Ijoy Shogun Review

Ijoy have released their next big device to follow on from the Avenger and it doesn’t come superhero packed.  However does the Shogun fight with honour or does this samurai have to fall upon its own sword?

Another product released in a flurry of new releases at the back end of 2018, the Shogun is the device that is designed to stand out compared to the rest.  Keeping in line with the new Japanese themed range with the Katana, the Shogun is aiming to rival the Drag 2s of the market in giving you an every day device that performs.  In some ways, the Shogun is a little too similar to the Drag in the style and looks, but sometimes imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and the best can be bettered.  Do Ijoy one up one of their biggest rivals?  Before we get into that, let’s go through the details

What’s in the box

  • Ijoy Shogun Univ Mod
  • USB Cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card


  • Size: 55×28.4x88mm
  • Battery: 2×18650
  • Output: 180W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
  • Temperature range: 149-316°C / 300-600°F
  • Modes: PMode, Power (VW), Pod, TC
  • Display: 0.96in OLED
  • No overhang with 28mm tanks
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and Resin
  • Firmware upgradeable


About the Ijoy Shogun

The Shogun is a dual 18650 battery device capable of firing up to 180w and comes with the latest Ijoy chip UNIV.  The device is a box mod styled design with Resin front and back design and back lift off magnetic battery panel.  The top of the device has a centralised 510 pin with enough space to fit up to 28mm tanks on top.  The battery compartment comes with battery ribbon and the door fits in place rather than on top of the device.  The side of the device has a 0.9 inch side screen, metal round fire button above and 2 smaller round navigation buttons below with a usb port for firmware updates.

Operating the device is done through 5 clicks to turn off and on and 3 clicks to access the menu system.  Here you will find power mode (wattage), Pre heat settings, Pod mode (Variable voltage for Ijoy pod) and temperature control (Ti, SS,Ni, 2x Memory modes) and finally a TCR mode.  Making up the rest of the menu system is settings which allow screen time to be adjusted and puff counter to be reset.  The screen itself contains wattage, pre heat mode, voltage, ohm, puff and 2 battery indicators.  Finally holding down the two navigation buttons displays the resistance on the coil.

Colour Options

Ijoy Shogun Pros

The Shogun design is actually really high quality, with the smooth panels and comfortable design really standing out here.  I absolutely love the resin styled panels and think they look rather beautiful, almost better than the drag versions.  The device is quite comfortable to hold and the button placement feels really well placed when carrying in your hand, with no slippage at any point.  The Univ chip set from Ijoy performs really well also, perhaps almost as well as the Gene/AS chip sets on the market.  In fact turning the device on is so fast, you can almost start vaping instantly with only around a second or 2 delay, which has made the device really convenient to use.  The many options inside is always welcome giving you the temperature control options alongside the pod option if you have the Ijoy pod system.  It adds versatility to the device for both sub ohmers and pod vapers to use the same mod.  The spacing on the top of the device is a great addition allowing bigger atomisers to fit without overhang, I am a massive fan of centralised pins so Ijoy have really took advantage here to make something that could suit most vapers in terms of tank size.  Battery life is another big pro, using it regularly at 75w I can get just over a day with heavy use, so looking at around a day and a half with regular use depending on batteries.  I actually really like the simplified menu system inside the Shogun, very small learning curve and very simple options means it can almost be picked up and used by anyone.

Ijoy Shogun Cons

The first thing I can say about the shogun is the size of the device is slightly bigger than it really could have been.  It is clear the Shogun has been modelled on the drag but it feels just a little bit wider than its rival which makes it noticeable in the hand on comparison there isn’t too much difference but it seems the design is based on the original drag rather than the drag 2 recently released.  I am not a huge fan of the battery door if I am being honest, it can be pulled off using a little edge underneath which can be confusing when both sides look identical.  The counter to this is the wonderful placement of the door to fit inside the mod rather than outside it but it can be confusing at first glance.  The lack of a bypass mode may be a con for some people, sitting as the leading device for Ijoy, it may have benefited from giving the bypass mode as an option to match their competitors.  I think to some extent making the screen vertically makes the information look a little bit cluttered again compared to other box mods on the market.  The lack of spacing means there is a lot going on to the naked eye which may be confusing to some people.


As a stand alone device, the Shogun is rather good and certainly does provide a different option to other box mods on the market.  The device performs well, it is simple enough to master and the good battery life means what you get is a really good device.  I think the Shogun’s biggest weakness here is going to be the comparisons to the drag range which is fairly obvious when you put them side by side.  Where I think the Shogun can potentially be an option for some people is the price point, I have seen this go for as little as 30 stand alone which makes it a very good mod at a cheaper price.  There are a few little niggles that hold the device back such as the screen and the slightly bigger profile but over the Shogun may well be a choice for someone who wants a great looking and performing box mod at a cheaper price.

The Shogun has fought with honour, now Ijoy can stand upon the battlefield with honour and respect.

8.3 Total Score
High Quality mod that rivals its competition

The Ijoy Shogun is a brilliant little mod that offers its biggest drawbacks as being too similar to its rivals. With plenty of options, well designed and good battery life, the Shogun is well worth the price.

Ease of Use
Colour Options
  • Really well designed
  • Colour options are beautiful
  • Good performance
  • Plenty of options
  • Battery Life a little shorter than its rivals
  • Bigger profile than similar products
  • Screen can look a little overloaded
  • Varying price point
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