Innokin Proton Review

Innokin, a mainstay in the vaping industry bring out their version of a powerful mod, does it rival other big hitters or does the idea leave it in the background?

Innokin have been around for as long as I have been vaping. They are more known for their lower powered devices so the Proton serves as an example of what Innokin can bring to the table when they decide to join it.  The device is the world’s first joystick controlled device, which serves to be an interesting idea, but does it work and more importantly does the device match up to its fellow peers?  Before we get into that, let’s get into the details first.

In the Box

  • 1x Proton MOD
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Packet(QR Code, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card, Stickers)

About the Proton

The Proton is a dual 18650 battery device capable of firing up to 235w.  It is a device on the small side coming in at only around 85mm tall and only 29mm wide.  The device has a side firing bar which is nice and solid and features a patterned back with matching side bar (non firing) on the opposite side to streamline the design of the mod.  It has a lovely colourful screen which displays battery life, power, fire time, voltage, mode and ohms.  It has a small joystick for control featured underneath the screen and a USB port underneath that.  It has an off centre 510 spring loaded pin with enough room on top to fit up to 27/28 mm tanks if you so wish.  The device is controlled entirely through the joystick with different controls offering different options.  Holding the stick in a direction for a few seconds will allow you to adjust wattage on the device, where clicking 3 times will take you into the menu system. The device comes with coil select option for material based, Bypass mode, TCI mode, Curve mode and options which include colour, puff counter and display of temperature type (Degrees/Fahrenheit).

Colour Options

Proton Pros

The first thing to say about this device is that the chipset inside works really well.  The device fires almost instantaneously and the power/temp control adjustments are pretty spot on when using it.  You get the power / temp you are setting and there really isn’t any drop from that number which is fantastic to see.  the next pro for me is that menu system and the options inside.  The fact you can select the coils type makes it well worth using with any rebuildable tanks / RDAs and the device will calibrate the temperature for you on the basis of that selection.  You may want to adjust it further yourself but that is again a massive pro for me, the device can think for itself almost rather than relying on total user input.  The next pro for me is the size of the device, it is tiny compared to other mods on the market.  I am all for small mods and this does not disappoint.  It is similar in size to something like the Smok Alien, it fits into your hand comfortably and feels easy when firing.  Another Pro is the Curve option included within the menu.  What this basically is, you can set the device to adjust the power as you vape, so if you want it to cool off towards the end or build up in power then you can set it to do so.  this is fantastic in my opinion because this is an option not normally found on devices this end of the market so the amount of user control built into this device is something to behold.  the final pro for me is the joystick controls and how safely they have been designed.  Having to hold the stick to select power rather than simply pushing in that direction prevents any accidental changes and using the joystick feels natural to do, ther eis no real learning curve with it.

Proton Cons

There isn’t many cons with this device in all honesty, none that really stick out.  For me perhaps the size of the joystick is a little bit of a con as it can be a little awkward to use it with big fingers.  As the stick is so small it can be easy to slip off the stick when holding or mis-pressing when inside the menu system.  Perhaps if innokin can bring out a slightly bigger version of the joystick to prevent this, it would solve this issue entirely.  The next con for me to be honest is the off centre pin on the top.  Although grasping at straws here, if it was more centered then it would look more ergonomic overall.  Perhaps the tall design of the device is a con for some people who prefer more filled out designs, although this does not affect comfort, some people might prefer it to be a little wider.


To be honest this little mod is absolutely fantastic for what it tries to deliver.  The chipset is spot on, the options are amazing for a mid range device and the ease of use with the joystick makes it a joy to use.  Innokin have really hit it out the park with this device, as shown I find it very difficult to fault it.  What you get here essentially is a midrange mod bordering on giving you a top range ability to control your vape.  It amazes me how no-one else has thought to bring this to market at this price range, it really does make it stand out from the rest.  I believe Innokin are onto a winner with the joystick idea as well, make it slightly bigger on a slightly bigger mod and there won’t be any control issues at all but even on the Proton I have no issues really with it beyond personal preference.

If you want a device that delivers top range performance at a mid range price then the Proton is one of the best on the market.

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9 Total Score
Another best kept secret in the vaping world!

the proton delivers everything and more from a device at this level offering much more customisation options, great performance and best of all a sleek smaller design to fit it all in. If you want something away from the usual suspects then this is one of the best on the market right now.

Battery Life
Ease of use
  • Fantastic chip performance
  • Great range of customisation options
  • Small design
  • Joystick is a great idea for controlling the device
  • Joystick can be a little fiddely with bigger fingers
  • Off-centre pin takes away from the design slightly
  • Limited colour options
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