

  • Red apple ice 
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Watermelon strawberry bubblegum 
  • Energy ice 
  • Grape
  • Kiwi passionfruit guava 
  • Blue sour raspberry 
  • Blueberry pomegranate 
  • Apple peach 
  • Blu Razz lemonade
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iFresh 10ml Bar Nic Salt E-Liquid -£1.00
iFresh 10ml Bar Nic Salt E-Liquid -£1.00
£1.00 £2.99

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