Ijoy Mystique Review

Ijoy are back with a bang with new releases with possibly something really interesting.  However does the Mystique prove to be a really effective sidekick or will it perform as well as Vinny Jones as the Juggernaut?


Ijoy had a pretty quiet year following on from the massive hit that was the Avenger kit.  Several months passed and out of nowhere, 3 new kits were released with the Mystique being the one that flew a little bit under the radar.  Releasing to very little fanfare, the device aims to be a lightweight and practical vaping kit for vapers anywhere offering both a sub ohm tank or disposable tank option.  As we have seen previously with the Preco for example, this type of new idea works really well and the lightweight design of the mod could well rival the Espion tour in travel light devices.  However how far to Ijoy come in making a brilliant alternative kit and does it fall short of the usual Ijoy quality?  Before we get into that, let’s go through the details.  The kit either comes in a disposable tank version or the sub ohm tank version, for the review I will focus on both.

What’s in the box?

  • Ijoy Mystique Mod
  • Ijoy Mystique tank – either Disposable Mesh or Sub Ohm tank
  • MQ1 coil (0.18ohm) – sub ohm tank kit only
  • MQ2 coil (0.2ohm) – sub ohm tank kit only
  • Replacement glass – sub ohm tank kit only
  • Tool pack  – sub ohm tank kit only
  • USB Cable
  • Spare parts
  • User manual


Mod Specs

  • Size: 91x54x27mm
  • Battery: 2×18650
  • Output: 162W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
  • Modes: Pod Mode, Power (VW), P Mode, MTL, TC (Ni, Ti, SS), TCR and Bypass
  • Display: 0.91in OLED screen
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Anti slip and anti fingerprint finish
  • No overhang with 26mm tanks

Ijoy Mystique Sub Ohm Tank Specs

  • Size: 24.5×52.7mm
  • Capacity: 5ml (bubble glass) / 3.5ml (standard)
  • Coils: MQ mesh range or DMB range
  • Protected glass tank
  • Sliding top fill
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

Ijoy Mystique Disposable tank Specs

  • Size: 24×44.7mm
  • Capacity: 3ml (standard) / 2ml (EU)
  • Coils: non replaceable 0.15ohm mesh
  • Disposable tank
  • Top fill
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Eco friendly food grade plastic
  • Available in packs of 3

About the Ijoy Mystique

The Ijoy Mystique is a optional sub ohm/disposable tank kit combined with the Mystique mod.  Either kit can be picked up offering the choice of tank required.

The mod is a dual 18650 powered device that is almost pebble shaped plastic body in design.  The mod as a bubbled design both front and back with a side screen and two navigation buttons / fire button.  The back panel houses the batteries in a fully magnetic battery door that pulls away to reveal the compartment and battery ribbon.  The top of the device is a 510 pin moulded into a 25mm design centralised.  The side of the device houses a rounded metallic fire button and 2 smaller metallic navigation buttons with usb port at the bottom.  The menu system can be accessed through 3 clicks of the fire button and 5 clicks turns the device off.  Within the menu system you get P Mode (pre heat settings), MTL (Max 15w), pod (variable voltage) power (wattage) temperature control (NI/Ti/SS/TCR) and puff reset.

The disposable mystique tank is a 3mil capacity plastic tank with a non changeable 0.15 mesh coil.  It has a non replaceable 510 drip tip and is 25mm in diameter.  It also comes with adjustable bottom airflow as standard.  The fill port is a silicone bung located on the bottom of the tank which allows it to be filled in the space it reveals.

The standard sub ohm tank is a 3.5 mil glass capacity tank that comes with a 510 replaceable drip tip and bottom adjustable airflow.  It comes with a 0.15 mesh coil (recommended 55-75w and a 0.2 mesh in the box as well.  The tank also includes a 5 mil bubble glass in box, but the 3.5 mil comes with a metallic protective sleeve to add protection onto the tank. The fill design is a top slide fill mechanism reveali9ng a fill hole underneath.

Colour Options

Ijoy Mystique Pros

The first thing to note about the mod itself is that the device is very lightweight when combined with the disposable tank.  Due to the plastic casing, the only real weight you will find is from the batteries inside, however the plastic does not feel cheap or tacky in any way.  So in the pocket it may not be slim-lined but it certainly won’t weigh you down carrying it which is a nice touch to the kit.  The mod fires really fast and the basic array of options allows you to use it both with rebuildables and with the recently released Ijoy MTL/Pod tanks included in the new katana universal kit.  This is another nice touch from Ijoy as it seems they have connected several different devices at once to give vapers a real option here.  The design of the mod fits perfectly with the tanks and the centralised pin is always a good thing in my option for the ergonomics of the mod.  Battery life is pretty decent for a mod, giving you an all day’s worth of vaping but a little short on something top end from an AS/Gene chip capability.  The battery door seems firmly in place with only a slight rattle when running your hand over it which so far I have not experienced the door sliding away when carrying it, so the magnets are pretty secure.

The disposable tank is actually rather well performing, with the flavour and vapour production being very good for the wattage range I was vaping it at.  For me the sweet spot was around 60w with potentially another 10w being on the recommended, which for that power it easily matches higher wattage vapes.  The flavour is pretty decent from the coils as well, with a strong flavour and some subtleties underneath the flavour that give standard blends a nice taste to them.  I love the fact it comes with the 510 drip tip, I am a big fan of that size and I think it suits the tank really well without hindering the vaping in any way.  Combined with the very good airflow option and the overall experience with the disposable tank is rather good.

The Sub ohm tank released also with the kit is another solid tank from Ijoy.  The flavour from the coils is pretty good again, similar to the disposable version with a nice strong flavour coming through. Coil life from the 0.15 is around 2 weeks before a drop in performance which is above average in my experience so that is a plus point for the tank.  The airflow on the tank is again pretty good with plenty of option, the lower the airflow the more intense the flavour I did find in my experience.  The metallic cover is a nice addition to the tank to allow it to colour match the mod and give the glass a little extra protection.  The top fill slide has a good amount of resistance behind it meaning there won’t be any accidental openings from the top leading to leaking, which so far I have suffered no leaking whatsoever from the tank in general.

Ijoy Mystique Cons

For the mod, I think the first thing is going to be although it does things as expected, the chip-set doesn’t ever feel like it is ever pushing anything.  I think the design of the mod meant the mod is meant to be cheaper in price and in my experience the chips-set does reflect this somewhat.  That is not to say it is a bad chip inside, simple just not the wow that some other companies include as standard these days.  The mod does seem a little wide in the hand for being a truly travel friendly device.  It has the lightness right but the mod seems like it could have been a little slimmer with a lot of dead space around the batteries that seems unnecessary.  The slight battle movement may be an issue for some people as well, however I never found any movement in the hand whilst using the device.

The disposable tank I can’t really fault too much beyond the juice consumption being a little high.  You do get matched vapour production from it as well but overall for a small capacity tank such as this, it may have been a bit better to match the power instead.  The next con for me is that you only get 1 tank in the box.  This will always be a con for me because it commits you into buying more as soon as you get the kit, which is locking you into more money before you have even tried it.  The silicone bung can be a little loose to come out when you are opening it but the bung can be placed back in without any issues whatsoever.

The standard tank suffers similar to the mod performance as in lacking a wow factor with it compared to older tanks such as the avenger.  The flavour and vapour production is decent at the power level but I found that the mesh coil didn’t really shine as much which stops it really being a must have addition to the kit over the disposable tank.  The metallic cover is a juice addition as mentioned, however you are going to want to use the bubble glass instead which negates the sleeve somewhat.  Further to this, it is hard to see when the tank is running low on juice which can lead to dry hits so there isn’t really a practicality use to the sleeve, beyond protection if you maintain the fill level.  I think the juice consumption again is a little high for the lower power meaning without the 5mil glass you will be refilling a little quicker than other tanks on the market.  Finally for the tank the top fill slide design can be a little too tough when first using it, certainly I did struggle at first before the mechanism started to loosen up enough.



The mystique is a very odd kit to really sum up because if you are looking at it from a budget point of view then it really isn’t a bad kit.  Offering a half decent mod, tank options and a lower price tag, it could well be a good choice for a back up kit.  However that is where the discrepancy starts to kick in, with Chinese prices offering the kit just a little under a top end mid range kit.  If you are picking the kit up at around 35 pounds for either version then it may well be worth the price brand new, however anything over 40 pound makes it not worthwhile.  Essentially the Mystique is an average kit that lacks the wow factor in any way.  There is much better chip-sets on the market inside mods such as the AS and Gene chips, there is far better sub ohm tanks than the one offered and the Preco for me is the better disposable tank.  However at the right price, this average kit may be just what you are after from a back up kit.

The mystique may well be just a side kick here rather than the main villain, but it certainly will get the job done.


7.9 Total Score
Great budget kit

The Mystique is a pretty standard kit by its own merits but priced cheaply, it serves to be a good little kit as a back up.

Mod performance
Coil Life
Ease of Use
  • Disposable tank performs well
  • Mod provides plenty of features
  • Light and portable
  • Stock coil is a nice vape
  • Plastic design
  • Quite large in width
  • Low capacity from both tanks
  • Only one disposable tank in box
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