Innokin MVP Pod Kit – £12.59 At TECC

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Innokin MVP Pod Overview

Powered by a 500mAh battery this kit offers enough power to last most casual vapers a full day of use. However, it features USB-C fast charging. This means once it does run out of battery it can be recharged quickly. It has a distinctive reflective coating that gives it a sleek and premium look. Plus, it comes in a range of colours to suit any style. There are two power settings to choose from. one at 11w and the other 12.5w. To switch between settings quickly press the power button twice. When the light is green that shows it is at the 11w setting. When red it is at 12.5w. The lower power setting offers a longer battery life and more efficient vape while still giving a warm draw. Whereas, the higher setting increases the warmth and gives a more intense flavour.

This device uses an open pod system. These attach easily to the top of the battery and are held in place through a strong magnetic connection. The pods have a built-in coil. This means no messy coil changes are needed. It has a 0.65ohm resistance which is great for mouth to lung vapers. Plus, it works best with 50/50 e liquid for a balance of flavour, throat hit and vapour.

The airflow has gone through many tests to find the perfect draw. It not only delivers a smooth draw but it is also much quieter than similar kits out there. Filling the pod is simple. The side filling port allows you to refill the pod easily. Plus, the clear design means the liquid level is visible throughout.

Who Should Buy This Kit?

This device is a great choice for new vapers. the pod system is easy to use and a great way to transition from smoking. Plus, the built-in coils means you only need to swap out the pods.

Existing vapers will enjoy this kit as a backup device. The compact design is great for on the go vaping and has enough power for a day out where they won’t want to carry around a bulky kit.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit – £12.59 At TECC
Innokin MVP Pod Kit – £12.59 At TECC
£12.59 £13.99

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